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I am scheduled to have a breast reduction soon,...

I am scheduled to have a breast reduction soon, however I am having a TT 3 weeks prior. I would have them done at the same time and by the same PS however my insurance is paying for the breast reduction, and my PS for the TT is not in my network. Anyway, I really enjoy this site. It gives me such hope. I am having mixed feelings about having smaller breast. I know that my breast are big, no gigantic 38G, and my back, neck, shoulders need a break. My problem is that I want my breast to be smaller, but I am afraid that I will look awkward because big breast are all that I know.

getting ready for my big day

I am having surgery next week and I am filled with many emotions, however I have given it to God and I do fine until I take it back. I will post before pictures shortly. Thank you all for your stories and advice. I feel that I am ready.

Feeling Good

I am a week post op for my breast reduction. I was, I believe a 39G but now that I look at how gigantic my breast are, I may have been bigger. I had my breast surgery on October 31, so I really did have Frankenstein boobies. I can remember everything that happened before the surgery. I got the hospital at 6am. My surgery was scheduled for 8am. I remember getting prep, and getting my IV. I remember seeing my PS before the surgery, and being transported to the surgery room. Then I remember waking up with severe nausea. The first thing I did after waking up from surgery is look down for my breast. They were gone. Initially, I was alarmed because I believed that he had taken way too much. All night between the horrible nausea and the medication, I kept thinking that I had made a mistake. I also was told by my doctor that I would probably be a 38B. The next day, the nurse came in to change my bandages and I still thought that I was too flat, however she assured me that I was not flat at all and that it would take a while to become use to my new breast. When I first all the stitches and the skin that sat underneath my breast, I said to myself that I should have kept what I had. However, now I wish that I had taken off a little more. I have seen my PS twice since surgery. My first visit, he did not removed my drains and had me come back a few day later and then he removed them. I am feeling so much better today, and although I am still sore, I stopped taking pain meds regularly a few days after coming home. The last time I took them was because I thought that having the drains removed would be too much, but I did not feel a thing. I am schedule to see my PS next week to have my stitches removed. I was warned that this may be unpleasant, so I may double up on pain pills before that visit. I just want everyone to know that I am happy, healing wonderfully, and I love, love, love my new breast. They make me look so little. It's amazing and I would do it again. I believe that a total of 4lbs was removed. Take care everyone.

checking in

Hello everyone,

Today, I am feeling better. Although I am still sore and stiff in the mornings. I am almost 3 weeks post op. The last time I posted I was afraid because I was going to have my stitches removed. Well, let me tell you, it was not fun. There were actual moments that I wanted to cry out. The nurse who removed them said that my doctor tightened them really well. At any rate, I was told that I needed to still take things slowly and that he suggested that I still watch all activity. I ask if I could resume some form of exercise and he stated "no." So, I am a little bummed out about that. I also have some discoloration around my right areola. This concerned me, but when I talked with my PS about it, he reported that this is normal and that the color would come back. It looks a crazy, but all and all I am way satisfied with my results. however If I am to be honest, I wish now that I would have went down a little smaller. However, I love my new boobies, and I am stoked that I can go braless. The one thing that I notice is that although my breast are a lot smaller, I am still getting use to having smaller breast. I still sometimes hold myself up like they are still large. At any rate, I am not in regular bras yet but I cannot wait to purchase new ones. I am currently wearing sports bras by Enell. I have two and I swap them out. They are pricey but they are good and since my wounds are healing, they are more comfortable since everything that I tried on seemed to cut into the incisions under my breast. This week, I have stopped putting gauge on my nipples and on my incisions. After the stitches were removed, I was still very sore, and I notice some infection in my right breast so I replaced the Bacitracin with Neosporin. Now that my wounds do not hurt as much, and my nipple seems to be healing, I will begin scar repair. For that I will use Vitamin capsules and cocoa butter. I hope that everyone is doing well and good luck to all the ladies who are next in line. I promise you, you will not regret this surgery. I haven't. Should have done it years ago. Take care
Dr. Southern

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