34, 5 Kids, 5'2", 120, 34B to 32DDD, Mommy Makeover, BA with 475cc Silicone HP and Mini Tummy Tuck - Inland Empire, CA

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Today I had pre op. surgery date is coming soon. I...

today I had pre op. surgery date is coming soon. I am a fit women manage to have y body where I wanted, yet nothing i can do, no exercise, no foods no anything will make my breast fuller or the excess skin I have on my lower abdomen disappeared. now that I'm done having kids factory close. two bad marriages ended. I feel its my time todo something for me an as Socrates said, “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” I am ready to see the my body at its full potential and with this procedures complete the master piece I worked so hard to achieve.

this is me now. before shots.

wish pic

This is my ultimate goal

More before pics

Pictures from this past November when my boyfriend got me a little bikini :)

more information

At the pre-op, Dr. Tower said during the procedure she would try 425, 450, and 475cc implants to see what looked best on me according to the agreement of the whole operating team. I like that because it means it's not just one person and their own ideas.

Teamwork: From a boyfriend's perspective...

Good afternoon Realself! I'm Cameron, Esme's boyfriend. Esme and I were talking, and she was awesome enough to encourage me to post on her review anything from a guy / boyfriend point of view. I'll be straightforward about my thoughts and try not to mince words because I, like all of you, researched this site habitually for months. So far, this site has been invaluable with the amount of information I've uncovered during my investigation :)

A little about me: I was in the medical field in the military for a few years and now I'm in public safety for the last several years. I consider myself very familiar with the human body and I, like Esme, workout regularly to stay in shape for my job as well as overall health.

From the first second I saw Esme, I was awe-struck with her looks. She hasn't posted a face pic, but she is really HOT. I hit the jackpot when she actually started talking to me and her personality is every bit as beautiful as she is. She's a loving mother, works very hard, exercises damn near everyday, eats correctly, and we both secretly want the zombie apocalypse :) . I call her my Bunny, or Hunnybunny :-D

Back on track.... when she told me she wanted a BA and possibly a Tummy Tuck (TT), I looked at her and said to the effect "uhhh... you're beautiful as you are now." She then explained her reasoning behind wanting the procedures (see her initial post for details). I found her thoughts reasonable, and of course I would support her 100%. (Guy Brain Says, "YES!!! A super hot woman with nice fake boobs!! SCORE").

To be clear, the procedures were 100% her idea and I would be completely satisfied with her staying as she is now. Finding her was like finally getting a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette (my some-day dream car). Her wanting to improve herself is like one day coming out the the garage and my Corvette magically morphed into the C7R Racing Edition Corvette...has a bigger engine, upgraded brakes, tires, and suspension, etc. I'm obviously going to enjoy it to the max.

So, I've been researching like mad to find diet tips for post-op, sleeping accessories to help her sleep on an elevated angle, that Arnica Montana stuff, front-zip sports bras, a boudoir photography joint to properly capture her beauty once she has "dropped and fluffed", and a whole mess of other info.

A tip for Guys: if you have insecurities, or other self-confidence issues, fix it. Your significant other is going to get hotter and she will garner more looks and other attention from other men. Remember guys, we're all wired the same: Men like boobs. Men see boobs, and look at them. Don't be dumb and get upset at your woman for looking good. Take it as a compliment your gal is one of God's beautiful creations, and you're lucky enough to have her at your side.

Enough ramblings for now... be safe out there folks.

Today's the day....

Cameron here for Esme. Well, Esme and I spent yesterday at Glen Ivy Spa Down in Corona to relax, play in the stinky sulphur mineral pools, saline pools, hot/cold pools, cover each other in mud, and bake dry in assorted saunas.

After the Great Detox and all that, we relaxed the rest of the day and whatnots.

This morning at 6 AM we arrived at the surgery center, which is in the same building at the doctor's office. The surgical staff advised her to take one of the little anti-nausea/ anti-anxiety pills prior to arrival. We filled out the final paperwork and the nurse took Esme back to the surgical area at about 6:30am. The surgery was slated to start at about 6:45 and it was to take roughly 2-ish hours. So, she's gettin everything done to become "Esme 2.0" as she says :)

More updates to come. Take care.


picture from yesterday at the spa

2 days Post-Op and going well

Esme has been generally sleepy since she's been on the pain killers and muscle relaxers. She's been eating well. I've been cooking up some good chicken and thin cut steak with lots of salads. The only intense pain she was having was when the layers of compression wraps were on and she was getting bad upper back pain.

Yesterday we went to the doctor to have the compression wraps removed, and to check her general condition. All I gotta saw is WOWWWWW!!!. Dr. Tower might be a petite woman, but she has artists hands!!. With the mini-tummy tuck, there's some swelling, but the incision is likely going to be covered by a bikini bottom. The breasts are sitting high as standard, but they still have a good "boob" shape even now. The implant size ended up being Mentor 475cc smooth, round, high profile on both sides. More pics in a bit.

Tiny red bikini top.... Esme 2.0 style.

buyers remorse

Today im feeling all kinds of bad. Breast feel heavy a implants haven't dropped so they looked deformed. My stomach is super swollen all around i feel 4 months pregnant. Just all around thinking what did i do i was perfectly fine where i was feeling. Called my doctor she said everything is normal. So. Just not a happy camper at this point.

back to work

Back to work today. Feeling a bit sluggish trying not to push to hard but. Recuperating well, been healthy and extremely fit prior to helps alot. Firts couple of days went thru some depression just adjusting to looking different and not been my energizer self affected me alot. I had researched BA alot i knew the initial results were going to be what to expect. I was k with that, feeling my breast hard very high and prominent towards my upper chest shoulders. My mini tummy tuck however took me for a shocker. I work out alot and already had pretty flat small stomach only thing i had or wanted fix was the loose excess skin on bottom belly. The day after my surgery when my boyfriend took off my wrap, i was floored. Completely scared and kinda of disgusted by how extremely swollen and in my head fat i looked to the day before surgery. That sunk my self-esteem to the floor. To the point i just didn't want to go any where or even see my boyfriend. Plus wearing my restraint wrapped made it horribly hard to find something to wear without been to notice it underneath. Talked to my surgeon other surgeons did research fund out totally normal wil get better returned to normal will tighten and be noticeable in about 3 to 6 months. So. Once i let it sink in and accepted it came to terms with it it's not forever simply the transition period and this to shall pass. yesterday and today more optimistic today is a week since my mommy makeover. I know I'll be back to my busy bee self soon. Although i have to rewire my brain to the idea of not been able to workout everyday my high intensity workouts for a while and settle for making sure i eat as healthy as possible and start by walking. I think that has been one of the hardest adjustments. As well as not feeling 100% confidant peppy self which makes it hard around my boyfriend. He is the most wonderful amazing loving supportive partner. Took care of me day and night. Cooked. Showered me dress me firts couple of days set alarms at night made sure i took my meds. It was really hard for him this past couple of days me feeling completely unsexy to push him away. He supported me but also kicked me in the butt figuratively to snap out of it and let me know he adored me prior to does now in transition phase and will at the end results. So. Mind over matter. Things are starting to be back to normal.

day after surgery

This was firts time i saw the results of BA

before mini tummy tuck day after

This are some pictures of my body stomach prior to. Why the inflammation the day after shocked me and made me feel completely self conscious. Ladies who are fit previous to your mommy makeover be mentally to see what might of already been a flat muscular stomach be big and bloated looking after.

First time ever being sized at Victoria's Secret 32DDD / 34DD

Good Afternoon Realselfers! Cameron here.....

So, yesterday, Esme told me she wanted to try on some bras just for fun to get an general idea of what her post-op size was. Of course I was all in and all kinds of excitement was brewing within me. Off we went to a local Victoria's Secret. Esme said she had never been sized at VS. I contacted one of the gals there, informed them of the recent augmentation and they assisted with great customer service. So, the sizing.... 32DDD!!! I completely had the most ridiculously huge smile on my face :-D She tried on various bras, and she looked absolutely stunning. I ended up getting her a bralette which was on sale. We then went to a couple clothing places and she tried on some dresses that you pretty much can't wear without fake boobs LOL. And she looks like a dream... see photos :)



3 week follow up

Esme and I went to her 3 week follow up today with Dr. Tower. Everything on my Bunny is healing correctly and she looks so wonderful. Dr. Tower put on another strip of the waterproof surgical tape on the TT incision site and sent us on our way.

After a light lunch, we commenced with some adult activities where Esme asked me to take a picture for an update that showed her whole front, minus her lower ladyparts. Thus far, the swelling in her abdomen she had is about 80-90% gone because she is now back on a regular, um, potty schedule which was causing a good amount of the bloating.

All in all, we are doing the breasts massages as ordered by the doctor and everything is going swimmingly.

Take care
Rancho Cucamonga General Surgeon

at this point everyone at the office has been extremely informative and friendly

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