VSG Sleeve with Dr Ponce in Tijuana, MEXICO!!!!!!!!

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So after all this time and research I've finally...

So after all this time and research I've finally purchased my plane ticket and paid the $500 deposit. I'm getting sleeved! I decided to go with BariatricPal and get Dr. Ponceto the surgery. Deciding on Dr Ponce was easier thN finding the right coordinator, David from BariatricPal was perfect. I can't wait to see how my trip goes. I go under the knife on the 15th April 2015. I'm honestly so anxious, I'm tired of being fat and immobile.
There aren't too many men on these sites so I hope this helps other men as well.
Anyway, its finally happening! I'm almost 6' tall and weigh 304lbs and my BMI is 42. Mytotal and final goal is 225lbs. My complete journey will be documented.
If you have any questions ask away!
Take care all my fellow sleevers :-)

2 Week pre-op diet starts today!!!

Holy crap, and it finally starts! I can't lie I didn't sleep a wink... Nervous and anxious as hell!
I'm more worried of starving than the operation itself lol. I went out for a crazy sushi bufft last night. I had to celebrate the departure of this fat belly body.

Ok well, here are my measurements:
Height 5'11-1/2"
Weight 305.4 lbs
Waist 56"
Hips 49-1/2"
Chest 53-1/2"
Left thigh 29-1/2"
Left bicep 16-1/2"
Left forearm 13-1/2"
Neck 17-1/2"
BMI 42.5

Now I'm off to my wonderful kitchen filled with old disgusting non tasty food like, eggs, steaks, bread, pasta, potatoes, pork, bacon, ribs... did I mention it was disgusting food :-(((

But it's all good I get to have a tasty tea and shake!!! :-D
Pardon my sarcasm it's been bottling up lol

Ok well keep strong my fellow realselfers. All hail the liquid diet!!!

By the way, thanks for all the support in advance, it's about to get real nasty in my area for the next 14 days haha.

2 days into my pre-op diet and tea purchase

Today is my 3rd day on the pre op diet. Ok well let's start with the first day:
The first day I was pretty ok throughout the whole day, I had ate like a mad man the day before so that food kept me going for a while lol.
By evening time I got home and I started feeling cold, light headed and somewhat blurry vision. I threw on some jogging pants and a sweater and had a tea. I started to feel a little better but nothing significant until I decided to make myself a broth. Once I had the broth that helped my core temperature warm up. I think I was just going through a little shock.

I went to bed and woke up the next day feeling good I must admit. Well needles to say (I have a scale next to my bed) I weighed myself! I had lost 4.5lbs in 1 day!
I know its just water weight but man it was encouraging. I felt like jumping and dancing but I didn't want to waste much protected energy :-)
Anyway, so on my second day I did the same thing except for lunch I had a soup with 1 spoon of little lentils. I'm not sure I was allowed to do that but it kept me full pretty much the whole day!
Long story short I woke up the next day (third day morning) only 1lbs lighter :-(
Truth is that's still great but 1lbs next to 4.5lbs is a psychological difference.
I know I'm not supposed to weigh myself daily but that's something I just can't stop. It's become an addiction...

So last night was Friday night and my wife and I decided to go buy some teas, we went to Chinatown. I love their herbal teas in glass jars. So there I am looking at all this weird stuff and getting all captivated. I'm picking this and that and going full force with my questions. I ended up by buying just a few kinds, nothing much at all. Guess how much it cost me??? $98!!!!!!!!
Holy crap, I'm almost lost all my weight through shock right in that store!
Anyhow... I picked up my jaw and paid the guy, what else to do I need that stuff right? hehe... I couldn't stop ranting about my $100 tea purchase for the rest of the night, poor wife of mine had to endure that but thank goodness I was pretty humorous about it as well.
From there we decided to go see my parents and then I hit a wall, their food... Oh crap it smelt so good. I pulled through, I had only fish and a little cream spinach.

Well I finally made it home and so far I'm good for my third day.

7 day liquid pre op diet for my sleeve

If I ever thought it was hard before I can only imagine how it will be for the next 7 days. I've always felt that time passes by very fast but this time I can't wait for the time to pass by faster lol. It feels so slow!!!
Oh well, we are all in the same struggle either way.

May everyone be strong and motivated!

Take care real selfers :-)

I'm in Tijuana, Mexico !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright let me get right into it. the first flight out of Montreal to JFK was a breeze, the layover time was very short but then from JFK to San Diego kicked my rear end! Oh man i couldn't wait to get off that plane. But once I was in TJ oh man it was so worth it!
As you know I chose to go with BariatricPal and David my coordinator has been superb so far. He sent me my driver "big" Robert who was simply super funny and humorous, he had my wife and I laughing the whole way. we stopped off at walmart and well... he did my shopping for me and it was a blast. I kept on picking stuff up and he kept on putting it back lol it was weird him telling me that i would only need two bottles of gatorade for my whole stay while under normal circumstances i would have drank two bottles in one day.
Anhow he took relly good care of us and while driving gave us some good history pointers. the trip to TJ was a breeze.
From there we left to Tijuana.
I was doubtful of the recovery house until i came and saw it. This place is so comfy and cozy i feel like home away from home. Here I met David and Juan "Johnny" who's my tour guide here and he as well has a great sense of humor.

David my coordinator has been amazing and after meeting him I felt even more happy that i chose to go with him. and BariatricPal. I know I might sound like a salesman but he's been on the ball with me and all my requests.

My wife and I and Johnny went for a walk later on that evening and my wife had some amazing tacos... I swear that was difficult for me, I'm in Mexico and can't even eat god damn it! Anyhow the walk was nice and refreshing for my eyes as well. In Montreal we still have snow so yes it was refreshing.
Anyhow back at the house there is internet a computer a tv and even an internet phone line. The wifi speed is very good and I have not found myself complaining at all. I will post up pics of everything in the upcoming days. Anyhow I arrived on Tuesday and my surgery is on Wednesday.
I strongly advise everyone coming here to arrive a day earlier to settle in and relax before the surgery. I think its better but to each their own.

Anyhow, if you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to ask.

I cant wait to get this done! chat soon everybody!

Blood drawn in Mexico

So let me start by saying i'm super scared of needles lol. My veins are hidden and hidden which makes it difficult to find and my nervousness made it close to impossible to find, poor nurse.
She tried finding it near my wrist and poked me a few times but it never hurt. She was nice enough to freeze me with a spray before poking me. After several attempts I asked them to stop and give me a few minutes because I started feeling a little faintish. Truth is it was all in my mind but as we know the mind is strong so we relaxed for a few minutes and then went into my arm. 1-2 tries and we were in! Everything went super smooth. from there. Big Robert held my hand like if I was his baby lol it was hilarious. I must admit it was my request hahah I'm terrified of needles remember?! We were all laughing at that but it all went super well. The nurse was so patient and kind it's been super pleasant thus far.
The hospital is very clean and nice. The room I'm in a also very clean and nice with a TV and wifi! I'm in room 403 at the INT hospital, in case you ever come here. Apparently this room has the bigger tv compared to other rooms.

Now it's the waiting game, Dr Ponce will be doing my surgery.

I just got my results back and it all looks very good apparently, no complications.
I'm 180 cm tall and weigh 128kg. I'll convert it in my next post along with my measurements.

Surgery date operation measurements

ok so here are my measurements:
Height 5'11"
Weight 292 lbs
Waist 54-3/4"
Hips 46-3/4"
Chest 51-3/4"
Left thigh 27"
Left bicep 15-3/4"
Left forearm 13"
Neck 17-1/2"
BMI 40.7

I`m sleeved!!!!!!! It`s finally done!!

Hello everyone, I`m sorry I have not been able to upload anything earlier but here I am and it`s finally done!
I got sleeved in Tijuana!!!!!

Ok so where do I start...

All I remember is getting woken up and then being brought to my room. It was super nice and fast for me. While in the waiting room to get operated I heard a lady complaining about the pain, can`t lie that got me a little nervous but I didn`t let that get to me. So off I went. Once it was all done I kept on sleeping like a baby. When i woke up i was expecting all kinds of pain, weirdly enough i had none! I didn`t have any kind of pain or anything. I mean at one point i was wondering if they even operated on me lol. The only way i knew is because i wasnt hungry at all. So i started walking and stretching my legs. The iv had me going to the bathroom every 2-3 hours, i made it a habit to go for a walk every time i got up so it definitely helped. i think thats why i never had no gas pains.
Dr Sing told me to make tracks in the floor tiles lol so i walked away like mad. So keep in mind that this is all during the night, my first night after surgery... The next morning following surgery is when i started feeling a little dizzy and bloated. the doctors told me it was normal and the dizziness would go away and the bloated feeling would leave only if i walked so i kept on walking.

Ok so here is where things got a little freaky for me. by late after noon which was about 24 hours after surgery i was jogging laps down the hallway. i honestly thought it was normal until everyone started looking at me crazy. haha it was kind of funny. i was walking backwards and all but i thought it was what i had to do. anyhow my goal at that point was simply to fart. my belly gas was uncomfortable i so did what i had to in order to let it out by burping or farting. Later that night i had my first fart and boy o boy it felt great!

That same night we got moved to the third floor, it was not as nice as the fourth but i met a fellow Canadian! We walked and chatted for a while and she as well made me realize that i was doing good because i kept on jogging. Anyhow, from what all the doctors told me from the start «i was pretty exceptional to the rules.
My blood work was amazing and my heart rate was at 51, apparently the normal ratio is between 60-90 and 99% of patients hit the high 80`s when going into surgery but I was at 51, I was really calm about everything.

While on the third floor i heard some people in pain and truth is if i heard that before i went for my op i`m not sure i would have gone through it. this one man was yelling like if he was dying but the next morning he was perfectly fine. its like giving birth i was told, some take to it well and others not too well. made sense to me but still scared me a little.
Dr Garcia is Dr «Ponce`s translator and he is super nice calm and articulate.

So here`s the ultimate deal. I could have gone to a better hospital and got it done for cheaper and had more aftercare post op follow ups but i didn`t. i went with the magician himself dr Ponce, he and his rockstar team did me correct. i truly cant really tell i was operated on other the obvious incisions and what not. would i have changed it if i could, NO. I am so happy and glad i went the route i went. i have nothing bad to say about any other doctors or facilities i can only talk about my experience. i`m sure other doctors are just as good but this guy is the master and everyone knows it. he doesnt have to bend or bargain and i was ok with that.

I have a bunch of pictures and videos that i will be posting on youtube soon and when i do I will let everyone know.

If you have any questions ask away!

Remember to walk walk and walk!!!!

I've lost it all and finally stable!!!

I've lost all my weight and finally stable! Thank you so much Dr Ponce.

Time to start working on getting my muscles built up!!!

Weight loss update (video) I did it!!!!!!!

My weight loss results
Here's a little video I made. I hope this helps people and encourages you to do it!
Mexico General Surgeon

I havent met him yet but when I do I willl keep everyone updated.

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5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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