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6 days until I get lipo on abs, hips, thighs, and...

6 days until I get lipo on abs, hips, thighs, and chin.
After having a baby at the age of 36 my body never bounced back.
After 2 doctors told me I could only get a tummy tuck- I found a doctor that said he could do lipo. He is triple board certified and has a wonderful staff. Super excited!!!
I will update more soon.

4 more days

Hi all
Just wanted to give a quick update.
I have 4 days until my liposuction surgery on my abs, hips, thighs and chin. I'm not too nervous yet but I'm sure that will change. I will be headed to the store tomorrow to stock up on Gatorade, protein bars, extra sheets, pads for bed and anything else I can think of.
I will meet with the doctor one last time on Monday- the day before my surgery for any last minute questions.
I will get you all some good before pictures tonight and the morning of.

As promised...Before pics

Surgery Tomorrow !!!

Welp- one more night then surgery tomorrow at 2:00pm.
I'm meeting with my doctor one more time later today for any last minute questions or concerns.
I will try to update tomorrow and hopefully I will feel good enough afterwards to let you all know how it went.
I hope I can sleep tonight :)

Day 19

Hi ladies...
Sorry it's been awhile, but it's true what they say that the first few weeks is the time you get down and depressed and start to regret things because you may not see a big change yet.
Well that was me, until today.
My biggest issue is that my abdominal muscle sticks out from pregnancy so I will never have a completely flat stomach unless I get a mini tummy tuck- so that's what was really getting to me but it is starting to look better and better every day.
Today I still wear my foam and garmet and I'm still a little stiff and numb but overall I feel about 75% better.
However I will say that no matter what they say and how much you got done, you will need about 2 weeks for down time. I was told by the ladies in the office I would be fine and able to go to work after 3-4 days... hell no- they also knew I had a very physical job.
I just went back to work 2 days ago and it wasn't easy, but I took it slow and did it.
I will get updated chin pictures later.

Day 31

I still look about the same as day 19, but thankfully I feel better each day.
Still pretty numb and swollen at times but back to the gym a few days ago and going to start a boxing/kickboxing class in a few days.
Just hoping I look better than this in a few weeks.
I feel I look the same still.


I look bigger now :(

6 weeks post

Well here are pictures from today.
It has been 6 weeks now.
I can't believe how fast time has gone.
I feel pretty normal, except I'm still a little numb, swollen and a little sore in spots. But I can go to gym everyday. I can do almost everything except yoga and Pilates is hard because of mobility with this garmet and padding on.
I still feel like I look the same as a few weeks ago. But it's still early.
So let's hope :)

I will try to get some chin pictures soon too.
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