Tummy Tuck on Dec. 10th, Full Back Lipo and Flank Lipo - Hobart, IN

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I am having my TT on Dec. 10th. I am so excited !...

I am having my TT on Dec. 10th. I am so excited ! I have been planning this for the past year. I am not nervous at all. I have researched this and have learned so much from this site. I check it everyday!!!

I am 57, excercise daily (walking, yoga,pilates,weights), eat clean most of the time, but for the past 4 years, I have developed a pouch , love handles, and "bra fat". I am 5'10 and wear a size 12. My PS told me that I could never lose the pouch due to the muscle separation from having 2 children and gaining over 100 lbs, with each pregnancy.

I am a nurse and I am taking 11 days off work. My PS does not use drains. He says that his research has shown that outcomes are better if drains are not used.

I will post pictures after my procedure.

Wish me luck !!!!!!!!

I will update more after my procedure.

I will update more after my procedure.

I had my TT on Dec. 10th, today is Dec. 15th. I...

I had my TT on Dec. 10th, today is Dec. 15th.
I had TT and had Lipo of my flanks and my entire back.

I was in surgery 4.5 hours. I woke up in the recovery area, then was taken back to my room.
I stayed sitting up on the cart for an hour, then got off the cart and walked to the car.
My only discomfort after surgery was my lower back from hunching over ! I have been taking the pain meds (Vicodan) and muscle relaxant (flexeril) as prescribed. I have been sleeping in a recliner with my legs elevated and only getting up to the bathroom. I have been drinking tons of water. I have been eating clean, and not drinking any pop. I went for my 1st post op visit yesterday with the NP. She changed my dressings, encouraged me to stand up straight and to start walking around more at home. She stressed NO LIFTING. She said my tummy looked like it should look and that she was pleased with the results thus far.
Today I have walked up 15 stairs (twice) to eat. I'm still sitting in my recliner, getting up every couple of hours and walking around. I took a shower yesterday and I'm pleased with the results !
I have had no pain from my incision. I only have lower back pain from walking hunched over, and that's almost gone from standing up straight ! (well almost straight). I do have slight pressure in my lower abd., but that's all ! I was prepared for a great deal of pain, which I have not had. I'm coughing and deep breathing well. I do have a tape burn on my side. I'm applying neosporin to that. I have been taking stool softners and Miralax since Saturday and doing well in that dept. I read on this site that one women had trouble urinating after surgery and it was because her binder was too tight around her bladder area. So I have made sure the binder is not too tight in that area. I found wearing my hospital gown with no panties at night, then wearing loose sweats and loose tops during the day the most comfortable. I have large granny panties that are holding up my dressings, with a "wife beater" on top, then my binder works well. I see my PS tomorrow and then they will put me in my garmet! The garmet is rather sexy !!!
I am doing terrific ! I wish I would have had this done sooner. I'm going back to work on the 21st. I'm a nurse (I will be able to sit for the first couple of weeks I'm back with no lifting).
I still can't figure out how to post pictures, so I'm going to email them to a moderator to see if they can post for me.

It is day 11 ! I went back to work today. I drove...

It is day 11 ! I went back to work today. I drove 1 hour to and from work. The drive did not bother me at all. I am a nurse (administration) so was able to stay in my office, only walking to my office, ladies room, then to lunch ! I came home, ate dinner and took a 2 hour nap ! I can't believe how tired I was. The activity did not cause any swelling or pain. I have my 1st physician visit tomorrow. My scar looks incredible. It is thin and simply perfect. I love the results so far !!! I had to stop wearing my garmet (5 days post op) due to it being too tight due to swelling. So I'm going into the garment tomorrow. I'm still bothered by congestion after eating. It has lessened considerably since surgery. I'm thinking it's a result of being intubated during surgery (irriation). I repeat, this is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

12/25/10 I'm doing great! I'm slightly...

I'm doing great! I'm slightly swollen and would be happy if I stayed like this. It's amazing, I have no more back fat, my waist is define, and my tummy is so flat.
I slept in my bed last night for the first time ! I used lots of pillows however, but it felt great. I'm in my garmet full time now. I'm working 14 hour days and doing well. My activity level is simply walking about 1/2 mile a day. I'm seeing my PS weekly for the first month, then ??
I'm still taking lots of vitamins, especially Vit C. I start using my Silicone Scar pads next week. I start scar massage wk. 4.
This has been the best Xmas present to myself !!
Still can not figure out how to post pictures.

Well I am 4 wks post op today. I'm doing...

Well I am 4 wks post op today. I'm doing fantastic. My energy level has returned to my pre-op level. I'm working full time, my weight restriction was lifted yesterday. I'm walking again and can start using free weights at the gym. I just can not do any abd. exercises.

I do not have to wear my garment anymore,,,,but I'm scared to leave it off ! I have this horrible fear that I will wake up and my tummy is back !!!!!!!!! My PS told me he removed 13 lbs of "fat" from my tummy and flanks and back.

When I wear my silicone pads, my incision line is bright red. Anyone else experience this? I do have very sensitive skin, I'm wondering if the adhesive on the pads is too much.

Well it has been 3 months since my full TT and...

Well it has been 3 months since my full TT and lipo of my entire back and flanks. I am feeling great and enjoying my new tummy. I was a size 14 pants before my TT, now I'm wearing size 10 dress pants and size 12 jeans. Everything fits better!! I have lost a total of 20 lbs. I am back to my full activity, except I can not do a lot of abdominal exercises as yet. I will post 3 month pictures this w/k.

Hi ! Well it's been exactly 5 months since my...

Hi !
Well it's been exactly 5 months since my procedure.

I am feeling great, back to my normal workout routines. I went back to Yoga this week to increase my core strength.

I would recommend this surgery to anyone struggling to lose the belly. There's no way to get rid of it by diet and exercise !

Well it has been 1 year since my tummy tuck. I am...

Well it has been 1 year since my tummy tuck.
I am so pleased. I would encourage anyone to have this procedure. I could not have obtained these results without a tummy tuck !

He performed my breast enlargements 7 years ago. I was very pleased with the results. He is a perfectionist, taking his time. He does all the work himself, does not allow a "tech" to close the incision. He has a great bedside manner, takes his time to answer all of my questions. His Nurse Practioner Lillie is a wealth of information.

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