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Hi guys so as I said I was also going to do...

Hi guys so as I said I was also going to do rhinoplasty! Well today I went for it!

Flew in to the next city to get my nose done by the best surgeon EVER. Honestly he just excels in every single category you can imagine. And the hospital staff was the greatest. They treated me as carefully as you would treat a baby!

So, details about my pre-op nose. Firstly the bridge is veeeery slightly curved. I was told that this is like a really mild deviated septum. This never bothered me though so I wasn't looking to get it fixed but if it was then hey, bonus. Secondly I felt that the nasal bone was a bit wide creating a flat look from the front but the doctor actually said my nasal bone is alright - it's the tip that needs a lot of work! For the longest time I felt that my nose tip and nostrils are the ugliest ever. The doctor said it is uncommon for asian to have a tip like mine since the columella is so wide and the angle of my nose tip was such that my nostrils showed very much. I always feel I look like a piggy from certain angles. Anyway, he asked if I wanted an implant to heighten the nose as well or just cartilage for the tip.. so I took both. I did choose a low-profile implant for my nose though even though the doctor offered a bigger one as I don't want my look to change so drastically.

Anyway enough talking here is a pic of a before/after from today. Note that I took the photo a bit after the surgery before putting on the plaster so the nose is already swollen! The swelling at the bridge will come down in a few weeks to give a feminine curve as the dr said. Feel free to ask things if you're curious,I love talking about surgeries :)

I will update with more pics tomorrow :)


I would have posted a current picture but I think I look disgusting with all the blood on the bandaids so I'll save you guys the scene!

Tomorrow evening I am going to the doctor's to take off the bandaids and remove the nasal packing.. phew! Finally I would be able to breathe from my nose and taste food again... a bit worried because I read that removing the packing will hurt but I guess I have to go through it anyway. And if I can go through liposuction on local.. I can go through anything!

I will post a pic tomorrow evening of my very likely to be swollen nose. There are already swelling around my eyes but I kinda like it, it looks as if my under eye hollows are being filled with restylane :p


So it's only the 4th day post OP, the past few days my face was pretty swollen haha. Other than the swelling I'd say there is no other discomfort, the only pain I feel is on my ear (and of course whenever I accidentally nudge my nose).

I forgot to mention in my first post the other day that my nostrils (like everything else on my face) are asymmetric. Apparently my right nose is 'weaker' than my left in terms of holding up cartilage. I told the doctor I didn't care whether my nostrils end up being symmetric since they weren't to begin with but he ignored me and spent a lot of time correcting it lol. I will attach a photo of my pre op nostril and post op nostril from under view.

Remember though it's only my 4th day so my nose is still really swollen! Don't mind my puffy face please haha.

Took off plaster today

Hi just going to post a quick pic right now, nose still very swollen especially from the front, but I took off the plaster today. Tomorrow will go to remove stitches. Don't think I'm mall ready yet lol from the front I look like a Drowzee, I'll post a side pic for now ok guys?

8 days

Hi. I'll be taking off my stitches today. Here are some pics from today. First pic: side profile. 2nd pic: from the front. I think the lighting didn't do a good job of depicting how swollen it actually is haha. With that being said, everyday my nose is less swollen than the day before. Still can't go home yet though as my mom would notice.

3rd pic: a before pic of my old nose with front view. You can see the tip shows the nostrils and make it look upturned and short. :)

Overall I am liking it so far. It is not over the top but definitely a subtle improvement which is what I was going for. My bf said I look a bit mixed-race haha. I told him it's probably just the swelling :p


Pics from today, pardon the duck face I'm just really excited about my nose haha! I wish it will stay this height but I guess it will go down abit more? I'll keep posting!

12 days

Hi a quick pic update today. Sorry I haven't been able to give a long update. I'll try on the 14th day. So far I love it, what do you think?
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