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Hello Loves. Well after much searching...

Hello Loves.
Well after much searching researching and reading and interviewing I have found a fabulous PS that was amazing in listening describing and going over with me to what I need and would like. I am getting lipo tummy tuck repair muscle implants breast lift back lipo contouring to achieve my hour glass I once had prior 2 children. Will post pics.

Hello Loves

Well its that time... The surgery is paid for! Mammogram was done and results were Normal Yay for that Thank you Lord! I just picked up my Meds! Getting my supplies all ready ! I must admit I am super excited and yet a bit concern about the pain and recovery. I mean I am not in my 20's so my body may take its time . I am ok as long as i have lots of meds lol! Now I did take the dreaded before pics and omg im not happy about them ! I will post... after all we all are here to improve our selves from the inside out! My hubby is so sweet he will care for me the entire time I adore him xoxo. I showed him some of the comments about recoveries and he is ok! I am going on a soft liquid diet to avoid the dreaded constipation and movement since my bath is a bit of a walk from where my recliner is going to be! My surgery is Monday 29th of August 2016...Any advice?

Wish pictures

Less than 48 hours to go for surgery

Hi gorgeous.
Well its fast approaching ... I just put all my supplies together, I now understand why celebrities go away for the post op recovery period this is not glamorous Lol????. I think I got everything but if you see something I may need let me know.

Day of surgery is here!

I'm getting ready to leave I am,super happy and excited and been,praying for everything to be perfect happy and healthy.


Omg it hurts! I have beem,in,amd,our,ot,hursy so badly6 more later

Day of,operation

Here are so pics before,And,iwith the doctors markings.

Post surgery breast care

Hi all wondering if my experience is the same as others? My incisions are closed nicely not bleeding and glued. I see others seem to have tape or other dressing post op but I don't? Also I was sent home with a regular bra not a compression bra which I expected?


Hi Gorgeous,
I am so sorry I have not posted any updates or pictures. So here are so pictures of my new breasts right after surgery and a few days later .

Some more pics

Here in this my amazing Dr Ashley Robey is checking me before dischargerging me the following day.


I only have one drain surgery was in 8-29-2016 till this day is putting quite of bit fluid.


So much swelling and pain. I can barely stain straight it hurts. I have experienced depression because I have see how so many of you beautiful ladies have shown amazing immediate results and with me it's just seem I look so much bigger after. I do k ow my doctors told me I have a lot of work done all,day basically so it will take longer to see any difference. So I am remaini,g positive. On another side Omg I have not gone to the bathroom in 10 days an,d I have done laxative enemas dulcolax you name it stump nothing and it hurts like hell. So no i,am,on a liquid diet.

Went to my second post op visit/drains

I must have to admit I have been in so much pain and omg the Constipation is the worst almost nothing works. I have been wearing my compression garment 24/7 I'm still so swollen ugh! I noticed a foul smell coming from my drain and called my fabulous Dr Robey she got me in right away. She noticed it too and the best part she took it out Yay? and put me on antibiotics just in case. She examined me and said I am healing well my incisions which made me happy. I also started the silicone cream ointment. I feel a bit frustrated because althought I had a lot of work my 2 surgeons tell me this every time to help me understand I will need time healing, I want to see my results faster. My appetite is almost non resistance I am so grateful of the Constipation ugh. I have lost weight I can tell more like inches yay for that.I'm still on meds but try to go a long time without and I take only the bare minimum. I am loving my new boobs though...???? Even though I am very swollen as you can see.Dr Robey is the best she is amazing love love love her.

Surgeon visit due to issues tummy

Hi loves,
So on Sep 29 will be a month yet I have not seen the results on my tt, lipo, etc the boobs look great. Someho I have been experiencing lots of pain more than usual I took vicaddin religiously for a couple weeks ( pain was unbearable I had so much. Plastic surgery procedures done at once) so is to be expected. Anyhow I have been extremely constipated to the point that manual extraction is needed( sorry too much info) I have taken laxatives, suppository, enemas, fiber ,liquid diet and nothing. I went 10 days after surgery without a bowel movement but since I was not eating much I did not think much of it. I was so sad because my tummy got to big (impacted) sorry for being graphic.My advice will be before undergoing any procedure that requires narcotics if you are like me and it says may cause. Constipation will cause it. The following pics are graphic so arming is been issued. In almost a month I look like this because Of the extreme constipation. ( this is what we think is going on ) By the way in a month I had only 4 meals( spaghetti, pork sliced with mushrooms and salad, then a rib smoke tenderloin salad and this Friday I shared a salad and crab dip and French fries( I had a craving for them) the rest was mashed potatoes soup pudding broth water and some crakers. Yesterday all I ate was a sandwich 3 pm ham,lettuce,mustard,in 2 pieces of wheat bread and a 1/4 cup of tapioca pudding at 9pm. Mind you I have kept my regimen of laxatives enemas etc. Tday I went in my amazing Surgeon was so nice she assure me it wasn't cosmetic complication that she can see. So newcregimen is mineral oil, new pain med, fiber tablets ,laxatives, suppositories. I will keep a liquid soft diet . my skin is pulling it hurts and it feels like I am carrying 30 sack of rocks in my belly.My back is swollen where I had lipo it looks I never did ugh. So 2 to 4 days if nothing happens I will go to regular Doctor or hospital and or have a major colon wash. So this is my complication hoping none of you ever go thru it. It hurts, then on top your tummy tuck pain and then the swollen lipo pain I had done all over my body. I can't wait for this to go away so I can finally see the master work of Dr. Robey. So wish me luck. For all of you out here you are beautiful wishing you lots of happy surgery and recovery period. ???????? one last thing can't be in my compression garmet,does anyone knows where I can get an adjustable flexible binder. By the way my boobs look awesome.

Happy and sad 1 month post op anniversary

Hello loves well no pics to post as absolutely nothing have changed for my lipo contour and tummy tuck due to this stupid constipation ugh. Still swollen but no changes I feel so sad because I see all the results you are all having and I see nothing. I do understand I am having a super complication but geez I want to be able to be me again or at least start feeling girly and pretty. My hubby has and is amazingly fabulous he is the best takes very good care of me. I am able to now go to bathroom ( for # 2 its still liquid about 5 times or more a day ), ( sorry for TMI) but my Lower tummy still very hard and tender. The positive is I like my new boobs Yayayaya for that!
So I'm doing all to be positive and know my recovery got longer .I am hoping my fairy poop godmother works out her magic and get me clean out. Wishing you happy recoveries andvsurgeries ????????

Emergency Room visit

Hello loves, the pain was too much, went to ER to make story short the good news I don't have or were impacted or abnormal constipation. ER did a CT Scan that show I have a pretty large fluid hard collecting in my pelvis and lower belly, I was put on IV fluids and pain med given I also had all blood work done ,low on a few things and iron. No infection as of today. CT Scan cannot rule out hematoma. If you look closely at the picture the long area is across. Where A image is ,is what the fluid seroma or hematoma. (We don't know if it is hematoma) is located. It hurts it feels heavy and not helping with my results. Doctor at ER said it will take me longer to heal ugh.
Anyhow just wanted to update you loves
Be healthy be happy and remember you are beautiful. Funny thing I had this overwhelming feeling last night this is something to do with surgery. We called my surgeon she was amazing in responding (even on a Sat)and worked me in her schedule tomorrow .I sent her all the reports and copies of the CT Scan and images for her to better see it and what she wants to do. I love that about her so much.

Met with my PS after ER visit this weekend

Met with my plastic surgeon Dr Ashley Robey, she reviewed the info we emailed her and I also brought the originals reports from the CT Scan just in case so she had them at hand. She performed an examination ( we both thinks its odd the way this happened ) she was able to withdraw 150 ( big syringe) she also performed an ultrasound massage to help with the Sedona and tissues and swelling. I am due back to see her next Tue to repeat and check things out. I am back on a binder and we are ordering another compression garment. I can say how impress and how wonderful my plastic surgeon is and how responsive she is. We are a little baffle as to how all this manifested but we are hoping I am on the road of recovery and see my results. I have been having normal BM. Still very swollen so hopefully I know this pushes my recovery out but it will reduce I will post pics too. Xoxo????

Before 10/2/16 after 10/4/16

I wanted to post a pic as to what I looked 2 days ago and today this am. I think the removal of fluid and the ultrasound massage yesterday and binder. I am still very sore to touch and still swollen bit I see a little bit of change. Still feeling very positive in my recovery. Also I included a picture of the chest, they are doing great still need to drop but healing well ,as everything is reconnecting I am over sensitive and reddish PS said is normal. Sending love and hugs ????????

Swelling Swelling. Wow 10/5/2016

Oh my so yesterday I decided to do some paper filing reorganization, requires me to be on my feet all day ,I have been wearing a super,post op adjustable binder very strong I may say. First time I have been on my feet for a long periods of time since surgery on 8/29/2016. Anyway I have learned not to over do it. SO LADIES DO NOT OVER DO IT!!!! I am hoping this swelling is because I have been on my feet for 2 days. By the way sneezing and coughing hurts like heck. So here is the pics so you can see the swelling. I can't wait to see my results finally.

Update oct 3 2016

Feeling very down, as you can see from,the pics it looks as of I never had a tummy tuck, I have lost weight, I am back in my small size yay for that, the appereance is rather ugly, my PS says I am unusually swollen and explain some people,heal slower. I look like I'm covered in cellulite no flat tummy and I'm not feeling sexy at all. I am wearing my CG and then some barely eating and taking it easy. Anyway I'm sorry for venting hoping next week gets better. What's amazing after I wear my binder and CG I look so tiny just to get grossly swollen! On a positive note my boobs look AMAZING???? I went to Victoria Secrets and I am a D cup 34 to 36. D cup. Awesome.I'm in heaven with my boobs.

Happy Halloween Loves

I have cleavage

I have cleavage yay ?????????????

9 week update

Hi Loves.
So today I went to see my Amazing fabulous PS Dr Robey. She looked at me and checked things out. Here is the low down, apparently I am on the extreme side when it comes to see results, for me we are looking 6 to 9 months before I can get final results. She did Thermavi radiofrequency in my tummy to help break tissues and speed things up. She did this 3 weeks ago as well. I told her I feel great right after I take my waist trainer compression I look really tiny but then I swell up. My boobs look awesome?????. I also did a little procedure to see if I can get rid of this dark spot in my face. I also purchased pure prescription Retynol to address the fine lines and tiny KRINKLES that are noticible in my face. I am going to start working out perhaps that will help with results faster. Wish me luck. I will post pics. I love how attentive and caring and responding my PS is. I am certain I will look amazing everyday is progress and I do look 100% better than I came in.

Update Nov 8 2016. 10 week post op

Here is my today 10 week post op. TT as you can see its still swollen but improving. Its a slow healing process for me, but I can see progressing every week.

Update BL and BA 370 cc silicone under muscle

I am very happy with them ?????

Back pictures update 10 weeks. Surgery 8/29/16 Upper and Lower and flanks Lipo . Last picture nov 9th 2016

Surgery date 8/29/16 procedure Upper and lower back Lipo in addition to Lipo on flanks. Here is the pics from surgery day til today. I am still very swollen in my back and flanks and it hurts still. I still have some nursing but its getting better. I am hoping I can see the results soon. I am still wearing surgical adjustable binders and compression .
Dr. Robey

How can you describe perfect ? That is what she is I am in awe impressed how amazing she is. If you live in Indiana Go to her in Carmel Indiana. She has amazing skills her insicions basically paper thin. Her post op regimen its perfect. Love love her.I actually ask her for work there lol. Her staff well Awesome! A very good personality sense of humor ( got to love that). One word.... AMAZING ❤

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