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I am having an open septo/rhinoplasty on Sept 1,...

I am having an open septo/rhinoplasty on Sept 1, 2016 & I'm so nervous. I'm 26 years old & have been wanting to do this for about 10 years. I'm alway self-conscious of my nose. In any picture I take it is the first thing I see. I am just so consumed on the what ifs--what if I hate it & wish I had never done anything, what if it is too flat or small, what if its too pointy, etc etc. The first surgeon I met with was not a facial surgeon and after immense research on getting my nose done i knew I wanted a otolaryngologist and a facial surgeon. So after reading reviews, more research etc I picked one specializing in faces, paid for it and here I go in just over a week!

Day 14 post op

I had my procedure Sept 1 early in the morning. I had a very easy recovery. I think rest and meds are key. I pretty much did nothing until day 7. I ate a ton of pineapple and took arnica so my bruising was very minimal in my opinion considering i had my nose cut completely open and broken. Cast removal was AWFUL. It felt like she was lifting my whole face off pulling that thing off! So much pain!! I am still having some discomfort, mainly just dull pain if i sneeze, yawn, or laugh too hard. My top lip still doesnt move all the way up when I smile and feels funny. The tip of my nose tingles and is numb (like if your foot falls asleep). I can completely breathe out of the left side but have no airflow on the right. I am sleeping propped on 2 pillows still just to make sure I dont end up on my side or worse.. face down. I am extremely happy so far. I hope healing continues and things stay just like they are. Some days I freak out bc it looks uneven or i think i see the bump coming back but i think its paranoia. The tip is definitely still swollen. I have my follow up appointment Sept 28 so hopefully shes as happy as I am with the results.
Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon

Consult went great.. Julie the coordinator was awesome and so reassuring. Dr. Winslow went over everything and then did some before/after imaging on my picture. Triste did my preop yesterday and really threw a lot of information at me, but she gave me all of it to read on my own and go over which was great. I have all my prescriptions that I can fill and get, as well as a grocery list for things I will need in recovery!

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