19 weeks post op- Indianapolis, IN

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So I am 29 years old and I have 3 babies 9, 7, and...

So I am 29 years old and I have 3 babies 9, 7, and a 1 year old. In high school I was a 34 DD and size 2. After each pregnancy my boobs got bigger and after my milk came in with each baby my boobs got bigger and never went down like most peoples do. I also started out as a size 2 and am now a snug 14. My babies tend to be on the large size so I was also left with a stomach that appears to look like a road map. I am still young and want to look nice for my husband but I also want to be physically fit and healthy. With the way I am now I cant workout and exercise because of the back problems I have from my boobs. I am getting a mommy makeover so that I can live a healthier lifestyle for my family.

Omg! It's almost here! I can't believe I only have...

Omg! It's almost here! I can't believe I only have 2 more sleeps and 2 more work shifts an ill be in my way to small bubbies and a skinny me! I'm full of anxiety more than I am excitement and still can't decide what size I want my bubbies to be. C or D??? My husband has told me numerous times he's totally ok with the surgery but lately he keeps saying after Wednesday he has to quit eating bc I'm gonna get all hot and he's gonna be fat nasty. Of course I love him the way he is. He's the same he was when we got married its me that's a gazillion times bigger. Anywho...I'm ready for Wednesday to be here and over with. I'm trying to figure out what I should bring to the surgery center with me...any suggestions????

Well today is the big Day that I become a member...

Well today is the big Day that I become a member of the itty bitty titty committee! I am so excited yet so nervous all in the same. Im truly not sure how to feel right now. Unfortunately I am at work till 6 am so no sleep and no eating or drinking on top of it! Which is not easy for someone who religiously eats breakfast every morning! Im so bad that its usually made by time I get to the cafe (@work)...This is gonna be a loooooong day! I am so ready to be on the other side! ready for the body Ive always wanted!

My surgery was yesterday I am super tired right...

My surgery was yesterday I am super tired right now so I'm just going to post pics will update you all later.

So I am 2 days post op. and soooo happy this far...

So I am 2 days post op. and soooo happy this far with my results! I do however have some questions. First off did any of u have severe itching with any of your pain meds? I've taken Benadryl but the more I take the pain meds the worse it gets. And the heart burn is horrendous!

Also I really feel like I need to wash my compression garment but I'm not sure what to put on in place of it??? Any ideas?

Hope you all are doing well! :)

Post op day 4-right now I am probably feeling the...

Post op day 4-right now I am probably feeling the best I have thus far. I've had issues with the pain meds making me severly itchy then not being strong enough to cope with the pain but now I think I have the perfect cocktail. I was actually able to eat a small sandwich and some jello. The Percocet was not only making me itchy but also gave me the most horrid heartburn. My hubs said it smelt like pure saline. As u all know I had a major reduction but its kinda weird bc at times I feel like they r up in my neck when they really aren't at all. Hubs says they look really good which was nice to hear and as he rubbed my back I felt sensation in my nips which is awesome. My drain is still in and still pulling out lots of ewwww so I don't think it's gonna come out anytime soon and I'm ok with that. I'd rather that stuff come out then swell up in my tummy. I've noticed a lot of fat in it the last few times I've drained it. Have any of u noticed headaches with certain meds? Hope everyone is healing well! Not sure if I have mentioned this yet but dr h took out over 1000 grams per boob!

Well Wednesday ill be 2 weeks post-op... I am...

Well Wednesday ill be 2 weeks post-op... I am doing ok. Pretty much off of pain meds completely besides regular Tylenol. Right now the issues I'm having are that my CG from my TT sometimes irritate the bottom of my boobs if it doesn't stay flipped down a little (not really a huge issue lol). My boobs are doing great the left drains a little and the right swells a little. Other than that there aren't any major issues. I love the shape and I'm iffy on the size. I'm worried about them being too big still but they are a good proportion for my body. My tummy is doing ok. I have a love hate relationship with my compression garment. I hate when I don't have it on and and I hate when I have it on lol. Ugh! I am fitting into my jeans very nicely even with the CG on so I'm excited to see with it off however I know I'm not ready to have it off. By mid-day to evening I'm definitely ready to go to bed my back is killing from making myself stand up straight but my husband says I'm trying to do too much too quick. I feel like I have an all new wardrobe now bc all my clothes fit and look so different! I luv it! But still want to go shopping for new stuff :)

Hope everyone is healing well or having less stress anticipating their upcoming surgeries.

I'm about 2.5 weeks post op now. I've gone without...

I'm about 2.5 weeks post op now. I've gone without pain meds a few days now and I guess I feel ok?!? My stomach isn't really bothering that much anymore however my boobs are driving me crazy I feel like the left one is draining more and more and they oth seem to be swelling a lot in the last few days.

My biggest frustration is not sleeping. I had to sleep on the couch for the first week or so now I'm in my bed which is really high so I have a chair next to my bed so I can get in bed but I still have to sit up against a bunch of pillows next to the head board. I tried to sleep flat one night and that was horrible. I just feel like I can't breath :( anyone else having these issues?

Also my steri strips are finally coming off! :)

So I haven't been on prescription meds for a few...

So I haven't been on prescription meds for a few days so I'm pretty sure that's not the colprate but I go from freezing to burning up in 2 seconds or less! When I say freezing my house is set to 70 degrees I'm sitting here in a fleece coat sweats and covered from head to toe in a blanket and still have chills but in a very short time I go from that to roasting like throwing blankets off stripping coats off to sweating and feeling like I need a shower. Anyone else???

So I had my 3 week post op last Friday everything...

So I had my 3 week post op last Friday everything went great! RN said to clean the scabs off and the remaining glue. She also removed all steri strips that were left. I must say I feel much better getting all of that crap off. However she said I need to massage my scars at least twice a day. Ok no big deal! Then she proceeded to push on my scars showing me how I'm suppose to do it...I just about come unglued! This hurt sooooo bad! It felt like she just punched me in the boobs! Is this what u all are doing???

So I have been back to work for two full weeks now...

So I have been back to work for two full weeks now (3-12hr shifts each). I have been swelling so much and my boobs hurt soooo bad! I am able to sleep laying down now. Mainly only on my right side but ill take it! All my scars are looking good. Kind of dark but I'm sure they'll lighten up eventually. I'm able to do a lot more with my baby now. Still can't pick him up but can cuddle and all the other good stuff. I am over the sports bras. Ready to be in a regular bra. I am still in the same size of clothes as pre-surgery just fitting in them sooooo much better! My mom and sister keep hounding me about my weight wanting to know how much I've gone done. I'm the fat sister and my husband says she's worried ill be smaller...oh well! The only issue I'm having with my actual surgery is the end of my incision from my TT. It sticks out really far and I think it looks horrible. I'm sure they will hv to fix it at some point. Ill post a pic...hope everyone is doing well.

Well I'm officially 9 weeks post op today...

Well I'm officially 9 weeks post op today (01-02-2013) I feel great! I still have some tenderness in my stomach and have to have a compression garment on at all times. I am noticing more swelling now then right after surgery but its manageable. I am able to sleep flat now and on my sides and feel much better in my clothes. Definitely well worth it! Would do it over again any day of the week!!!!

So I am 10 weeks post op today and I'm doing...

So I am 10 weeks post op today and I'm doing pretty good. Doc said last Thursday I was cleared for regular bras and no more compression on my stomach. So I took it off right then and haven't put it back on! I have noticed major swelling as well as some new bruising around my incisions. My incisions seem to be healing very well. Mainly on my boobs the incisions are very light but on the sides of my boobs and my TT incision is very red. Dr said this was probably because I am so pale and fair skinned. Really hoping they get MUUUCH lighter! I am back to work 48 hrs and at full duties. I feel sore like I was in a car accident but other than that all is well. I couldn't be happier with my results so far. Can't wait to see them in 6 months. :)

Today I am 19 weeks post op. I love my boobs. I do...

Today I am 19 weeks post op. I love my boobs. I do wish size wise they were smaller just because its still hard to find DDD. But I am happy with them.

I'm happy with my stomach for the most part but I feel like the sides stick out really bad (love handles) the RN showed me my pre op pictures and pointed out that I'm the same shape but I guess I just felt like that would have looked better too :( I'm continuing to work out and doing my wraps wich seem to really help but they need a lot of helping so hopefully it'll get down to my goal. My pants size really didn't change at all which I also thought would. But maybe after I get these love handles under control we'll see... Hope everyone is doing well!
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