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6 days until I get lipo on abs, hips, thighs, and...

6 days until I get lipo on abs, hips, thighs, and chin.
After having a baby at the age of 36 my body never bounced back.
After 2 doctors told me I could only get a tummy tuck- I found a doctor that said he could do lipo. He is triple board certified and has a wonderful staff. Super excited!!!
I will update more soon.

4 more days

Hi all
Just wanted to give a quick update.
I have 4 days until my liposuction surgery on my abs, hips, thighs and chin. I'm not too nervous yet but I'm sure that will change. I will be headed to the store tomorrow to stock up on Gatorade, protein bars, extra sheets, pads for bed and anything else I can think of.
I will meet with the doctor one last time on Monday- the day before my surgery for any last minute questions.
I will get you all some good before pictures tonight and the morning of.

As promised...Before pics

Surgery Tomorrow !!!

Welp- one more night then surgery tomorrow at 2:00pm.
I'm meeting with my doctor one more time later today for any last minute questions or concerns.
I will try to update tomorrow and hopefully I will feel good enough afterwards to let you all know how it went.
I hope I can sleep tonight :)
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