Excited to Get my Body Back! Indianapolis, IN

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Can't wait to have my surgery. I'm very nervous...

Can't wait to have my surgery. I'm very nervous for recovery. I've had two c-sections, so I'm familiar with recovering but not to this extent. I know it will be a lot harder. I'm getting a tummy tuck with lipo to bilateral flanks and lipo to upper outer thighs and mentor silicone low profile 400 ccs. Before pictures will be coming soon.

19 more days!

Getting close to my surgery date. I'm trying to shop and get everything I need for after surgery. I have been trying to decide if I picked out big enough implants. I chose the 400 low profile .. I'm 5'7 180 and broader shoulders and I'm just hoping I'm going big enough. I'm a 36 B right now hoping for a 36 D.. I was thinking of maybe going 450 cc

Before pics

Here are a couple before pics. I can't believe I only have 10 more days. It doesn't seem real. I actually decided to go with a bigger implant size. I'm going with a 550 mL silicone moderate profile. Now I feel like I'm going too big ! I just felt like the 400 wouldn't fill my frame out as well. I hope I've made the right desicion.

Another before pic

Getting closer!

My surgery is almost here! It's at 9:00am tomorrow morning . The anticipation is killing me! I hope all goes well and that I will able to do an update afterwards.

I made it!

I'm doing pretty good. I'm really sore but my husband is taking great care of me I'm too sore to get pictures yet but maybe tomorrow. So far from what I can tell the results look great in my garments. I can't wait to get a peek tomorrow ! I really think I'm going to love the 550 implants. I've been sleeping a lot with all the meds ..Well I'm headed back to sleep again .. Lol

New pic

I'm getting around ok today with help. Just trying to stay up on meds. The lipo areas probably hurt the worst. My boobs are just tight, I've been keeping ice packs on them. I can't feel the incision under the boobs at all, so that's good.

My little boys and dogs came home today!

Nana was nice enough to keep them so I could have some peace and quite right after surgery. I feel a little bloated and my boobs are tight and itchy, but other than that I can't complain too much . Showering feels amazing but it sucks to have to get squeezed back into the compression garments. If I stand too long I get dizzy. I put a regular sports bra on today , it feels nice. The surgery bra is a little too itchy.

Rough day !

4 days post op . I still feel pretty helpless. I need help getting in and out of the sofa recliner. I try to rest and get up and walkwhen I can but my back hurts really bad if I'm up for too long. Then I'm trying to rest and I thought oh I'll be able to catch up on some of my shows but then i pass out from the meds ..then I'll wake up and think I'll try this again .. I start the same show and then I pass out again ????.. I'm healing pretty good so far but today has probably been the most depressing day so far .. I just wonder when it starts to get a little easier

Forgot to post my age !

I'm 30 now just had my 30 th the day after my surgery. It wasn't the most pleasant birthday but it did keep my mind off of turning 30 lol????

Forgot to load this

I took this two days after surgery and I can't wait until I'm not so bloated to post some new pics . But I will post this side by side of a before surgery and 2 day post

A day out of surgery

This was taken a day out and now I'm a lot more bloated so I hope my sides are going to look like this and not get a weird muffin top out over the edge . I'm scared because I was pretty impressed right out of surgery.

Today was a great day!

I was finally able to go to see my ps yesterday and she took both drains out. Yay! Feels so much better. My right side had been bothering me and it looked a little red around the drain. She said it looked a little infected and that I just needed to do one more round of antibiotics. The longest walk I had taken so far was from the parking lot to get to the doctor and then I went to the grocery store for a little bit . That was maybe doing a little too much in one day but I didn't really swell up too bad just the normal swelling I had been having . I promise that everything gets better after drains are out!!!!

Oh yea!

The drains don't hurt when they come out , so don't get panicky over that app for you ladies getting tummy tucks done. I was so worried about it and it's no big deal .. But I will say that it's crazy how much drain is inside you that they pull out ...weird!!!! im so glad I did this and those pain pills make you do and say hilarious things .. My husband has gotten the biggest kick out of me .. Sometimes we are crying we are laughing so hard which yes it does hurt my stomach to laugh lol but we have had some good laughs ????????????

New curves !

Loving wearing form fitting shirts now .. Only used to be able to wear flowy shirts after baby's ???? Feeling more comfortable in my skin .. Love my mommy makeover!!

Got some bralettes today !

I went to Soma to get sized and the girl said it was close but it's a 38 DD verge of DDD depending on the bra I guess ! I was able to get a large in the bralettes. I'm going to go back to get a cute bra once I heal better but she suggested the bralettes or this sports bra they had .

I went back to work today !

I had my two week post op appointment, it went well. I also went back to work today. I'm getting along pretty good. I'm still pretty swollen but I decided to put a bikini on today two weeks out of surgery just to see how I'm looking so far and I feel great ! I can't wait to see in a few months what my results will look like. Here is my before and after so far

1 month post op

Feeling pretty good! Can't wait to see results once I start working out again!
Ashley Robey, MD

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