I'm 24 with no kids, 5 feet 5 and weight about 133 - 3 weeks post op - Inland Empire, CA

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Im flat as a pancake and have been wanting breast...

Im flat as a pancake and have been wanting breast augmentation for quite sometime now. Im giving my self Boobies for my birthday this year. I'm 24 with no kids, 5 feet 5 and weight about 133 (and hopping to be more toned by my BA).

I barely fit a 32 A in VS =[ and im hoping to be at least a full C/small D. When I had my consultation I tried on 450cc hp and 475cc mod+ sizers and I am torn between the two. My ribcage size is about 28 and i dont want side boobage at all nor to be top heavy.I'm bringing my man to my pre-op so he can help me choose between the two since I know he will be honest. I'm iffy on the highprofile since i dont want my boobs to look too fake and have that really round shaped fake boobs. My PS said he's doing it under the muscle and the incision will be inframammary. Mentor Silicone but not sure what profile I will be going for.

Still a little over a month till i finally get it done and Im getting boob obsess by the day. A little nervous but cant wait to get it over with already but at the same time scared about getting capsular contraction >_<
Any suggestions on what vitamins or things to take before my surgery?

Went to my pre-op 2 weeks ago...let me just say it...

Went to my pre-op 2 weeks ago...let me just say it was pretty nerve-wrecking for me [writing the check included lol]. I was getting nervous with all the instructions she was giving me and information with after the surgery. the brand they will be using is called Sientra. tried on sizers and decided on 410 mod [their mod profile is the same as mod+ from mentor] but im not sure if i want to get 450 hp if that will make a big difference...my BWD is 13 so anything more than 400 it has to be HP...i dont want to go to small and regret and it be too big for my body frame and be too top heavy, so im more confused than ever and my surgery is in less than 2 weeks. Ill give them a call this week to talk again with the sizes. Is 450 hp and 400 mod + make a big difference?

My ps suggested that i stop taking my birth control to prevent clotting. has anyone had that suggestion too? need to do blood work this week and fill up my prescription since i wont have time that week of my surgery. I'm a little bummed about not being able to take my pre work out drink since it helps me workout harder. i want to tone up more since Ill be MIA at the gym for atleast 3 weeks.

Now that my date is getting closer I'm debating if...

Now that my date is getting closer I'm debating if I should get more than 400cc and my ps said if I do it has to be HP...I called them last Thursday asking if I can change my mind on going with 410 mod Sientra I didn't talk to my ps but his assistant that handles the pre op things and she called me back saying he will order 405 435 and 465...he will try to fit the most he can. I'm just worried if he can only fit 435 the width of the implant is 12 and my bwd is 13 and I don't want that gap in my boobs with 2 balls just hanging there. My bf is prolly getting annoyed by my indecisiveness. Poor thing but he is being really supportive through out all this. I'll have a talk with my ps on Tuesday and I'm worried that if I decide to stick with 400 cc they will have to order it and it won't be delivers in time by Thursday on my surgery date =[ aaaahhh

I'll be filling up my prescription today, my insurance doesn't cover it though. Not looking forward paying for it since I already paid for my blood work done too.

Finally my countdown is almost over and hopefully...

finally my countdown is almost over and hopefully my boob obsession will be put to rest when i finally get my own. Filled up my prescription and it totalled only 57 dollars which was less than i thought. he prescribed vicodine, roboxin and antibiotic. he also gave me sleeping pills to take the night before and an hour before the surgery with a anti nausea patch to put behind my ear the night before, which is tonight. I'm really hoping to get 465 hp but he will try 3 (405 435 465 all HP) sizers for me in the operating room to fit the biggest he can in there.
I have been washing my body with anti bacterial soap since last monday as instructed and will do that too tonight and tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to getting up at 630 to get ready. My surgery will be @830 but we have to be there by 8 to prep for it. My hands are getting sweaty just typing this and knowing my surgery will be tomorrow ahhhh.

Got to the surgery center at 8 but before that I...

Got to the surgery center at 8 but before that I had to take a sleeping pill and clonidine and ps marked me up ang took me too the operations room. The girls were settling up the surgery and put me iv in...the last thing I remember them talking about was my Ps birthday last Monday. After that I don't remember anything not even waking up after the operation nor getting to the house. I believe he was able to stuff 465 cc in there whoophooo but the only pain I can complain about is the middle of my both breast. My boyfriend had been so nice and he even spoon fed me soup and been adjusting my position when i am slidding Down since his bed sheets are silk. When can I start rubbing bio oil so I won't get streets mark???

I slept good last night and would only wake up to...

I slept good last night and would only wake up to take my meds...my BF gotta ask r u in pain if not I'm not giving u any. I think he is scared I'll be addicted to it. I still need help getting up. My chest feel tight the only part that's hurting a bit is my incision area. I wanna get this ace wrAp already it's a lol tight...it only covers the upper part of my boobs and below my nipples aren't banded up. My post op is in a couple hours... I hope I got the right bra, I couldn't fine the Dankins bra all of them are at least 38 or 36 D so I grabbed a plytex one and a fruit of looms with adjust table part.
Last night was so funny I guess I kep telling my bf the same stories all day. I haven't really been eating real food I had chicken noodle soup and the pastA I made Wednesday night. I hope I'll feel 70% better by Sunday since I want to be a fatty and go out to eat

Just had my post op and he gave me a band to wear...

Just had my post op and he gave me a band to wear on top and next week is when he will show me massages.
My mom drove me there I forgot she's a suckie driver. She even went fast on the dip by my house like boss andohhhboy that was painfull. My boobs are still hard to touch and little bit warm to touch. It's riding high at the moment.

So it's been 3 days/2 nights since my surgery....

So it's been 3 days/2 nights since my surgery. Getting out of bed is easier still a lil discomfort though. Boobs lookin like spongebob >.< my right nipple still don't have sensation boooo! I'll try not to take vicodin today just the muscle relaxer. My side boob only bother me when I'm up and walking.
So far so good I'm getting bored at home though but this band is getting annoying. I have put any bio oil nor arnica gel since I could find it...I'd been icing too which helps a lot. Getting used to sleeping up right but booy my neck and back is bothering me a lil bit. I uploaded a pix from this am.

It's day 4 including surgery date...still no...

It's day 4 including surgery date...still no bruising and my arm movement is almost back to normal with a slight complain on my right side of my boobs. Haven't taken any vicodin since yesterday afternoon just roboxin. I feel good when I'm laying down or sitting down but when I'm up and walking around I could feel discomfort that I tend to hold them as if my boobs will fall out. Getting up is also getting easier by my self using my core to lift my self up. I'd been wearing the compressor band with no bra as instructed by my ps it's uncomfortable so I would loosen it up once in a while. I would walk around the house for a min and have to go sit back down cuz I get tired. Now I'm questioning it if I should have gotten smaller one or sticked to 400 mod profile =[ I wonder how long this pain in my side boob would last. I still can't massage till Tuesday when they show me but I would try to rub it a lil bit to make it feel a little better.

Had my second post op visit. The ps commented "how...

had my second post op visit. The ps commented "how are u doing blah blah blah ur implant is pretty big for you since u started so small so it will take to settle" now i'm having second thoughts and scared that i went to big. in my head im thinking why would u put the 465 in there then if u think it was too big for me?!? im semi frustrated with that but im pretty happy with my size though beside my boobs look so square and high up there. i cant help my self but searh for impalnts taht are too big and complications with it. =[
my recovery so far is good. I drove today and i havent taken any medications since yesterday. its mostly pressure right now no pain. Ps still wants me to wear the compressor band to help it settle down more and i cant wear a bra till he said so. i might have to resort to nipple tape since my nipples are in high beam mode since i got my surgery. i dont like having this much time in my hands though im getting "cabin fever" lol.

I'm 80 % back to normal and going by my normal...

I'm 80 % back to normal and going by my normal routine minus working out. The girls are still tight but rounding out compare to them being square last week that almost made me regret getting them but I just have to be patient. They are slowly dropping to its pocket. I saw my PS today because the compressor band irritated the top of my boobs and it was red and itchy so they wanted to see me today instead of my appt next Tuesday. I have to wear a tank top first then wear the compressor band to help with the irritation but he still want me to wear it since I still have a lot of upper poleness and he wants more of it to go down. He also started me with taking vitamin E. oh man and he suggested some silicone scar to help with my scarring and that was 86 dollars but te girl in the front said its a little steep and recommend bio oil or maderma should also work. She was so nice about it b
I also updated my photo with comparison with the first week and this week.
Hope everyone is healing just fine remember girls just to be patient [i have to keep telling my self this everyday too]

I cant believe its been 3 weeks since i got them....

I cant believe its been 3 weeks since i got them. they are getting softer everyday and dropping. i still have to wear the strap, hopefully when i see my PS on tuesday he will give me the ok not to wear it anymore or just at night. My right inside boob hurts sometimes so i loosen up the band and rub it a lil bit to ease the soreness. No morning boobs anymore so thats a good thing.
My only worry now is i hope im not getting symmastia i notice my clevage is a finger gap and i can push down the middle of it. I really hope its just swelling but ill ask him about it next time i see him.
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