22 Year Old, Arm+Thigh Lipo for a Fresh Start

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I've been struggling with my weight ever since I...

I've been struggling with my weight ever since I was little. I am a yoyo dieter, it's always been easy for me to lose a lot of weight (10 kgs for example) but it is also easy for me to gain it all back. I've noticed it's usually due to stress in my personal life. Last year, I finally managed to lose around 8 kgs in 2 months and go down to my normal weight but here I am 7 months later and I've gained almost all of it back.

Been trying to lose it again but I think after so many times gaining weight again after losing it I've almost lost hope. I've been going to the gym and eating healthily recently to try to lose weight slowly but apparently it's easier for me to lose weight the unhealthy way. So now I want to do liposuction to give myself a head start.

I noticed that my problem areas are mainly my thighs and arms - I feel like ALL of my fat goes there! My stomach and waists have bulges I guess but nowhere near as repulsive as the size of my arms and thighs. Even when I was at my thinnest, I couldn't wear sleeveless shirts since my upper arms look huge and made me look like Popeye, and I never had a thigh gap.

So next week on the 1st of August I will be doing arm liposuction and then the following week circumferential thigh liposuction. The doctor said this is better since I would only need to be on local anesthesia and could go home right after, whereas if I do both at the same time I would need total anesthesia. I'll be doing my procedures with the same doctor who did my chin implant and buccal fat removal as I completely trust him. He also agreed to put some of the fat on my face as a bonus!

Will put up pictures as I get closer to the OP date. Excited!

Day of surgery

Just reached home now from the surgery...

My arms are pretty sore!! So far the pain's tolerable, I took some painkillers before I left the doctor's office and had some antibiotics as well. Don't know if it will hurt more tomorrow!

The surgery itself was pretty uncomfortable and there was some pain, the doctor and the nurses were surprised at how much pain I can take, they gave me 1 cc of Ketamine and some local anesthetic so basically I was awake for the whole procedure. They said usually patients would whine or complain that they are hurting during the procedure, but I stayed pretty much quiet and expressionless the whole time. To be honest, it did hurt, but I have quite high pain tolerance. I stayed quiet so that the doctor won't hesitate to take as much fat as he could, lol.

They got me into compression garments after the procedure. I have to say I don't like wearing it, it's really tight, but I don't want to take it off either as I have no one to help me put them on again afterwards! I could see a LOT of bruising under the garments now that I'm home.

I saw my arms for a little while before they put the garments on, the doctor was pinching the loose skin where the fat used to be. There was quite a lot of leftover skin, since as you can see from my before OP picture, I had a lot of upper arm fat. Anyway, I'm 22 so I hope that the skin will retract tightly! If not, I'm screwed lol.

Sorry for posting a picture of my arm in the garment as an after-OP pic, I know it's cheating, but I'm not planning on removing the garment anytime soon!! Will be going to the doctor's again on the fifth day to remove the stitches as well as doing my thigh lipo, and they will also do some draining massage on my arms. For some reason I'm thinking the thigh lipo will be even more uncomfortable and painful, but it has to be done :( I will update in 5 days how my arm look like without the garment...

3rd day

So finally today I dared to take off the corset. The corset was quite uncomfortable and I was getting tingly feelings so decided to take them off for about 30 minutes. The most uncomfortable part is sleeping, I didn't know where to put my arms. Sore and uncomfortable wherever I put them. But today is slightly better than yesterday.

They're back on now, but I had the chance to take some pictures. My arms are very bruised but honestly not as bad as I was expecting. The left arm seems to be more bruised and swollen than the right arm. The under part of my arm still has that numb feeling to touch. I didn't try to pinch to check for loose skin though but so far seems okay.

I can already see the difference and I can't wait for the swelling to subside! I wear the corset under long sleeve shirt and already I am liking the shape.

Update on arms 1 week post + thigh lipo 3 days ago

So it has been 8 days since I did my arm lipo and most of the bruising is already gone. I know there is still a lot of swelling though. I was lazy and took off the garment for a couple of days and the swelling went CRAZY - it's been 2 days since I put it back on and it's gone down again... word of advice.. don't take off your garments people!! My left arm is a lot more swollen and bruised than my right, I wonder why that is...

Also 3 days ago I did my thighs as well. Apparently there was too much fat to remove in one sitting so the dr decided to remove the inner and front part first, then we will do the outer and back parts on a later date at no additional cost... i love my doc.

He removed 1400 cc of fat total, yes that is FAT only... if we include the liquid, blood etc it was close to 2L!! I took a pic before the swelling starts. It's been 3 days so it's ballooning up now. I haven't removed the garment.

Forgot to add thigh post op pic

Here it is

Found a before pic

So I found a pic I took before both procedures and tried to take a similar after pic, I think I see some difference, do you? I know I am still VERY swollen!

Did my outer thigh 'wings' today

Went to the doctor's again to do the remaining outer thighs. Took out 700cc of fat in total for both thighs. Really sore now. I was under local with no sedation so the surgery was painful. But I know it will be worth it in the end.

Here is a pic of my thighs straight after the surgery. The inner thighs have swollen lumps as you can see as it was liposuctioned 2 weeks ago but I am told it will go away so I'm fine. Also took a pic of the fat taken.

In total from all 3 procedures including the one today I have removed almost 3L of fat from my body... wow! I am also on a diet and losing weight (when I checked yesterday, I'm down 3kgs so far!)

Nightly post..

Adding a photo of my arm currently.. I got lymphatic drainage massage done twice on it already (for free from the clinic).

So far my liposuction journey has been a rollercoaster ride, I am dead set on maintaining and losing even more weight now as I don't think I ever want to do liposuction willingly again, the surgery hurts too much haha. But when all's been said and done I don't regret a thing and I am glad that I went through it. Would I have been able to lose weight by dieting? Probably, but probably not from the right places. I seem to lose fat on my face and breasts faster than my thighs, butt and arms which seem to store them... and looking back, holy damn my upper arms seem so deformed, that size ain't normal lol.


It's been almost a month since I lipo'd my arms, around 3 weeks for my inner thigh and 1 and a half week for my outer thighs.

Here are some pictures. As you might guess... I'm really happy with the outcome so far! And it's only gonna get even better! It's amazing how you forget about the soreness and the pain you went through so quickly lol.

Also.. I lost 5 kgs since the surgery so far! That's amazing since the doctor 'only' took out 2.8L. I think my metabolism is improving too.

Checking in

Sorry I haven't been able to update this review, almost forgot it exists! I can only drop in briefly ro post a couple pics of my progress today, but I'll try to post a longer update next week :)
Dr Irawan

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