False Advertising, Not Enough Information

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I have had invisalign for 2 month so far. I'm on...

I have had invisalign for 2 month so far. I'm on the 5th aligners of 15 on top and 10 on bottom. I am trying to correct a cross in my front teeth caused by a lack of retainer use and a very tiny mouth (I'm a very tiny 23 year old girl.)

I chose invisalign purely because of vanity, I wanted perfect teeth without having to look like I was correcting my teeth. Everything was fine until I had to get my "attachments" which I was NOT told about, and is rarely mentioned by Invisalign. They could not be less invisible if they tried, it looks like I have ceramic braces on a couple of my teeth. Like big white pieces of rices glued to the front of my teeth.

I have stopped smiling, and started doing a very awkward closed mouth smirk that just makes me look miserable and sarcastic. Or if I happen to laugh I cover my mouth in horror and shame.

I just wish someone had let me know about this attachments (particularly my orthodontist) because had I known I'm not sure I would have done this. I thought that when I took my aligners off I would have my regular mouth back, but not with this white cement on my teeth that I can't escape until the treatment is over.

Braces would have been cheaper, quicker, and just as noticeable.

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