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I actually got a 1,000 graft procedure done...

I actually got a 1,000 graft procedure done yesterday and I have another 1,000 scheduled in 8 months to fill in the areas.

I am 26 year old account, often working it high powered CEOs and CFOs that run hospitals. It really got to me that most of the men I work with are twice my age but look younger than me. It was affecting my mood, personality, and sex life (big time). I was taking the generic Propecia for about 3 months prior (I know it takes longer than that) and using Nioxin shampoo, which appears to slow the process but would not fix my problem in the long run. I was at the point were I was judging the speed of my hair loss by how many times my shower drain would get plugged during a given period of time.

I decide to have a consultation with P@I Medical Group (I didn’t use their name…haha). The pitch man was great, but as an auditor by trade I was always was suspicious and aware of the flashy, smooth talking sales personnel with an attractive assistant who was dying to grant my every wish. The fancy office building, flat screens, and hi-tech computer monitors were a nice touch too. But they had nothing to do with actual procedures. To me that only means they have money and pump people through, but I could be wrong. The told me that I needed 4,000 grafts done that would could me $10,000….interest free for 24 months.

I left feeling great and I learned a lot, but I was in need of a second UNBIAS opinion. I told the salesman that and he proceeded to bombard me with pictures, names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Honestly, 10 e-mails in less than 12 hours! I found it uncomforting that a professional representative would give out personal information like this. I had tons of personal information from people all over Indiana! He sent me the bio of the actual surgeon who was available to do the procedure for me. After doing the research, I found out that we went to Vet school and eventually made his way to hair transplants (I understand that most start somewhere else). However, what made this more questionable is the fact that never stayed in the same location for more that 18 months at a time. Why?!?! As a side note, this dude looks a sex predator that I would not trust watching my dog for an hour.

I could not find a single review for this I walked away. After the salesman got the hint, he proceeded to push Propecia prescriptions on me. No thanks dude...I’m on to your "assembly line" "do anything for a buck" business model.

I decided to look at local place that is kinda a “Mom and Pop” set up. They have been in business for over 20 years and have a staff of transplant professionals come in every few months to do transplants only. I got to meet the actual surgeon and his staff and was much more comfortable. After the consultation he gave me a card that said "call ME if you have any questions or you want to set anything up." NO PRESSURE! I found great local reviews and booked it the next day.

So I had the procedure done yesterday. This morning I was a little sore in the back of my head but nothing too serious. The worst part was sleeping in recliner for the night and I had low dose of pain medication because most make me sick. I had paid $5,500 flat fee for 2,000 grafts. 1,000 grafts were put in yesterday and another 1,000 in 8 months from now to thicken it up. I trust these guys (which is not typical for me as you can probably tell) and I suggest everyone to do the research!!!! I would not trust the guys that are out to meet there quarterly quota. Go with what your gut tells you and everything should be fine. As a side note, the big guy wanted to do 4,000 grafts for $10,000. The doctor that I chose said that was way too much. I got half a much done, 2,000 grafts for $5,500. Thats why I trusted him.

By the looks of my current situation I think I am going to have a favorable outcome. Check the pics after one day!

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Years of experience. Actualy conversation with the doctor and no pressure. There are crooks out there Most are those that appear to flashy

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