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I am a mom of 4 and have wanted to do this before...

I am a mom of 4 and have wanted to do this before my first pregnancy (so more than 12 years) I have always carried extra flab in my abdomen but after my 3rd pregnancy it really was worse then ever. I still am carrying a lot of baby weight- and I've lost about 10lbs but I am still hoping to lose at least another 25. I scheduled my procedure for May because of work/family schedule. I really wish I could do it RIGHT NOW! But it gives me another couple months to get serious about slimming down.

Well I went for my pre op appointment today and...

Well I went for my pre op appointment today and plunked down the money for the surgeon's fee! It's for real! I have wanted this for so long! Anyhow, I received 4 scripts today for nausea (Zofran, Promethazine), lovenox x 10 days gabapentin for nerve pain and I will receive an additional 3 for post op pain on the day of the procedure. 2 weeks to go as of tomorrow for me! I had my pre op pics taken again (not sure why?) but since the original pics I have lost an additional 18 lbs. I saw the first pics and I was so shocked how much different I looked! Even the nurse commented that she didn't think it was me! Just more motivation to continue to loose more weight!

PO day 4- So happy!

PO day 3? (or is it 4?- Thursday surgery) Anyhow-I wasn't allowed to go home from the surgical center without urinating. I was able to squeeze out a trickle and they let me go. About 8 hours later I still couldn't urinate, so I had to get a foley catheter placed! What a pain but very helpful! I kept that in for about 40 hours before removing it. -While I can't be positive, I think it was the Percocet that was causing the delay. When I stopped taking for more than 6 hours then the problem seemed to resolve. First 24 hours I was in a drug haze. lol- I could talk but I couldn't keep my eyes open! Let me just say that I am amazed by my husband, my mother in law, my mom and my friends! Everyone has been so supportive! I am overwhelmed!
I never thought the pain was unbearable at any point (other than when I coughed) I just felt very tight in my abdomen from the MR. I don' think that this is any worse than my past c sections personally.
I spent most of the first 3 days in my recliner (I don't know how anyone could have lived without it!) and for the first 2 days I was taking percocets every 4-6 hours but by the 3rd I stopped and tried taking Tylenol. The pain was bearable but I didn't feel like the Tylenol was all that helpful either so I decided to try vicodin 5/325. That was just the ticket! I am now taking one about every 8 hours. My PS wanted me up every hour walking around but I wasn't such a good patient there! It took so much energy and a second person to help me out of the recliner! I probably only walked around 3-4 times for the first 3 days but today I was out and about today. I feel so much better! Although I can't walk for long periods of time, I can tell I am starting to get better and heal.
I am very happy with my results so far. My incision is very straight and exactly where the pre op markings were at. My belly button is the best I have seen yet in my own opinion.
One bad thing is that I feel that I have a seroma! It sloshes around when I push on it! Not the end of the world but a pain- luckily I am going to the dr tomorrow, so we will address that then.
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

For years I had my PS all picked out but when a friend of mine was considering a BA and I asked the girls I worked with in the hospital who would they recommend, they said Dr. Turkle hands down! I now had several friends who have gone to her and have all been very happy with her and their results! Now it's finally my turn. She is very soft spoken, caring, informative. She did not make me feel rushed and answered all my questions.

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