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I have been contemplating this surgery for some...

I have been contemplating this surgery for some years and in 2013 I did my breast and I said I'd do my butt next since my breast implants made me feel so great about myself I want to be able to fill out my pants and not think I have a butt but know I have one I tried to butt pads but that made me so self conscious it only lasted a day. So I booked my surgery on 2/9/15 and the count down begins I went to my consult last Tuesday and I talked about all 4 surgery's I could have since I don't have enough fat to get me where I want to be I'm looking into subfascial implants at 500-713cc that's the last piece of the puzzle I want a jlo or kiesha Cole butt. I'm so nervous and my family is talking mess about me having this surgery calling me fake but the way I see it if I have the $ why not make myself happy...they were blessed with big bootys ...any who what all should I get before hand what the best clothing to purchase and the meds to get

9 days left

Its so real now I received my prescriptions in the mail Friday and making the hotel arrangements omg what can I do to keep my nerves under control

7days and a few hours

It still feels unreal I've started taking the arnica Montana supplements and vitiman c pills like the doctor directed. I'm still nervous and unsure of what clothing to buy for after my surgery can anyone help?

5 days left

I feel like I'm forgetting something hotel is booked and paid for my mom is taking care if my children for 2weeks while I recover work off from work approved meds filled/picked up clothes have not been bought u think stretchy clothes for now though what should I get?

I leave tmr for Indy

Wow I leave tmr for Indianapolis to enjoy a day to myself before surgery. I'm excited and scared I have pain pills filled kids clothes packed my bag still in limbo what do you guys suggest I pack?


Surgery went well I have little to no pain I am taking the pain meds but just 1 the surgery staff was so nice and sweet they explained things and talked with my helpers during the process keeping them updated I told the doctor to go proportioned to my body we had agreed on 548&712 cc:s but I wanted it to look natural so he put in 450cc's (thats all he could fit)I can't wait to get things taken off ....I'm not in much pain yet I took one meds since getting him

before after pictures

Here are my before pics I'm so glad I made this decision

after and before

I can't wait to see the results with the garments off I'm super excited good luck to all you ladies

2 days post op

So its been 2 days since my surgery and I'm a little more swollen my butt hurts from the swelling/ pressure but its still tolerable. I must say my butt looks great I showered today also that was pretty simple. I had to get my antibiotics switched because i was having an allergic reaction to them. The Dr nurses checked in on me yesterday and asked how I was doing. I have my follow up appt next Friday with Dr. Eppely to take my drains out if I don't get them out before then but I'm taking my time on that. I have to take it easy that's forsure. But I am still overall happy can't wait to see results in some sezy jeans or leggings.

4 days after

Well things are still going well but my butt is still hard and keeps getting a crease or don't at the bottom where the implant is I don't know if it will go away for good or is it just from the garment I'm moving a little better but scared to do too much. I took off the garmet to take my 2nd shower and the drains scared the shit out of me lol they are just there. Didn't realize that the 1st time guess I was really medixated.... I'm still like the results besides the things that are still unknown I hope they soften up a lot more before I go back to work in a week and a half....my follow up is friday something's can get answered and figured out

a week tmr

My how time flies so I couldn't wait to get the drains out I started playing dress up last night and I must say my clothes look awesome w my new behind theres actually. Curve back there although I'm still stiff in the mornings and I feel like I did a million squats I'm moving well pain isn't that has either I'm starting to take regular pain meds and I've stopped itching from the antibiotic finally lol ladies I can't wait to get my drains out and get dressed up....super excited


so I walked around today for a bit and also got up the courage To sit not directly on my implants But more on my thighs it felt weird but it was okay with a hard surface.... Week tmr though

my 1st follow up appointment

On my way to get drains out hopefully geesh its been a week and 2 days w these annoying things in I can't wait to have a few questions answered either. But on a good note I am not taking the over the counter pain meds and things are starting to get easier for me bending I sat a little bit w a pillow under me for the drive to his office then I had to sit on my hip lolstill feels weird .. But I'm excited to buy new clothes especially jeans I can't fit any of my old ones how crazy in that my miss me's are truly missing me lol but hey its what I wanted right...... Well will update you after the appt ladies all smiles

follow up appt done

Follow up went well says everything looks great took my drains out which hurt btw and I have been sitting its uncomfortable still and hurts some he told me I have to wait 6 weeks to be out of the woods for seroma but everything looks great clothing pics to come yayyyy

first night wo drains

Felt great to shower with no restrictions but I can't wait for things to settle I feel like they are still high which leaves an unever or flat look at the bottom of my butt.

im happpy

Victoria secret is about to be my best friend lol everything is going ok butt feels tight at times but I'm on regular pain meds anything to help w that feeling

got out the house

My but has been feeling tight lately I am able to sit as long as majority of the weight is on my thighs I am still unable to wear pants it still feels awkward so sports/workout gear has been my best friend. I also got out of the house and dresses up my butt looked lovely ladies I must say although its still hard at the top I kind of worried what if someone tried to touch me( I snapped before I am really going to snap now)... Anyone else have that worry

loving the new me

I feel so much better about myself I can wear things I never thought of and feel confident about it I'm so happy I made this choice for myself despite the negative people in my life I wouldn't change this for the world

one year down

hey everyone I'm just checking in i am still loving my implants although I have a little drooping it isn't noticeable to anyone but me. so how are you guys loving your updates?
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

His hair was wild lol but he answered all of my questions and I even sparked some for him he had a great sense of humor. He took his time with me i didnt feel rushed, like with my breast augmentation doctor, also I would recommend him now let's see his work. :-) Mr Eppley was awesome once again took his time and did what I asked can't wait for results when garments come off he was very polite along with his staff they made me feel very comfortable and answered all queations . I picked a great surgeon.

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