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I'm writing this to keep a diary of sorts on the...

I'm writing this to keep a diary of sorts on the procedures I plan to have - so far I have only had 1 surgery done on me and it was a Silhouette Face Lift which I do not recommend. However the consultation made me realize I had a weak chin and after reading extensively on others' reviews I am really looking forward to having mine done. I have never actually realized it before, I thought it was more of a teeth problem (I do have a slight overbite from not wearing my retainers properly, but I also am planning to correct that later)

I am planning on doing it next week although the exact date is not yet set!!

I don't know what size I should go for or if I should just let the doctor pick for me, I don't even know how many types there are.. so if you have any suggestions please let me know as I would probably be discussing this with the doctor at our next consultation a few days before the surgery. The doctor said I will most likely be having the implant inserted through my lip, not my chin. I am a bit scared because I am prone to getting mouth ulcers and just imagining the pain of having lip sores make me shudder.. any pros and cons to insertion via mouth vs chin?

He also suggested rhinoplasty but he said it is not as urgent as the chin implant. In the future I am considering rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty.. as well as fat grafting for my tear trough hollows. Meanwhile though I am so excited for next week.

Way overdue but I finally did it

Ok, it's been 2 months since I posted that I was going to get a chin implant - but I finally did it today. Kept pushing it off but it finally happened. Just decided to pull the trigger and went before I can change my mind.

The surgery went well. I was sedated for the injections but I woke up and was on local anesthetic for the remainder of the surgeries (I did buccal as well). It was a bit scary what with all the tugging and scraping but I think the worst part was just anticipating pain, but there was really none at all, just some discomfort.

Anyway I'm all wound up now, here's my post op picture (1 hour after surgery, so my cheeks aren't that swollen yet from the buccal). My chin and cheeks feel sore and some dull pain but nothing intolerable yet. I didn't want to take my chances with the pain so I took the prescribed antibiotics and painkillers as soon as I got out. Right about now my chin and cheeks are starting to swell.

I'll post a clearer before and pre op pic tomorrow. For now, I'm just glad I did it!

Day 2 morning updates

Ok, here is a morning update - the bandaids have some bleeding but the doctor said it was normal and I shouldn't exchange it unless the whole thing was soaked with blood. Will go for a control session on Saturday (hopefully will take off bandages that day).

The most noticeable swelling is on my cheeks. Maybe I will do a separate buccal pad removal review.

Not much pain, I just woke up and the last time I took painkillers was 9 hours ago before I slept. As people have said moving your jaw feels a bit stiff but for me it's only because of the dull pain if I do so. I can actually eat and chew a bit already, but I'll try not to do that too much. I don't think there's any numbness left in the bottom lip region... I can move my bottom jaw.

As promised here are some morning photos and also before and pre op pictures. I'm still looking for an oblique before shot!

Morning of day 3... can't wait

It's the third day and I can't wait for Saturday. I need to see what my chin looks like!! I am liking the size of it under the bandages but it might be the swelling and the bandages making it look big. What if I got implants that are too small? Not really keen on redoing the whole procedure..

My boyfriend said I look different and pretty from the side. He said the same thing about the front tho, with my puffy cheeks, so I am doubting his judgment. That sweet talker!

Still not much pain. I think the swelling on my cheeks are on their way down.

Day 4

Not much difference in the chin department these past few days.

One thing I will say though I have been eating A LOT... when I'm supposed to not be eating at all... I think the difficulty of eating makes it a challenge that I want to beat lol. These few days I have been stuffing my face compared to the usual portion I eat.

So I guess my plans of losing weight during the recovery has been foiled.

Anyway I'm skipping today's picture as there hasn't been any visible change.

Tomorrow's the day

Ok so just checking in before taking off the fixation tomorrow. My cheeks are still swollen but I think it's on its way down. It better be since tomorrow I have to meet some people. Kinda wished I had done neck lipo instead of buccal but oh well. I'll just have to lose the fat by exercise.

Anyway.. nervous for tomorrow! Wonder what it looks like underneath!

It's off!!!!!!!!

It's finally off! They replaced the bandages with just one to plaster the bruising underneath. There is some swelling on the chin (you can see it's a bit round) and of course cheeks still swollen from buccal but I like it so far!

I look different in a good way and I think I look younger. I think on the downside people may notice, what do you think? My mom doesn't know about the surgery so I'm worried about going home and her seeing how different my face looks. She is really against plastic surgeries or beauty treatments in general.

Due to take the last plaster off next wednesday. I'm definitely glad I did this. Will post when the swelling goes down.

Another before and after

From the front. My face is longer now :)

Another one

Really shows the difference


Ok I took off the final plaster since i needed to go home and luckily the scar has dried up now, but I find that my chin looks very round both from the front and the side! I am wondering if this is because of the swelling? I hope so! I've been hiding my chin in front of my mom all day since it will be very obvious with this large chin.

13 days update

Sooo it's been a while, I've been taking selfies everyday but only today did I start comparing my pre and post pics and wow!!! What a difference!! And the swelling isn't even fully gone yet!

I still don't like how I look from front view as there are some fatty 'jowls' but I suspect either that's just me being fat and hopefully as I lose weight the jowls will also go.

I was worried that my face looked too long but compared to how I looked before I will take this face any day. I am only crossing my fingers that when all the swelling are gone it will look as I expected.

Can you tell the difference?

It's been 3 weeks!

So it's been 3 weeks and here's a side profile photo from today. I don't even remember what I used to look like anymore! I've been exercising this past week too. No pains at all whatsoever. I can feel the implant and I've been naughty and nudging it a lot on purpose because I still can't get over my new chin, but it's surprisingly resilient and did not move. I was mistaken when I said I had the implant screwed, apparently I only felt as if it was screwed in, the doctor said he never uses screws for chin implant.

The scar is not bad at all too, I can definitely feel the scar but it is not that visible unless you know what you're looking for.

Well, what do you think?

Reuploading pic

Removed the pic from last update to reupload with before/after pic instead :)

Pic from today

Went to the same doctor's yesterday to get my upper arm lipo'd. He said my chin looks good but there is still some swelling as it's only been a month. I'll be happy if the remaining swelling subsides (currently it still looks just 'round' or 'full' when viewed in person from certain angles but you can't tell I've done surgery ) but honestly even if it stayed this way I'm a happy bunny :) everyone told me I look great and look thinner too because of the buccal. Amazing how much of a difference the chin can make to your face. I used to have to take many photos to get one that I'm happy with sharing, but nowadays I'm happy with most of the photos I take.

You're welcome to ask me if you have any questions or if you want pictures from other angles! :)

Update with pics

Someone asked for a profile and front view shots, so here you go, taken yesterday <3

I don't see any swelling left but maybe there is still some, I don't know! I'm happy with the outcome :)


Had to reupload the pics in cropped version!

Timeline pic

Starting from the top left pre OP and ends at bottom right (taken around 2 weeks ago)

Almost 2 months update

Hi guys, checking in here, how long has it been? Almost 2 months I think! Here's a picture update from today :) the doctor's assistant said he can still see some swelling, but I don't really notice.

I really love my doctor. He is the best.

Another update

Hi guys, it's been 2 months+1 week!

I had a freakout around 2 weeks ago, I was whining about how I felt the chin implant was too long and that I wanted to replace it with a shorter implant.

I was worried since it was already 2 months and most doctors say the size that you get at this point will be reflective of the final look of the implant.

Well, they were wrong! I think the size is still decreasing subtly each day, I can't put my finger on how it looks different but I much like the size it is now than 2 weeks ago. And there is still room for it to improve as it's not 3 months yet!

Anyway, updated some pictures. Ask if you want to know something, I'm sorry if I take ages to reply though :/

New picture

Hi guys! Here is a new front picture. I got an angle that looks nice.

Also, I did rhinoplasty yesterday (this pic was taken before rhino) and I'm posting up a review on that as well!

PS I think end of this month I will be removing a lot of photos from this review (other than one pre op and one post op and probably one or two others) since I don't feel comfortable with it being up for too long.

Anyway, for now, here I am, 2 months and 2 weeks after chin :)

Checking in

Hi, I've been checking in a lot for my rhinoplasty review, but it's been a while since I checked in here so here is a quick side profile pic taken today of my current chin and nose (12 days after my rhinoplasty)

I'll try to upload a longer update soon.
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