37 Years Old, Diastasis Recti, 4 Children, 5'7", 182 Lbs, BMI 28. Indiana, IN

I mainly want to correct my 4 finger width...

I mainly want to correct my 4 finger width diastasis recti and remove excess bulk from my abdomen. I am also considering liposuction of my upper thighs, and breast augmentation. My children are all under age 7. Cesarean x 4. Abdomen measures 39-40" widest part, whereas below breasts I measure 35".

Scheduled my surgery!!!

Had my second consult today. Went very well. I was more comfortable with this surgeon. Given the size of the diastasis, my main concern about the post-op period is shortness of breath since my bowels, stomach, and diaphragm will all be pushed up/back into place, which will push on my lungs. Surgeon doesn't foresee this causing issues with the surgery or immediate post op period, more like trouble with exertion/climbing stairs for a while. Tummy tuck will be done drainless (yay!) and breast augmentation will be modest. I am going ahead with inner thigh lipo as well. Surgery will be November 8 due to my work schedule, I am scheduling off work for three weeks to give myself enough time to recover. I'm so excited!!! My homework before preop appt is to print some breast augment wish list pics so he knows what I am wanting.

One month to go!

My surgery date is one month from today. I am both excited and nervous. My preop appointment is about 2 weeks before my surgery. My goal before then is to print some breast wish list pictures for my surgeon - he told me this would make it easier to give me what I wanted.
My surgeon requires full payment at the preop appointment, so I plan to go to the bank for the cashiers checks in a couple of weeks.
Still considering renting a hotel room for the night before surgery. My husband would rather get up early and drive, but I'm afraid if some unforeseen road delays occurred, we would be out a lot of money. The hospital is about 3 hours away.

Wish pic for breast augment

Finally found a wish pic that I like for breast augmentation. A little shocked that they are 500CC implants! But the before picture is similar to my current appearance, so I think this is the most realistic photo I have found that I like. I plan to print it for my surgeon. I have decided to go with saline - just didn't feel like I could commit to every 2 year breast MRIs with silicone to evaluate for silent rupture.

wish pic

My wish pic wouldn't load from my phone, so I'm going to try adding it again.
Also, went to the bank today to pick up the cashier's checks for my pre-op appointment, which is next week! Getting really anxious/nervous, hoping the pre-op appointment will help settle some of my nerves. I only scheduled 3 weeks off work, and I'm starting to worry that it may not be enough time. It is mainly a desk job, walking short distances throughout the day, so if all goes according to plan I should be fine.
haven't chosen a surgeon yet

I have met with one surgeon so far, I have consults scheduled with 2 others. 1st surgeon, located about 30 minutes from my home: Abdominoplasty shouldn't be an issue; he does use drains; off work 1-2 weeks. Liposuction will help shape inner/outer thighs; he did not think flank liposuction would be needed. Recommended against a breast lift. Recommended larger breast implants to help with mild breast ptosis to bring nipples up to correct position. Smallest implants he had me try were 425 cc! I am already a full C (currently wearing 38C, I measure 35" under breasts but find 36D uncomfortable); I am a little worried about increasing my breast size that much. I ordered some Purlz breast sizers - when I wore them I filled out a 38D, and probably could have used a 38DD but didn't have one to try (I got rid of that size bra after I finished breastfeeding). 1st surgeon downsides: drains with abdominoplasty; got the impression during the consultation that he would likely place the largest implant I would agree to (didn't give the option of trying less than 425 cc). Upsides: highly recommended by a friend who had her breast augmentation done by him; close to home I have an appointment with surgeon #2 next week - he offers a drainless abdominoplasty. I am anxious to hear his opinion regarding recommended size of breast implants to achieve a good cosmetic outcome for me. I am afraid his opinion will also be that a larger implant will provide the best outcome. If a larger implant is necessary to correct my breasts, I am not sure if I will pursue the breast augmentation. Downside of this surgeon: his office is almost 3 hours away from my home. Upsides: drainless abdominoplasty. Highly recommended by a friend who travelled to have her drainless abdominoplasty done by him.

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