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I have always loved the look of full, large...

I have always loved the look of full, large breasts. I haven't been uncomfortable with my current breast size but have always contemplated going larger because, well, why not? I lost some weight, became much more fit and I lost the fullness I had previously. I have the funds and enough time off to take so I thought now was better than never.

2 days post op

I had my surgery Friday and I'm feeling pretty good. I had to stop the pain meds because they were making me vomit. My surgery experience was very good. I was able to take a shower yesterday. I have had no appetite, though. Today my breasts feel tight. Ice packs have been life savers!

4 Days Post Op

This is the first morning I woke up feeling normal physically. My breasts are still tight and swollen but it's not painful. Yesterday was the first time I felt up to leaving the house and I tired out pretty quickly. I think today I'm going to try to make it to the gym to use the treadmill. I can lift my arms above my head and have 0 pain.

I stopped the pain meds within 24 hours because I really didn't like the way I felt on them. I have been icing and taking ibuprofen. My appetite hasn't been great. I'm also very bloated and constipated.

Post-op I vomited twice. I attribute the first to the anesthetic and second to pain meds. By day 2 I already felt well enough to do most things on my own. Overall the pain was far less than I anticipated.

2+ weeks post op

I'm a little over 2 weeks post op and things are much better than I anticipated pre-op. I was so afraid I was going to be uncomfortable for weeks and be held up in bed.

The first week was uncomfortable but certainly not unbearable. I stopped having the constant tightness around 5 days post op.

Bras were fairly uncomfortable until a few days ago. My right boob has slightly more pain than my left, here and there. I'm also still waking up with morning boob but it's getting better day by day.

I was able to return to the gym 11 days post op. I'm going much lighter with my weight and not going at it nearly as hard. I also notice I do tire more quickly. I have also felt the need to nap most days.

My incisions are armpit and my right has healed much better than my left, so far. They're still a little hard to shave. I also still don't have full range of motion through the chest and pits. I'm usually very flexible and I notice some tightness still.

The best part is my boobs have started to drop and they look fabulous! I'm starting to get cleavage and they look more natural day by day. I couldn't be happier with the results that are coming together. The other day my boyfriend said the looked phenomenal.

Before and after

I am 5'7" 130 lbs. Before I was a 32B. I have a wide breast bone and had 0 cleavage. I did 400cc high profile silicone under the muscle and am sitting at at 34D currently (2.5 weeks post op). I know this isn't totally helpful but I don't want to post my bare breasts on the internet!

5 weeks post op

I'm 5 weeks post and things are still going smoothly. My left boob has dropped significantly and feels like a normal boob. My right is taking longer and I attribute that to being right handed and having more muscle tension on it. When I sleep on my side my right boob has discomfort still. It's getting better day by day, though. I don't really have morning boob anymore, either. I feel like the whole process, day by day I could feel improvements. I'm really shocked at how quickly my boobs feel like normal boobs. I totally anticipated that they would feel fake but they don't at all.

I'm also very happy with how much cleavage I have since they've started dropping. They were pointed a little out the first few weeks. I have a wide breast bone so I thought they would be super far apart and they are not! I still wear the band my doc gave me post op from time to time to help that right boob along. I have my next follow up in about a week and a half. I can also lay on my stomach again but it's not 100% comfortable.

My incisions are looking amazing! My right armpit you can barely tell a thing. My left is getting much better too. I think in about 6 months you will never be able to tell I had been cut into. I'm so happy I did through the armpit.

Overall, I have been super pleased with my recovery. I anticipated being unable to have normal quality of life for at least a month and it hasn't been like that at all. I was pretty much myself within 2 weeks.

There were some things I did prior to and during that I think helped a lot:

-I am an avid lifter. I was very much in shape prior to surgery and I think that set the tone for my whole recovery.
-I stopped working out chest 2 weeks prior to surgery and stopped lifting 5 days before. I gave myself a week and a half after before I went back and have stuck with lower weights since surgery.
-I have a healthy diet. I think this also helped me have a good recovery because I maintained a healthy diet during my week off post op. I keep plenty of protein in my diet (1 gram per lb of weight). I drank BCAAs and protein shakes during my recovery period to help those muscles.
-I followed my doctors orders to a T.
-I kept them iced and went off the pain meds. The pain meds made me feel worse and weren't worth it.
-I used palmers stretch mark lotion 4 weeks before surgery and continue to and my boobies have no stretchies from surgery.
-while I could have went bigger, I stuck with a size that would work with my body and I feel this helped me recover much quicker.
-during my week off I literally did nothing. And when I felt tired, I took a nap. This whole process has been about listening to my body. When my boobs have felt like they need more support, I throw on the sports bra. I wear the band at night when I feel more discomfort on the right boob. At the gym, as soon as I feel like it's too much I go down in weight and never over exert myself.

I was also really afraid everyone at work would notice and ask. No one has. I wore pretty padded bras before, so I'm sure it looks no different to them. Plus it's sweater weather! I think in the spring it will be a lot more noticeable.
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