Consultation Only - Dr. Raj Sood, Eskanazie Hospital, Indianapolis, IN, Lacks Compassion and Humanity. - Indianapolis, IN

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Sood came extremely highly recommended to me by...

Sood came extremely highly recommended to me by several plastic surgeons and other healthcare professionals. Indeed, he is among an elite group being 1 of 35 or so chiefs of plastic surgery in the nation. Sood specializes in successfully treating the scars of burn victims. In fact when I met him it was in the burn center of Eskanazie hospital. Although I was not a burn victim, I had a contracted scar and degraded tissue that was not vascualarized and just bands of collagen -- this was a serious complication from a brachioplasty. The contracted scar was very similar to that of a burn victim. That is why so many clinicians sent me to him. In fact, my physical therapist told me that she had never seen a contracted scar as bad as mine and she had worked with burn patients.

After coming through months of depression and anxiety over the complication, I felt very hopeful when Sood told me he was 1 of only 3 plastic surgeons using IPL laser to treat scars, and that he had treated burn victims with scars much larger than mine. He said I would have a very good outcome. He seemed to really know his stuff and he seemed very nice; I did not understand why patients on wrote that he lacked compassion.

Sood said the surgery would probably be covered by my insurance as it was corrective not cosmetic because I had lost the full range of motion in my arm owing to the contracted scar. He also was going to do a series of z-plasties and use Alloderm tissue matrix to promote healthy cell growth rather than do a skin graft, which was a huge relief to me.

I awaited insurance approval and a surgery date. One day his nurse called me and I was excited to hear good news. Instead of a surgery date, she told me that Sood had declined to do my surgery. I pleaded with her to have him reconsider. But I never received a callback.

It is true, he lacks compassion just like the other reviews have stated. I don't understand how a plastic surgeon (or any HCP) could refuse to help a patient. How can these people live with themselves? Where is the humanity?

My insurance only covers Sood's hospital so I am out of options, at least for now. My arm remains injured and it may become a permanent injury without timely and proper treatment.
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Sood offered me hope. He said he would do a scar revision surgery to restore full range of motion to my right arm and lighten the scar. I waited for a surgery date and insurance approval. My depression and anxiety over the year long compilation started to lift. This chief of reconstructive surgery was going to help me. He seems sincere. He seemed to know his stuff (indeed he came very highly recommended to me by many healthcare professionals). But then his nurse called me and said he declined to do my surgery. I pleaded with her to have him reconsidered, but I never received a call back. And I am now out of options because only his hospital is covered by my insurance. I am facing permanent pain and injury and Sood refused to help me.

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