Upper Lids with TCA 35% Chemical Peel. Indianapolis, IN

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I am a 38 year old mom of two and am looking to...

I am a 38 year old mom of two and am looking to refresh my tired looking eyes! I decided to have an upper bleph rather than a browlift because I want to refresh my eyes, not change them. Also, I'm kind of a chicken when it comes to peeling off my forehead to lift the brows...
To address the wrinkles under my eyes a chemical peel was suggested. I decided to have the entire face done with a 35% TCA chemical peel. I have a very fair complection and have some mild rosacea. At this point I am thinking what on earth did I get myself into?! Hoping this peel won't keep me pink for too long or worse scar or give me worse wrinkles... Lots of horror stories on the Internet...Wish me luck Realselfers! My surgery and peel are scheduled on Dec 26!

Countdown is on

Going in the day after surgery! Getting nervous!! I hope this surgery will not change the way I look but give me back a nice crease and get rid off the excess skin without making me look hollow. I didnt talk toy PS about what "look" I want.. Not sure you do that with upper lid surgery! Not like a boob job... Lol
Anyhow, all prescriptions are filled and I just want this to be done with at this time as I have been thinking about this waaay too much and for too long. I hope it will be worth it in the end with no regrets!! Wish me luck! Xoxo

Did it!

Procedure took 45 minutes and was done under local. I felt no pain and was fully awake. The worst was the chemical peel around my eyes! It burned for about three minutes then got better.

Day 2 Upper Bleph and TCA 45% peel

Still lots of swelling. Slept with my head elevated and been eating pineapple for swelling. Also taking arnica and bromelain. My husband and kids are super supportive which is very nice. I feel great. Have not needed any pain medication since surgery. Trying to ice as much as possible and downloaded an audio book on my iPhone, which helps while I have to ice. Hope the swelling goes down soon. Little concerned about the skin flap on my right eye. Hope they will turn out even. Hard to tell at this point. The peel isn't bothersome other than all the aquaphor I have to keep on it. I'm sure it is contributing to my swelling as well.

2 days postop

Not much improvement. Still lots of swelling along my eyelids.


Yikes! I sure am looking beat up! Thank goodness for hats and sunglasses! Lol

Day 4

Swelling going down slowly. The skin around my eyes has still not peeled but is starting to look more like raccoon eyes. I am feeling great and took the kids out for an outing today.

Upper bleph with TCA 35% peel 6 days postop

Swelling is getting better on my right eye. Still looks like there may be some pptosis but hoping it is due to swelling. Feeling great! No pain, still sleeping elevated and eating a pineapple a day in the form of a smoothie. Getting my stitches out tomorrow! Woohoo! Skin is finally staring to peel above my right eye from the peel as well.

7 days Postop

Went to my PS today for my 1 week follow up. Stitches came out and all restrictions were lifted! I have been instructed to only use cetaphil wash and lotion on my face for the next two weeks but am allowed to wear makeup. My incisions and lids are still very bumpy so can't really see myself wearing eyeshadow yet. However, it's nice to wear mascara again!! I will go back in two weeks for my three week checkup. I was told to not wear contact lenses for another week. My skin has finally peeled around my eyes. It's a bit red still but looks so smooth! Overall, I'm pretty happy with the results and just need to heal now! Here is a picture with a bit of mascara! I need to be careful with the skin around my eyes and not expose it to sunlight (wear sunglasses) as I cannot wear sunscreen on my sensitive skin just yet. Hoping the bruising on top of my eyelids disappears quickly And the incision lines smoothing down soon! Anyone have any advise on a good sunscreen that can be used without irritating the chemically peeled skin, Lmk!


Quick picture to show the transformation!! Love it! Notice the under eye wrinkles have been completely eradicated by the chemical peel!

12 day postop picture

I took this picture on Wednesday. I am so happy I did this surgery! I look so much more awake! My scars are improving slowly. They are not noticeable unless I close my eyes. I am going in for my three week checkup on Wednesday. I have not started to work out yet but am planning on doing so next week. I will start with running a few miles on the treadmill before going to heavier exercises. I was at a party last night and had a few drinks and my eyes are sooo swollen today! Yikes!! Definitely won't do that again! Ugh! Hangovers are no fun! Especially when they show up on your face! Lol

5 weeks Post eyelid and chemical peel

I LOVE my results! So happy I did this surgery!! My scars are healing beautifully and my eyes look so much more alert! I still have some swelling if I eat lots of salt or have some alcohol but it goes away during the course of the day. I am working out again and feel back to my old self.

5 weeks

Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr Winslow and her entire staff has been extremely pleasant. I had consulted her about my eyes three years ago and been to a few more consults since then. What I liked about her is that she has books upon books of before and after pictures which testify to her amazing abilities. I am so glad I ultimately chose her for this procedure. She does not try to upsell unnecessary procedures and is extremely down to earth. Her staff is professional, warm and welcoming and make you feel at ease!

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