35yr. 34A , 5'7", 125lbs Breast Augmentation, Smooth round moderate plus Mentor Gel. Indianapolis, IN

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I have wanted breasts ever since I was old enough...

I have wanted breasts ever since I was old enough to wear a bra, unfortunately Mother Nature had different plans for me ???? I have never fit correctly in anything larger than an A. I started menstrating when I was 10 and got on birth control to make my periods more regular and I think back now that this was a poor decision ???? I had my first consultation back in 2011 and the PS did not make me feel very confident and doing surgery. I was straight out of a divorce with a 3 year old and was still trying to lose my baby weight. I contemplated the surgery and decided I was just too scared to get a medical procedure done that was not necessary. Fast forward 5 years..... Now I am remarried, I have an 8 year old, and I'm down to my pre baby weight. I have done three consultations and decided to go with the PS I had met on my first consultation back in 2011. I have my surgery scheduled for June 24, 2016 and am now looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong, I'm still scared as well to be "put under" but I feel like the end result will make it worth it. I had originally thought of doing a Rhinoplasty as well with my BA (I have a large dorsal hump I need shaved off, another thing that has caused my self esteem to always be low) but after talking with my husband decided it would be better financially to wait until this surgery is paid off. Plus, being under for less than an hour seems a lot less life threatening to me then 3.5 hours doing both, and running a higher risk of infection???? So I have been exploring my ideal boobs, ways to cope with my extreme anxiety, and looking for any tips that people that have undergone the procedure had to offer.
Any works of advice or encouragement are strongly welcomed! Happy to be on here and feeling like I have some support. My family and close friends are a little less than supportive saying they like me as I am ect.. But it is not there battle or journey. ???? and who knows, maybe my story can help someone in a similar situation make their mind up and surgery????????

Boobie wants!!!!

So I have been like a teenage boy that has discovered naked women for the first time lately! I can't stop thinking, looking, and dreaming about boobs! Here are some that I quite like! Counting down to June 24th!!

Stuff I need before BA day!

Can anyone offer any kind of advice on anything that they feel would be beneficial for me to purchase ahead of time before BA? Anything you wish you would have gotten beforehand or are glad you did? The more preparation with having everything I need as well as mental preparation the better, as I am an anxious gal!! :0

More of what info and don't want...

39 days to go and my husband is asking if I'm tired of looking at boobs all day....... Nope! Ha! I feel the need to seek out exactly what I do and do not want, and then hope my PS can make it happen to the best of his ability. *fingers crossed* I started buying some things here and there which is making me feel more prepared and excited! Trying to work out like crazy now and get stronger since I will need to stop for awhile after surgery. Hope everyone with their surgery coming up soon is doing well! Excited for us!

It's officially BOOBIE MONTH! ( . Y . )

Hello to all my shine surgery girls out there! It's officially OUR month! Whoot! Hope everyone is as excited as I am! I've been emailing my poor care coordinator Linda almost everyday with questions, so thankful for her... She is great! I think I have come to the conclusion that I'm wanting about 450CC's! :O It sounds like so much but I do not want to be one of those girls that regret the size I get and decide to go back for more. Nope! Not me! But I'm mostly leaving the ultimate amount up to my PS on the day of surgery. (Yikes) don't want him to go too large either! We shall see! Still slowly stocking up on supplies for surgery day. :) have something planned for almost every weekend in June... Busy time of year.. Love being outside and going to concerts! Oh and also wedding season! Hope all of you other June realself girls are doing well! I had to start a countdown... Let the counting begin!

Clothes before pics

Here are some pics before with a couple new zip front bras I got dirt cheap from wish.com????

TWO weeks!!!!

OMG!!!! This time in exactly TWO weeks I will officially have boobies! I don't know whether to be more nervous or excited! I'm trying not to be nervous but its tough! I am going to try to start making some meals to freeze so my husband wont have to cook for me, anyone have any suggestions for anything easy and healthy? I am thinking of making some crock pot stuff and getting some Tuperware and then freezing them so they can be microwaved. Also trying to get all of the odds and ends in place so I can relax and just look forward to the big day :) Operation deep clean house is in order too! I cannot relax when my house is a mess, but every time I try to clean it someone else messes it up again, lol! Also still looking for my clothed and unclothed wish pic...have to make sure its perfect! ahhhhhh so much to think about. Countdown is on my June girls! Cannot wait! xoxo

3 more sleeps until I have boobs!

Omg! It's getting so close! I feel ready but does anyone have any advice on how to remain calm the day of surgery and before the procedure? I want to go into it as calm as possibly but I am a nervous nelly by nature? Any advice? Tips?

Well! I did it!

Not even 24 hours yet but I feel pretty good!! I was unusually calm before surgery but the nurse said my bp was EXTREMELY high and had to be lower before I could proceed to surgery. Once I was prepped and had my IV in and my mom could come back and sit with me it went down a little bit was still high :O they gave me some Valium to relax me and it definitely worked! All of the staff was great making me feel comfortable and I went to sleep and then woke up in recovery :) there was another man in there who was yelling and being a huge baby which was comical but I was in a good amount of pain... About an 8!! They gave me more pain meds and Valium and it helped. The ride home was the bumpiest trip I ever took! I felt a little nauseous but never threw up, thank goodness. Got home, laid down and was in and out of sleep most of the day:) I felt pretty good laying down but sitting up and standing is the worst! Up now taking a pain pill then back to sleep. I'll post some pics tomorrow or next day when they change. Overall SO happy with the experience and outcome! Xo

Day two post op..

Day two post op... A little less sore today and I can take a deep breath yay! It hurts most getting up and down. Sleep helps and I'm drinking plenty of fluids... They are still pretty hard and swollen but massaging is helping!

Can't say enough good things about this surgeon...

Can't say enough good things about this surgeon and his staff! He really transformed me into a "real girl"! So helpful and nice, made for an overall positive experience! I'd recommend him to anyone! Please stop looking and go to him! I went to many other consultants toons and no one compares to him. He treats his patients like family and is really an artist. You will not be disappointed!!

8 days post op!

Hey gals! 8 days post op and feeling pretty darn good! Been off the narcotics for three days now, just needing some Tylenol of Ibuprofen now and then.. Morning boob still hurts but I'm sleeping a little better. Massage is going better but the bruising still isn't healed so I'm thinking it will get even easier. Got measured at Victoria's Secret at a 34DD day 4 post op, I'm anticipating a change over time. Hope all my other newly endowed girls are doing well! Will post more updates soon. Xo

Slowly getting better

Here is a comparison photo
Top row: 3 days post op
Middle row: one week post op
Bottom row: 11 days post op

One month post op!

Time is going by so fast! Pain is hardly there anymore, mostly just at night and in the morning. Massages are going well. I'm wearing a tight sports bra at all times that I'm not at work, including while sleeping... Don't know if it is helping or hindering but I feel like it's moving them closer together. Anyone have any tips as far as bras go? Mine still don't look even either and feel smaller all the time :( gonna keep positive and wait for them to fully "develop". :) Hope everyone is doing well!

Making some progress...

Seems like they are slowly but surely coming around. Been doing my massages about 3 times a day and wearing my sports bra whenever not at work. My right one, dominant one, is having a hard time keeping up with the other... Anyone else have this? Anything I can do to help it?! Photo posted is two days post op on top and 38 days post op on bottom.

2 months PO

Feeling so much better! Practically have full function back in all of my chest muscles! Yay! Doing my exercises in the morning and in the evening and they seem to be getting move even! Double yay!! Happy with my results and hope they fluff a little more. :) Hope all my others girls are doing well!

3 months post op

Three months post op and feeling pretty much back to normal. I must say it took longer than I thought to heel completely but I am very happy with my results! Sleeping is still uncomfortable at times, I still have to wear a sports bra when I sleep. My right one is still a little "googley eyed" but overall I'm very happy. Wondering if I will see any further changes?
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

So personable and sweet! Makes you feel comfortable right off the bat! Never judgmental and the office staff is top notch! Surgery center was a dream and everything went so smoothly! I'll be back for sure!!!

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