45, 4 Children, 5'9" 122 Lbs., 375 - 400 Cc Mentor Mod Plus Profile - Indianapolis, IN

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I have waited 15 years to go through with getting...

I have waited 15 years to go through with getting a BA. I had a consultation back in 2000 and then decided that I needed more time to research it. I have never really had boobs bigger than an A cup other than when I was pregnant. They never stayed and as soon as I finished breastfeeding my girls they left me just as flat as I was before. Trust me, I kept my fingers crossed every time lol! Now I feel that I am at a point in my life in which I know exactly what I want, "BOOBS" you guessed it! I sat down with my husband and told him look, I really want to get this done and this time I was ready. He was really supportive and even went to my consultations with me and even asked as many questions as I did. We met with Dr. Zollman and found him to be easy going but very professional. I am a laid back kind of person so his mannerism was exactly what made me very comfortable with him. Initially I wanted to stay somewhat conservative like a C cup but also want to be proportionate with my stature. I am 5'9" and 122 lbs, and currently a 34A and thats barely and A. Dr. Z. showed me some photos of his previous clients with similar stats and also stated that since I was on the taller side I could go with higher cc then I was thinking and still achieve the results I was looking for. We discussed 375 cc to 400 cc Mentor Moderate Plus, Saline, under, but ultimately will leave it up to him because I trust that he will do what looks best. I had also already researched him and his work and after comparing results with surrounding doctors prior to my consultation, I decided to book my surgery after the consultation. Linda has been great too! We correspond through email when ever I have questions, she has always responded. I would have liked to have gotten it done sooner, but with work and school I couldn't fit it in until after spring semester. Waiting for something you want so bad is like torture! lol! Will post before pics soon.

Before and Wishes!!

I was apprehensive about putting my before pic up because I just don't like the way they look right now. I know how much it has helped me in my decision making by seeing others post their before and afters, so here it is..yikes! Before kids, yeah they were small but they did had a nice shape. I also have a slight symmetry issue with my right being a little higher than and its a tad smaller than my left but it has never really bothered me. I'm just really ready to actually have boobs!!

Second guessing my choice of implant

As I'm reading many reviews on RS, I'm wondering if I am choosing the right kind of implant. My PS only uses Mentor and he does do both saline and silicone. I picked saline because I wanted piece of mind. My fear is that they won't feel soft and squishy (that sounds really weird, sorry). I have also read where they don't feel like they are apart of you even after some time. Can anyone shed some light on what to expect. I am starting to get a little nervous about my choice.

2 weeks away! Getting Real!

Getting prepared for post up. Deep cleaning everything so I can relax after surgery. I'll be on vacation so stressing about having to rush back to work won't be an issue. Thankfully school has kept me preoccupied or else I'd be driving myself mad lol! I'm so ready for this! I want to buy a new swimsuit so bad, but I guess waiting a few weeks won't kill me. Im really considering going up to 450 cc. I don't want end up wishing that I should have went bigger.

Finally have boobies!

I made to the other side yay! I went it at 5:30 am and got all checked in by this sweet little lady at the reception desk. I didn't wait but 5 minutes to get check in paper work done. From there I only waited two minutes or so to be taken back and prepped and do a little more paper work. By 6:30 hubby was able to come back and be with me until I went back for surgery which was about 7:45am. The anesthesiologist Christian, the nurses, Kristie, Carol, Holly, and Amy were so caring and just amazing. Dr. Zollman came in briefly prior to surgery and made his marks and went over a few details prior to heading off to prep for my surgery. I was out by 8 and in recovery by 8:45am. Everything went better than I cold of hoped for. I haven't taken a peak yet because I've been so tire and was pretty loopy from anesthesia because I'm pretty thin. I will look when I get a shower in the morning and have gotten some rest. I will have my hubby take a few pics as I am to limit raising my arm for a few days.

First look at the girls!

High and tight! Took a nice hot shower to do massages and let me tell you....it freaking hurt! Then I realized it had been like 7 hours without pain meds. Tonight I'll massage again after I've taken some. I'm sure it will get better with time.

Day 3 and getting a little easier

I've tried to hold off on taking pain meds for as long as I can because I don't like feeling groggy. Getting some zinger like pains today that occasionally zip through and make me cringe a bit. I'm able to massage a little better though but, it still hurts some. Everyday seems to be a little better! I'm really happy with my progress.

4 days Post op

I'll have to update in several posts to show the progression because there are to many pics to upload at one time. At four days I was already off pain meds and Valium. I was taking it easy and just doing easy things and taking advantage of my husband being home on vacation to lift what I wasn't supposed to. He's been great! Had my first post op today and dr says everything looks great! Had to show how I was doing my massages and was told to continue several times a day. I had at this point developed bruises that looked pretty nasty but not concerning considering I am one of those people who bruise easy. Started arnica gel on day 2 which has healed speed the process.

One week post

Things are still high and muscles are still tight. Thankful for my sleep number because I can't get comfortable in any position but inclined. My first week has been slow going but I'm doing most everything on my own except heavy lifting. I'm a busy body so resting never last to long because I get antsy. I have felt like I need a nap often which is usually my q to sit and rest. I get an occasional zap of pain that goes across my boobs but hasn't been to bad. I have numbness on the undersides and outer portion of both breast which is normal but feels really weird! If I stand for long periods of time I feel some pressure on the bottom like gravity pulling down on the implant or something. If I lean over I feel like I have to hold my arm over my chest to keep them from feeling like they are coming out of my chest . I know there no but the way they press on the pectoral muscle makes it feel that way. My husband is waiting for them to heal and has been reluctant to touch because they look painful and most days their just very tender.

15 days post op!

Crazy how much changes in one week! A lot of dropping. My left has dropped more then the right and has more swelling but left is not far behind. This week the itching from healing within has started and it drives me crazy lol! The incisions are healing well and itching also. Bruises are fading and everyday they look better and better. I wear a bra 24 / 7 and do my massages 3 to 4 times a day. Have had the opportunity to find out what morning boob is like lol! Nothing a warm compress couldn't solve. I have been able to lower the incline on my bed and lay some on my sides some. I always seem to end up on my back with both hand above my head and I've never slept like that before getting this done. They are getting softer now and feel so much better.

17 days and loving them!

Numbness turning to tingling which means the feeling is coming back yay! I have full nipple sensation which is exciting because I worried about losing that. Bruises almost gone. Boobies are soft and hubby really likes them! They dropped more and settling nicely. Right is catching up too! Left swelling has gone down as well. I'm using my scar away cream and they look a lot better now. All the glue is off now. So excited for vacation to be able to wear a bikini on the beach and not feel self conscious about it.

4 weeks

It's been 4 weeks now and things are moving along pretty good. Left feels great and no pain except a tiny zinger once and a while. My right has pain and tingling in the under and side of my boob. This part was numb though after surgery and has since started getting feeling back. I know it takes time to heal but it gets irritating. I'm trying to keep busy so that I'm not focusing on it. I love they way they are looking and the size fits my frame perfectly. They are soft and squishy too, which I worried about that when deciding between saline and silicone. I can't wait to see what they'll look like in another 4 weeks and hopefully with more muscle spasms and tenderness.
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zollman and his staff were so easy to work with. Dr. Zollman took time making sure I knew everything I needed to know about the process, possible complications, and what I could expect during recovery. Whenever I had questions I had no problems with receiving return emails from Linda or Calls from Amy, they are great and I never felt rushed when communicating with any of them. Dr. Zollman performs surgery out of Carmel St. Vincent and they too are excellent! Dr. Zollman is down to earth and super easy to talk to. I love my results and am so glad that I found the right doctor to give me the best results I could have hoped for. His experience and results speak volumes!

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