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Its just swelling, its just swelling. That's what...

Its just swelling, its just swelling. That's what I keep telling myself. I'm writing this with hopes of helping others. I know reading similar stories helped me be prepared and not completley freak out like I would have otherwise. Ok so I'm 20 hours post op. I had saline implants inserted under the muscle. I also had scar revision from a previous anchor lift that left residual areola tissue. I am 110 lbs and was given pain meds on a empty stomach. Huge mistake! Nausea out weighed any pain. I switched to 2 tylenol and 1/2 valuim this worked wonders. My pain is about a 3-4. After sleeping awhile I woke up with about a 7-8 pain so I grabbed my ice pack and took 1/2 each of the norco and valuim. It is helping with no nausea. I will post 10 hour post ops because the though of undressing right now is unbearable. The swelling has increased since the 10 hour photos though.
Im concerned the DR used to many cc's. I wanted to stay in the 325-375 range but he used 425!! Anyone else have this problem? If so how did it work out? Best of luck to all and hope this helps someone. More updates soon...

2 days post op

Still swollen and wish morning boob would end. Started the massages today and it was unpleasant with the vertical sutures. Wouldn't ya know that there would be redness around the sutures on a Sunday when the PS office is closed. My areola look very deformed but I'm really hoping they round out and smooth out once the swelling goes down.

4 days post op

Just thought id update everything and add pictures...

Just thought id update everything and add pictures of my un progressive progress. I added befores too so you could see the residual areola tissue that was left behind after my lift from 11 years ago. 5 days and so swollen and still super high. Went in for my first follow up today. My MD reassured me that it will get better. Im not going to be huge. He states that I just have a small frame so I have more swelling. Once things settle my areola should round out more and I will be happy. Fingers crossed....

?Photos of post op - 16 days.

Photos of post op - 16 days. 425 saline unders. Still have good days and bad. I feel like they are still super high. Doing the massages religiously. The right is still way bigger and higher. I go for a follow up on the 23rd. Thinking i may ask about wearing a band. Some slight progress I think???? Just wish I could picture the final result or at least what to expect

After years of dealing with residual areola tissue ...

After years of dealing with residual areola tissue after a breast lift I decided to go for it and have it removed. While I was at it I thought if I'm gonna do this I might as well go for it and get implants as well. After living will ugly boobs for over 20 years I wanted to have pretty ones. I'm almost 1 month post op and if you ask me still riding super high. I'm so ready for the dripping and fluffing to start. I've had some issues with adhesive bandages breaking me out and causing sores so I still look all scabby and gross on top of square high ridingness. I've added pictures so other discouraged ladies can see they are not alone. Happy healing!


Hope the pictures show up this time

30 days post op

1 month photos

5 weeks post op

5 weeks post op 425cc saline unders with scar revision

before to 5 weeks

Thought id add some photos from before to today to see the progress

6 weeks

Getting there. Slowly but their getting there. I don't always cringe when I see them now haha.

7 weeks post op

Not much change this week.
425 saline under the muscle.

7 week vertical scar update

A little over 7 week post op vertical incision scar. Compared to the residual areola tissue this is nothing. Just like everything else the right does not look as good as the left. I know, I know be patient it takes time.

8 weeks

8 weeks post op. Slowly getting there.

9 weeks

9 weeks post op. Not much change this week.

10 weeks

10 weeks post op. Still no change. So discouraged

11 weeks

Ugh maybe a millimeter change in the right. It is also a very different shape than the left. I really hope they even out. I'm not looking forward to having to have a revision if they don't start matching up. I've been having some issues with spitting sutures so my vertical incisions look very red in spots.

12 weeks

No change again :/

i think i need a revision.

15 weeks post op. Pretty sure I'm gonna need a revision :( My right implant is still high and shaped different than the left. When i lift anything or raise my arm the implant moves up too.
Anyone else had this problem? How was your recovery from the revision compared to the original surgery?

6 months post

Well i am 6 months post op and my Right breast still has not dropped. I actually think it's getting worse. Maybe a slight CC? I go for my follow up this week I plan on discussing a revision and scar touch up. I really hope this isn't going to cost a fortune. So frustrating I have already spent so much. I have added monthly photos. Wish me luck and happy healing ladies.

revision scheduled

Just got back from my 6 month follow up appointment. My revision to lower the right implant and scar touch ups is scheduled for April 17th!! Im so excited to get this resolved... it's been a long six months. I will update after. Happy healing ladies

revision recovery???

Can any of you ladies share your revision recovery stories with me? I'm only having a pocket revision on the right with scar touch ups on both. I am having a hard time finding any reviews that do not involve going bigger or switching to silicone. How was your swelling ect..? Thanks!

27 weeks post op. revision tomorrow 4/17/15

For all the ladies like me that still cant buy regular bras yet I found a wonderful bra i wanted to share also. It's not underwire but gives the support like one. I've added a picture. You can find it on amazon. My revision is tomorrow for high right implant and scar touch up. Fingers crossed :)

pictures didn't post :/

revision is done

All done and on our way home. I feel sooo much better this time. No nausea which is wonderful! I have to keep my surgical bra on for 2 days so im sorry i wont be able to post pics till then.

revision pictures

Sorry ladies this is the best i could get for today. Having tape issues again grrr. Also i have a few spots that want to bleed a little so i just applied tons of vaseline and cut a maxi pad in half and put it in my surgical bra. Dont judge it's working hahaha. 2 days post op revision

1 week post revision

Well tape hates me and so do sutures now. I have had a rough time with stitches. My skin is so irritated. Still a little swollen but that is getting better. Sorry about all the steri strips and itritated red skin but heres a 1 week post revision pic. Hope everyone is well.


Before and 1 week after

revision roller coaster

Well apparently you go through the roller coaster of emotions after a revision too!! Sorry i haven't been posting updates or pics but this one spot is just causing me so much trouble :(
If i could just get it to even start to heal I'd be so happy. My right breast feels better and it looks better compared to what i had. I cant enjoy it though lol. I'm so busy changing dressings and cleaning the wound and upset about the non stop draining. I haven't been able to sleep very well because im so worried about leaking everywhere haha. I work 3rd shift also so my sleep is screwy anyways. My left side (tattooed side) looks so good. He only revised the vertical scar on that side. In another month or so it will be very hard to even see the scar!!! My right side.. the troublesome, high,and needed scar tissue removal boob well those scars are gonna have to be good enough cause im not doing any of this again. Fingers crossed everyone that that spot starts to heal up and quits ruining my days. Frustrated but trying to stay positive. Happy healing girls and i promise i will try to update pictures soon.

graphic pics not for the faint of heart!!

Ok i am gonna be brave and show pics of the wound. Its pretty gruesome so beware. Dr states healing and improvment. NO implant exposure :D. I'm off work for awhile though. I'm a worker so this sucks but i gotta heal. This is gonna take a long time to close up.

few days shy of 4 weeks post revision

Revision for high right implant and scar touchups on both. Still pretty swollen due to that wound issue. Just wanted to add a uodated pic.

follow up appt 5/19/15

Just a update...My ps states the hole is getting smaller and no exposure. I just need to stop looking at it because i have meltdowns. I hate meds but i actually requested a refill on the valuim to help keep me from losing it. I will be continuing antibiotics for probably another month ugh.
The butt groove on my couch is becoming ridiculous lol. I hate sitting still! sooo ready to heal and get back to normal and to work. I'm doing what I'm told though and taking it easy. Weekly 1 hour drive each way appointments for now. I will post anything new if it comes up. Happy healing ladies!!

5 weeks and a few days post revision

Just a updated pic. If that spot underneath would heal i would be super happy! Vertical scars look great. Even though the one's higher (the one that had all the work done)... it is 8 months behind so it will catch up...i hope

pic update

A little over 6 weeks post revision and wound progress. Im just gonna have to deal with tape issues because that seems to be helping it the most. I know righty looks high but it is very swollen yet and the tape holds it up. Right now i can do no downward massages because of that open spot. Hapyy healing girls.

grapic pics!! wound and revision update

Sorry i havent been on for awhile. Im getting better but it has been a long slow process. Im adding the open wound pics so you can see the progress. It has been almost 2 months since the incision opened up. This is taking forever :(


Wound update

no words

Well if we dont start seeing improvment with the open wound in the next 2 weeks my ps may have to explant. I am devistated and have been sick to my stomach along with crying since my appointment yesterday. I have spent so much money already and now if i have to explant i have to pay hospital and OR fees. Walk around for 6-8 months with one saggy boob then pay again to have another implant put in. Everything was getting better and then it just stopped. Absolutley heartbroken.

explant scheduled

Well its time to just accept it. My explant is scheduled for this Wednesday 7/8/15. I've decided to explant both because i cant afford to reaugment after i heal. I hate that i wasted all my money but it has become apparent that my body doesn't want the implants in me. I will keep you all posted.

explant over

Just got home. Feeling groogy but good. Pain level is about a 3/4. I have 1 drain in place and i can tell it is going to be a blast lol. Well i peeked a little and hummm they are very saggy but hopefully they will start to tighten back up soon. I am very glad they are out though. I didn't realize how heavy they were!! I feel light as a feather now. I will update more tomorrow or the next day. Happy healing ladies

4 days post explant

Just wanted to update. I am feeling good physically. I think my left breast is fluffing up some but righty the troubelsome breast not so much. I have a drain on that side so I'm hoping that's the issue. Also righty is sitting up higher??? Hoping the drain is causing that issue too. I will say that i feel smaller than what i was pre implant but again just hoping that things bounce back. I want to add pics but i want to wait till the drain is removed. It looks kinda scary with it in. I want to thank all of you for your support and kind words. I'd be lost without you guys. Happy healing ladies :)

1 week post explant

Finally brave enough to post pics. My right breast is still high. Hoping it will start to come down more now that the drain tube is out. O and i didnt feel a thing when they took it out either.
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