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I have had back pain for as long as I can remember...

I have had back pain for as long as I can remember. I have been to physical therapy and a chiropractor with no improvement. I also have degenerative changes in my neck and mid back, with intermittent numbness in my arms, and frequent severe migraines. I never suspected any of this could be related to my breast size until I had a professional fitting. After being told I was a "perfect 32F", I realized they were even bigger than I thought! I consulted a PS and after a couple rounds of submitting info to insurance got approved. Unfortunately the timing didn't work for me to take the time off work, and then I changed insurance at the beginning of this year. The dr's office resubmitted to the new insurance, and I was approved within a couple weeks. Now the wait is almost over. I am getting nervous, but still very anxious. I hope I am not expecting too much from this surgery. I started on this path in July, and April 3 is go time!

Had my surgery last Tuesday. Everything went well....

Had my surgery last Tuesday. Everything went well. I even surprised the recovery room nurses by how quickly I was able to get up and go to the restroom. I felt great! Unlike all other surgeries where I take go in and out of being awake, and dry heaving or actually vomiting!

I think the Scop patch really helped the nausea. I've never had one before and don't think I want to go without if I ever have surgery again.

Unfortunately I have had a couple migraines, but they were not the degree I have been having...I think due to med withdrawal and lack of caffeine.
My back and shoulders feel great. Better than they have in as long as I can remember. I had also been having numbness in my arm a lot, and have not had that since the surgery.

I have experienced a lot of different emotions since, but mostly positive. Sometimes I worry about how they look, but thanks to this wonderful site I have been prepared for all this.

My follow up with the doc was Monday and he said everything looks like it should. All the tapes were removed, and I can wear whatever bra I want as long as it is not underwire, and I have gotten to experience going without a bra! AMAZING!!!

It is still a bit of a challenge to find my bra size because for some reason the stores don't want to stock 32 bands. It looks like I will be a B or C. I got a 34 band which isn't bad, esp since my boobs now stay up on their own :)

There is still quite a bit of numbness all around the incisions, but that is already improving, too. The itching is the worst part, but it's definitely tolerable.

The surgery was definitely worth it. My clothes fit so much better, too!

Now to just wait and see: 1) How much will my out of pocket cost be?!
2) What will they ultimately look like when they fully heal?

Forgot to add...I agreed to be part of a study....

Forgot to add...I agreed to be part of a study. One breast was scalpel, one was a machine that cuts/cauterizes simultaneously. Can't remember the name. My doc has been using it for a while and recently agreed to participate in study to prove the results are similar. Apparently it is faster with the machine (Dyna-something?). He will fix it if either side scars differently than the other, but I truly can't tell any difference a week out. Only compensation!

Just wanted to add that in case anyone hears discussions about docs using one or the other. As far as I and my doc can see the outcome is similar, just doc/location preference.

Just over 2 weeks post op. Still look like my...

Just over 2 weeks post op. Still look like my boobs got in a fight. The left one lost! Still a lot of soreness on the outside of the left breast. I haven't been taking it as easy as I probably should have for recovery, but I think everything looks ok, just maybe more sore than I would have been.

My back/shoulders/neck...painless. Well, some aching in mid-back at times, but that is from exertion and lack of muscle strength, which hopefully will change now that the constant strain is gone. Once I can start upper body strengthening I am guessing that will go away, too.

Truly impressive since last update-no migraines, no arm numbness!!!! Hopefully that isn't just because I have been away from work :-P

I also realized that the choking feeling I used to get lying flat on my back was actually from my breasts, because I don't have that anymore. It's astounding the degree of effect just 2 measly pounds has on the torso when it's in the wrong place. I have read that they say 1 extra pound of body weight puts an extra 4+ pounds on the knee, so when you consider the mechanics of the body and the weight of breasts with no underlying support structure of bones,etc., and off the center of the body I guess it really makes sense!

I do wonder about my scars. I have tiny dimples in spots from the internal stitches. Are they normal and do they go away? I think I can feel the sharp ends of some sutures just below the surface of my skin. Only hurt when I rub them the wrong way.

Love not having to strangle myself with a super-snug bra to keep my boobs from bouncing everywhere just walking.

Not having to wear a bra w /pajamas=PRICELESS!

I think I'm about a 32D right now. I was thinking...

I think I'm about a 32D right now. I was thinking C for goal, doc said probably full B, small C. I'm okay with any. I definitely look like I've lost more than the 2 pounds from surgery and a couple extra since.I even have a bikini top I can wear now...should do a little extra exercise and tone the tummy a little 1st.

I return to work on Tuesday. Miss my coworkers, but don't really feel like going back! We have a new dog that will be on his own for the day for the first time then. I think he'll be okay. Biggest concern is that it still hurts if I move the wrong way &/or too fast, and after just a few hours my boobs start to burn from bras. Can't really work w/o one on, and I have tried a couple different styles, but just haven't found one that doesn't irritate. Still struggling to find my size, but haven't been to an actual dept store. There are none in my town. 32 bands are not stocked/manufactured widely. Which confounds me. I am barely in my "ideal" weight range (at the high end)! There are many women smaller than me. I tire out kind of easy yet, too. But I was given 3 weeks by my doc, and it has flown by.
10 hour work days...fortunately I am only working 3 instead of my usual 4 this week.
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