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First I just want to thank all of you ladies for...

First I just want to thank all of you ladies for sharing your experiences. I have read so many of your reviews and it's really helpful to hear what to expect from people who have been through it already.

I'm 5'11", 195 lbs, DDD. I've been considering breast reduction for years. When I was 22 years old I saw a doctor for neck/trap pain and that was the first time I had a doctor tell me that it was common for women with large breasts. So 18 years later I am finally doing it.

Health insurance approval was super easy. I just went to my primary care physician and told her I have been having neck/shoulder/back pain for most of my adult life and that I have tried over the counter medications, wear bras with wide straps, do yoga, but nothing helps and asked her if she thought breast reduction would help me. She said absolutely and wrote me a referral to a PS. I had the consultation with the PS and she submitted her note and the note from my doc to my health insurance and two weeks later I was approved.

I made the HUGE mistake of watching a video online of the procedure. Jeeez! That was kind of horrifying! Having the doctor explain it to you is one thing but actually seeing it is quite another.

My husband has been very unsupportive. He hasn't wanted to hear anything about the surgery or wanted anything to do with it at all. So last night we had a big blow up and I told him he better find a way to get happy and supportive about it because it is happening and I'm scared and self conscious enough without having him against me on it. So we'll see how that goes....

I am concerned about what size I will end up. Since I am so tall I don't want to end up too small and look out of proportion. My PS said everyone always wants to be a C so she pretty much makes everyone a C unless they tell her otherwise. That seems small for me but maybe then again I think my perspective is skewed from always smashing myself down with minimizer bras. I'm not sure I really know what a C would be so I don't really know what size I want to be. I would love to hear if anyone has info on how you decided that?

48 hours post op

Still pretty painful but not as bad as I expected. I'm very bruised and using Arnica gel 3 times a day. Fortunately my husband has come around and he's been taking great care of me

Can't wait to take a shower!

Doc said I can shower on the third day so sometime later today I will finally be able to do so as long as I keep my back to the water and don't overdo anything. My mom is going to come wash my hair thank goodness! The pain is getting better all the time and now is really only there when I go from lying to sitting to standing.

8 days post op

Feeling really good but a little concerned that my right nipple looks a little strange. I go for my first post op visit tomorrow.

Seems like if it can go wrong it did

My right nipple is still basically disfigured. My PS's response was that insurance paid for this to improve my back pain, not to make my nipples look the same. My left breast is significantly larger than the right, just like it was prior to the surgery and she said she would correct. I got a blood clot and was given the wrong medication, to which my PS said "That's not my problem, I'm a plastic surgeon, not a vascular surgeon." Now I get to spend $20 per day for medication for that for at least the next six months. As far as the end result for how my breasts will look, it's too soon to tell. But as far at treatment of her patients, I suggest you find another doctor.


Had to update with photos of the FIRST EVER button up shirt I have ever owned that I don't have to safety pin in the middle, and the awesome red dress that is 4 sizes smaller than what i wore prior to my surgery.

Absolutely find another doctor unless you have good insurance that will cover the procedure

I just got the EOB's from my health insurance company. Total cost for the surgery $34,428. Total amount my insurance paid $17,169. Fortunately for me, I had already met my out of pocket max for the year so it cost me nothing but this is much, much higher than what I have been told others charge.

It fits! Oh happy day!

I ordered this swimsuit from Victoria's Secret the day my surgery was scheduled, hoping I would be able to wear it on my trip to Mexico at the end of January. I am 40 years old and this is the first time in my life I have been able to wear a swimsuit I didn't have to order from some "large busted" ladies shop. If this DVT I got interferes with my trip to Mexico, I will be furious!!!

Painful incision areas

I've updated with the photos of where my incisions are so painful and I have tried everything I can think of. Any ideas would be appreciated. I am not having any of the dryness or itching I've seen others complain of.

Infection? Wound separation

Here are the pics of why PS said my sutures have to be further removed

The final product (10 months post-op)

I thought I would give an update since so many followed my journey and the troubles I had. All in all, I would have to change my initial opinion and say it was indeed worth it. The main reason I say that is because the constant headaches and migraines I used to have are nearly completely gone. I had the surgery for back pain so the migraine relief is a happy accident. My doctor said all that weight pulling on my neck made an incredible difference.

As far as the look, I am still lopsided but not so much that I would want to have a revision and I'm very happy with how my scars have healed, considering all the trouble I had with the wounds. My right nipple is still a bit misshapen but it has either improved or I've just gotten used to it. I have zero feeling in my left nipple and my right one is overly sensitive to the point of painful.

I don't know why the photos want to post upside down. Sorry!!!

In regard to the blood clot I got after surgery, it was later found that I have a genetic blood clotting disorder that makes me more prone to blood clots so that isn't something most people should have to worry about.
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