Breast Lift and TT Dec. 26th - Inverness, IL

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I had my mommy makeover done yesterday morning by...

I had my mommy makeover done yesterday morning by Dr. Christopher Pelletiere in the Chicago burbs. I also had a herniaand a large patch of weakened muscle. He did it all in a little over 4 hours.
2 hours after leaving the OR I was dressed and out the door to come home. I felt no pain at all in my breasts or abdomen... But my throat! Ugh! Imagine the worst post nasal drip sore throat ever and double that. I was able to walk and stand up strait right from the get go. I s actually kind of worried that it didn't hurt more... like maybe he wasnt aggressive enough.
I got do many great tips here... so I was prepared with a lift recliner and a toilet seat rizer, add well as a walker. I don't need the walker for walking but it's great next to the toilet.
Anyhow.. I felt great yesterday and I was even a little cocky thinking I must have such a high pain tolerance because the descriptions here made it sound like I'd be in excruciating pain. Well.... fast forward to this morning and now I don't question his aggressiveness. Mega pain all day and a lot of swelling. It was expected so no big deal. I took a peak at my boobs and the right side was really swollen and the left looks really small. I was a 34 DDD before surgery and he thought I'd go down to a D, but it seems smaller than that to me. I'm sure it will all work out when fully healed. I just took some Arnica and I plan to use that for a couple of weeks.
I really can't wait to see what I look like without the dressings. I'm both terrified and excited. I'm posting a before image and I'll post a current one asap... whenever the dressings come off. :)
I don't remember seeing it mentioned.. But I'd recommend getting some Cepacol numbing lozenges for after surgery. The intibation tube can really do a number on your throat.
The doctor called today to see how I was doing and let me know he wants to see me 1week from today and hopefully be able to take the drains out. The drains are kind of (really) disgusting. Fortunately my mom is an RN staying with us until the 31st. Overall in this moment I'm very happy I did it.

3 day update

There's lots of bruising and swelling, and general soreness, but I'm managing to go liner and liner between pain meds. I started taking arnica yesterday morning and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it? The drains are working well and rally easy to empty (but so gross!) And the tape is really holding up. Not a drop of anything on the gauze or my clothing:). I started drinking hot tea (orange spice and peppermint..yum!) And also using cepacol lozenges yesterday and the site throat is totally gone. I take off the compression wraps for ice, and last time I checked out my chest in the mirror standing with no wrap and my oh my these girls are perky! They're rather flat from being squished by the compression wrap... but I can already imagine the cut new bras and spaghetti strap sundresses that I'll be able to wear braless ...yay!

My only complaint is this sudden stabbing groin pain on both sides. It seriously feels like fire acid being injected under the skin where my legs connect to the pubic area. I'll be emailing my surgeon about it for sure. Outside of that, I'd say the while thing has been a little easier than I thought and I'm enjoying the TLC. The lift recliner is SO cozy, and the elevated toilet seat is a huge help. Next time I go to the restroom by myself I'll shoot a pic of my flat bruisy boobs for you all. I'll have to be sneaky though because my mom is here taking care of me and she'd die if she new I was posting semi nudes online, lol!

day 5

Lots of bruising. I mean LOTS! I hope its OK? I sent pigs to my doc (he'll see me Friday) and he days it's normal... But... It's a lot. The drains are gross and the pain is definitely worse as the days go by but it's all manageable. The wraps can get a little itchy and I'm afraid i might scratch something I shouldn't so I'm going to ask my husband to get some cortaid this evening. I'm going that will do the trick.

before image

day 5

Lots of bruising. Hoping it's normal. And um.... Ouch. Looking forward to Friday when I see my doctor again.

compression bindings

in my second image.. with all the bruising... you can see how my skin is wrinkled and red and irritated. Its from the tummy binding. I hate that thing. it's tight and pinchy and makes meet itch. On Friday I'll ask if I can switch to something else. However...The breast binding they gave at the hospital actually made me smile shortly after I woke up from surgery. It's so feminine and pretty and has a soft lining in it. My daughter wanted to know if she could have it for a summer shirt, lol. It does actually have little bra loop thingies:).

Almost 2 years later

I came back to real self because I'm getting a BA in a couple of weeks and knew I'd find great info here on how to prepare and what to expect. In reading my prior posts I'm so embarrassed! I don't even remember writing them and I was clearly "helped up on goofballs" as my husband would say. Those were some intense pain meds ;)
I couldn't have been happier with my results and my boobs were great, but then I lost 20 lbs. And of course a bunch of it was lost from my breasts :/ I know Dr. Pelletiere will make the girls beautiful again. He is the Michaelangelo of boobs.
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