1200cc Removed, Lower Abs/Muffin Top: 6 Days Post Op Experience - Indianapolis, IN

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I workout 4-5 times a week. I had a few stubborn...

I workout 4-5 times a week. I had a few stubborn areas, namely, lower stomach pooch and muffin top. During my consult with my doctor, I asked him if these areas could be lipo'd or if it was (mainly on my stomach) visceral fat, which will only go away with diet and exercise. He examined me and assured me that it was subcutaneous.

Day 1
Pain is not that bad the first hours after surgery b/c of the drugs still in my system. After they wore off later that night, my pain went from a 1 to a 5 in a couple of minutes. Still, a 5 was less than what I was expecting. Getting up, laying down, getting comfortable was difficult. My drainage looked like blood. It was bright red. I had stitches on both sides, so no drainage there, but the front two incisions were left open. I only drained for the first day, after that it was light spotting. I went through an entire roll of paper towels (when I would stand it would just run down my legs, I was not pressing paper towels to my incisions) and soaked through my shorts. I was given general anesthesia. For anyone reading this who has not undergone surgery, research side effects for the type of anesthesia you are to undergo. I wish I would have asked more questions about this. I developed breathing complications and thought it was from the actual surgery when it was actually from the type of anesthesia I received. Took it very easy. Had about 3 liters of water and some crackers. I had no nausea but also, no appetite. I did not see my 1st day results b/c I followed the instructions not to remove my compression garment until my first post op visit 3 days later. Took it very easy. Slept.

Day 2
Could not get in a comfortable position to sleep. Woke up vey stiff. Still, no appetite. Could not tell what my results were through the garment. I walked around a lot more on this day. In fact, I was instructed to go on hour long walks and wanting to follow the instructions to the ltter I did so. when I returned home, it looked like all the residual fluid collected in my vagina area (gravity.) On day one, I was regular flesh color and no swelling in that area. I became very alarmed when on a trip to the bathroom I noticed extreme swelling, bruising and discoloration (dark purple.)
Sorry, but I wished someone would have told me to expect this, so there you go. Also, things to look up, edema/seroma, hematoma. Know the difference, the signs and ask your doctor how he treats these.

Day 3- 1st post op visit - first look
Mobility an dpain gets vetter with every day. I do think that moving around helped me later. Doctor saw me first and expressed his pleasure at the very little amount of swelling. As soon as I sat up I felt faint and had difficulty breathing. I had extreme shortness of breath. It had nothing to do with pain. My breath was shallow. When I was flat again, it was easier to breath. Also, when I was tightly wrapped in the compression garment, it was easier to breath. Through conversation, my dr said this was a side effect of the general anesthesia. At this time, my dr also expressed that I was not "that swollen." This was discouraging b/c from first glance, I cuold not tell a difference between my before and after. The dr. further suggested that I try an ultrsound. However, do to the state of my vagina, the first appearance of my body and breathing difficulties, I just wanted to go home.

Day 4-
Still walking an hour a day, very moble. Still not in a condition to go to work, but not in bad shape either. Finally, an apetite. Still, I was on a strict post-op diet. So it was nothing but salad. I began to monitor my results. I still looked no different that before. Good note- My bruises were fading.

Day 5- back at work - it was hard but not that bad
Going to the bathroom was hard. I purchased an additional compression garment which my dr approved of. No pain but a new sensation of pressure on the front of my abds. Received very sharp pains when I tried to lift anything too heavy.

Day 6- dr visit again
This is where I am now. He told me that I have very minimal swelling, that I can remove the CG and just put it on when I'm ready for bed. I am starting to feel the tissue harden under my skin. It is also VERY numb. I started to "massage" the are when I got home with a clean rolling pin. Area is not brusid at all but is still very hard. Now my concerns are triple. To add to the lack of result, my abs are now hard and numb.

I dont know if it was worht it yet. I was optimistic until my dr told me that I was not realy swollen and what I was seeing was very close to my final result and what I should expect. Also, my waist size has not changed, not one cm. I was told that 1200 cc was removed and considering I had small areas lipo'd, I should be able to see a difference. I know I should wait 6 weeks but my operating doctor's words have discouraged me. Any one else experience anything like this?

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