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I'm 26 and i have had invisalign for about 9...

i'm 26 and i have had invisalign for about 9 months and have gone through every irritation possible - but it is totally worth it. i have one tooth right in front that sticks out at an angle (people would call me "bucky") - it got worse overtime as my wisdom teeth grew in. i got my wisdom teeth pulled and shortly after went to my dentist to get invisalign.

it took forever to make the molds, i think we redid them 6 times; small mouth, lots of teeth - victim of overcrowding. but i thought it's just one time, no biggie.

well, when the trays came in, they weren't full - meaning that the last tooth in the back of my mouth wasn't fully covered - it was just straight cut and i would always cut my tongue on it. i wore the trays for the 2 weeks. eventually, my teeth stopped moving, i was only 3 or 4 trays in i believe i went back in, did molds forever again and had new trays ordered. the good news was that i had less trays, one more button (i only had 2 initially), but i would be finished sooner!

i started seeing results and was almost completed w/my trays, i had 2 left and my teeth stopped moving AGAIN, i tried to force the next tray in and it had a horrible gap between my teeth and the tray, noticeable and i got a lisp from it. it was humourous though.

so i went and got the molds... again.

i'm now on my 3rd set of trays, i'm to wear them for 3-5 weeks each and have closer visits with my dentist for extra filing between my teeth to allow them to move. they are like the first, with the last back tooth not fully covered, but oh well!

you would think i'd be mad about all of this, but i feel bad for my dentist!! she's amazing, so understanding and patient.

so far i have had great results and will wear them as long as necessary.

another great thing about them is the opportunity for whitening! the trays are the same as a whitening tray that you would use from your dentist, so i just bought the gel stuff from my dentist and not only am i getting straight teeth, but amazingly whiter teeth at the same time!!

i would recommend them to adults but not kids. it takes a lot of dedication and it's good for the work environment - looks more professional as well.

worst part of it all - - the filing!!! if you can't stand the sound/feeling of nails on a chalkboard - you haven't experienced the worst yet!

oh, and it is slightly painful when you change a tray, like others have said, just change it at night.

don't be an airhead like some other chick on here and cry about chipping your fake nails scratching your gums, you have to prioritize your personal appearance!

great doctor - patient, understanding and the assistants there are awesome!!

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