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Wasn't a good experience . I don't do well taking...

Wasn't a good experience . I don't do well taking pain meds. I had problems when I woke up at the hospital after surgery. I don't drink nor do I take any kind of narcotics. When I woke up in the recovery room I was told I was saying crazy things . I was told by the nurse at the Drs office. She told me I should have sent a card or apology to the nurses working . I was high out if my mind and had no idea what I said . I don't think I'm the only person waking up from surgery that has said crazy things while heavily drugged up. Not only that 5 minutes before surgery I had to call the Dr office because one of my procedures was left out on the list! This is after I had visited the Dr Zollman twice and expressed all areas I wanted to have liposuction done. I had sent emails specific to the Drs office cordinator just to make sure the areas where all wrote down 2 1/2 weeks prior to surgery . She replied in a email back to me that she already told me 12 times that she wrote everything down. I specifically used bDr Zollman because I heard good things . I had a few friends use him and they did his buy one get one procedure . I have copies of this women's emails. I have not received a phone call after spending $10,000 dollars on the procedures. I had my thighs done specifically asking inner thigh outer thigh to have lipo. Top inner thigh was not done. I was specific in the 2 office visits phone calls and emails. I went to another Dr paid to be evaluated and will not mention his name. This man just did my sons chest . Not only did he say the top inner thigh was done he pointed to where the insertion of the instrument used would go to remove the fat in that area. Luckily I heal quickly and am not swollen as bad as some people are. I have had this procedure done 10 years ago and the Dr . Did a excellent Job!! I am not blaming the Dr . In the circumstance but the women who I dealt with. Obviously the top inner thigh was not done. Outer , top of the thigh under the buttocks . I can show the emails. After my procedure I was admitted into the hospital . I was on a drip with narcotics plus the nurse was giving me Valium and norco on top of the drip. I was out of my mind stoned. But very happy to not feel any pain. Since my whole body had large volume lipo. I contacted the lady in his office. I told her I really didn't like that I had to call her a few minutes before my surgery to add the back of my thighs. I was stoned on the medications. So I'm sure I sounded strange. Right off the bat. I noticed in my stoned state where the lipo was done on my legs. A huge noticeable difference . I then noticed as well as my husband that the top inner thighs was not done. So that is why I called her. I'm very upset. My husband is a engineer and travels our state . His friends wives get procedures done . He has made sure to post to his over 1,000 friends on Facebook and has asked others to share his post. I have done so as well on my Facebook. I have not had any phone calls asking how I'm doing. People who know me personally know I'm a good person. I apologized for speaking weird in my stoned state in the after surgery recovery room to the ladies and also the day after when I was still stoned out of my mind . This lady has not apologized. Linda is her name . Due to the fact I like to get along I apologized to the women who should have apologized to me. Even after her nasty email to me before the surgery I responded back in a nice way thanking her for working with me. I think she picked the wrong person to be rude to and rip off. She had the Dr zollman visit me in the hospital telling me to apologize to her. So I did. I called her apologized saying I was heavily drugged. My 2nd visit I paid in full! I have before and after photos and will be posting. And photos of the things I have had done. Had my to inner thigh been done and Linda wasn't rude and not do her job right . There would not be this post. When you spend $10,000 for a procedure it better be right. Wrote down correctly and given to the Dr correctly . That didn't happen .

Botched liposuction surgery

My initial reason for going to see Dr Zollman. Was to have my problem areas gone. I still have half a bottle of the pain meds that were given to me. They will be destroyed and be put in the trash. The main reason for seeing Dr .Zollman was to half my whole front , back , middle , side , thigh done. My whole back from the bottom of my neck to my butt. I'm going to give this procedure a few months. Then go after them legally .
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Liked Dr Zollman . Not Linda. Amy was nice. But I think she was protecting Linda . Will be seeking legal council. Went thru a horrible experience .

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