Looking Forward to Surgery Next Week. 20yrs old, 5'5" currently 34b, going with 390cc silicone implants

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So just had my pre op, going to go with about 390...

So just had my pre op, going to go with about 390 cc. Currently 5'5", 133Ibs, 34B. Hoping to get to a large C, perhaps small D. Here are some before pics. This will be pretty much the last pics of my boobs ever like this then on to new ones (: posting before pics now and once I get surgery will provide pics every few days to see how they're progressing (:

Just had surgery!!!

Well just got home from surgery!!!! Can't believe I actually have fake boobs now. Everything went very smooth. Stayed there for approx 5 hours. Got there around 6, and I had to pee in a cup and dummy me went as soon as I got up in the morning because I forgot so they had to hook me to an IV and fill me with fluids cause you're not allowed to drink any water. So took me about 45 mins to pee and then we were able to get things rolling. So they put me under and when I woke up I felt pretty good, tired but good, (maybe the tired feeling was from having to be up so early, I was tired even before surgery) and it didnt even feel like i had surgery, felt like i slept 20 mins and bam woke up with some blobs lol. And now that Ive been home for about an hour I feel no pain. I feel some tightness/pressure on my chest which kinda makes it hard to take in deep breathes but honestly I felt more pain getting the IV put in than what I do now lol. I'll start posting more pics to show how my boobs are progessing (: also at the moment it doesn't really look like I got them done. Probably cause the implants are smooshed like a pancake underneath my skin right now lol but hopefully they start dropping soon (: also the implants we ended up going with were silicone 405cc in my left and 420cc in my right to fix some slight asymmetry.

1 day post op

3 days post op

Already feeling back to normal! The first 2 days the hardest part was trying to sleep since I usually sleep on my stomach, and getting myself off the couch. But I'm already adjusting and pretty much back in the swing of those things. Decided to try on some lingerie to see how my boobs are looking, I already feel like they're dropping a little and looking better (:

2 1/2 weeks post op

Seeing a Huge difference from the first couple days. Definitely dropping and looking more like real boobs! Also just got my bandages off a few days ago and the scars are barely noticble, one is dropping slightly faster than the other but no biggy it's normal. Hasn't been a whole month yet and I'm already loving how they're looking, can't wait to see the final result in 1-3 months!

A month and a half post op

They are looking soooo amazing. Definitely dropping into place and I already get so many compliments on how great they look!

About 3 month post op

In love with them !! Feeling softer, bouncy, and very natural looking(:

Gave me the breast I've always wanted ! Amazing results . They feel and look very natural and I get so many compliments on them. One of my girlfriends said my boobs look like they were sculpted from god lol.

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