Feeling fab 5days post op!!!

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Ok so here goes Im 32 I have a 15yr old and 2yr...

Ok so here goes Im 32 I have a 15yr old and 2yr old yep big difference. I had my first child at 17 weighing 125 and my prego weight 189 he took my body for a spin. I started talking about having a TT at about 28 when i really decided I wanted a TT at 29 but then got preg with my 2nd child starting wt of 165 and deliverying at 230..eeeekkk long behold I have tried everything and I cannot seem to budge my belly. My wt has went up and down I am now about 5'5 185 and I would like to lose 20lbs prior to my surgery. I have 3months let the count down begin!!! I am really nervous about the whole thing and about the outcome how will I look???

I took some better pics today with bathing suit...

I took some better pics today with bathing suit bottoms on...gross...ughhh..I def think I need to try hard to get some of this weight down or Im not sure i will be happy with my results. Was anyone else look about like me did you have the procedure how was the outcome??? Im so nervous and I want this so bad.

So im kind of confused after seeing alot of the...

So im kind of confused after seeing alot of the blogs on here i noticed about the flanks being lipo'd and such so I wanted to check with my ps office and find out what i am getting i know a full tummy tuck and said lipo. So i called today and asked about my flanks being lipo'd and was told it wasnt part of my est clearly if you look at my pics you would think he would have recommened lipo to the flanks as of right now i am getting a full tt with some lipo so the lady is going to have my PS look at my pics they took and see if i also need my flanks done I just want the best outcome i guess it will cost a ex 1500 towards dr and additional fees to the the center for meds and everything. Idk guess i will wait and see what he says I just dont get why he wouldnt give me the best option from the start....What do you ladies think by looking at my pics?? will I get good results I am trying to lose 20lbs prior but you never know how that is going to go but im trying. Any advice????

changed my date 3wks to go!!

So my tt is scheduled for 6/24 now and my pre op is tomorrow!! Im soooo excited and nervous. I have added on lipo to the flanks with an addition 2200 eeekkk

Pre Op Appointment today!!

Alright ladies im getting excited and nervous at the same time!!

10 hours Away!! See you on the Flat Side!!

So I'm Super crazy nervous/excited!!

im finally flat!!!

Day 1 post op feeling ok staying on top of meds. I will take pics with my shirt off tomorrow when i take my binder off t shower. He cut out 7lbs not including what was lipo'd out lol

5days post op

Feeling great havent experienced the crazy pain everyone talks about...so far so good!!!

got my drain out!!!!

8 days post op drain out feeling great!!

11 days amazing!

Dr.Stanley Harper

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