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I had my reduction 12/11/12. I wore between a...

I had my reduction 12/11/12. I wore between a 36ddd (f) and a 36dddd (g). It depended on the bra. I had normal large breasts before gaining weight with pregnancy and breastfeeding a year. Lost all the weight, but the breasts were still large and stretched out.

I've had the typical symptoms: neck/shoulder/upper back pain, rashes, poor posture, problems finding clothes and bras to fit. I had a consult with a ps in February. They talked to me, took pictures and measurements, and told me I was a good candidate. I was told by the office that insurance would want more documentation. I then saw my family doctor, who referred me to physical therapy just to get more documentation.

Fast forward a few months. I was denied by insurance because they didn't have any photos or my ps clinic note. I had them re-sent with everything else, and finally got approved in September! Surgery was scheduled Dec. 4. I was then told in November that my surgeion would be out and they were re-scheduling to Dec. 11. Not bad. Pre-op appointment was fine. Day of surgery, I had to be there 2 hours early. It went by fast. I got registered, and must have told 7 people my medical history and medications. lol They got my IV started, and spent about 25 minutes drawing all over my chest. Some of that was painful, the way they were pulling and stretching, etc. I was walked back to the OR, stated my name and procedure, put on the table, and strapped down. They were playin Bon Jovi. :) Gave me something in the IV to relax me. A few minutes later told me they were going to put me to sleep, and said the medication would burn. It did sting a little. Next thing I know, I'm waking up in recovery blurry-eyed and had to pee! I couldn't get up so I used a bed pain. Got some nausea medicine and something for pain. Was then taken to the unit I stayed on overnight. I knew ahead my doctor wanted me there for a night for observation.

I'm a nurse, and stayed on the unit I work on. :) I felt immedicate relief from the pressure on my neck and shoulders. I had peeked at my breasts in post-op because I was dying to see them, so she let me look. I was supposed to have 2 drains, but they ended up not needing them! Yay! Pain wasn't bad the first day, but did have some drainage which was expected. The next morning I went home. That day and the third day were the worst for pain. Each day has gotten better, I have bad times but mostly feel ok. I get wiped out easy. I don't know if there are any dissolvable stitiches in, but there is just dermabond (surgical glue) on the incisions. I have the anchors. They took 517 grams off the left, and 676 off the right. I'm aiming for full C. I wanted to be fuller to allow for a 10-15 lb. weight loss. I have loved the new boobs from day 1! :) They're up high, small areolas, round and perky. I alternate between ace wrap, surgical bra, and genie bras. Sometimes I want comfort and sometimes I want more support. Bruises are healing well, but I'm still a bit swollen. My shirts look different, and I can't wait to go shop at Victoria's Secret! No more paying $60 for a black, beige, or white bra!! I took some before pictures in a bra, and can't believe them now looking back. I will post them after I am well enough to take some after pics. I'm on here alot lately asking questions, and will answer any I can for you! Will post cost after I see what my portion of the bill is.

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