Phenol Peel in Indiana on Dec 14, 2012 - Indiana, IN

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After spending a great deal of time tan, the years...

After spending a great deal of time tan, the years of the tanning bed had taken their toll on my 48 year old face. After giving it up, I realized that I was left with wrinkle, uneven skin tone, and dark patches. I was origninaly going to go for lazer, but my doctor said the results would be much better and longer lasting with a deep peel. I did my research, using some of the experiences on this site.

The pain and buring was truly unbelieveable....I spent the first two days post peel in my car in the garage with either the a/c or a fan on, even though it was about 40 degrees. I found that the warmed air in the house made me feel worse. How funny it looked to see me bundled up with a heating pad under my clothes, sitting in the car! I only wish that I had a minivan with heated seats and a dvd player lol. I am now on day four. A lot of the swelling is gone, due to the healing process and prednisone started on the second day. My doctor does not like to start it before then as he feels that the swelling is anintegral part of the first healing. I am now in the slough/ goop stage, with red showing underneath. Being a nursing student, I am more aware than most about what it takes for the body to heal well, so I started in advance. Aside from prepping my face with AHA s and retinaol, about two month before I started an aggressive campaign of high protein, water,and high vitamin C and A diet. Protein is HUGE when it comes to the body healing it's tissue, especially skin. After the peel, I continue to stay well hydrated, and drink several high protein drinks during the day.

I have found that covering areas with saran wrap over the aquaphor helps it not dry out, especially at night. I am trying not to slough off the skin, as it is a great protectant of the area underneath. I have posted some pictures, and will continue to post. Right now, I am looking into something other than Aquaphor, as I am afraid of what problems the petroleum base will cause. I also ordered some makeup called Lycogel, that was specifically created for post peel use, including healing igredients. I will post opinion after I get to use it. Please feel free to ask any questions, as I would like to help anyone who is comtemplating or going through this!

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