40% Glycolic Acid Peel for Sun Damage and Pores - Indianapolis, IN

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I've done some 25% TCA peels on my nose, chin, and...

I've done some 25% TCA peels on my nose, chin, and forehead with good results. It was too intense for my sensitive cheeks. Plus I didn't have the down time to have giant scabs on my face while it heals. After recommendations and reading a bit I thought I'd try glycolic acid. At 35 my face was looking tired and I started to have wrinkles and sun spots. I made the decision to commit myself to sunscreen and shade!
So I bought mine from Amazon, it's by skin obsession. I applied to squeaky clean skin with my nylon fan brush. I started lightly. The goal is 8-10 min. No problem with the stinging after a few min. I was used to it, but had my blow dryer on cold setting handy. However the skin on my cheekbones started to look like it might blister so I neutralized the peel after only 5 min. The rest of the night it was red and stinging. The next day my cheeks were slightly stabbed. The rest of my face has a slightly rougher texture than normal. Nothing noticeable. I'm on day 2. I'm washing with just water and using a delicate brush on my Clarisonic, avoiding all scabs. I have acne prone skin but not using any products at this time. My skin is oily enough not to need moisturizer.

day 4

My skin has been slowly shedding. Its healing very quickly. Its still a bit crusty around my cheekbones which were the most sensitive area. I think for someone who has just the upper layer of skin to exfoliate and remove, this would be great. However, I realize that I will have to stick with the TCA peels if I want the results I'm after. But I'll wait a few more days and judge the final result. My skin is more pink than usual but the issues of sun spots and enlarged pores remain. I will say that I have GIANT Pores, so not much is going to help me there.

2nd go with glycolic acid 40%

I was able to leave it on longer this time. This go I've noticed a lightening of dark spots and improved texture. I've got a long way to go. I will say with this peel there is less recovery time. I can stick with my normal skincare routine after 2 days. I tend to get cystic acne and breakouts while healing from TCA peels!
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