The Twins Have Finally Arrived! :)

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*Treatment results may vary I am. After reading possibly every... I am. After reading possibly every Real Self personal blog about breast implant surgery, I've decided to write my journey as well. :) I've thought about breast implants for years and have now decided to go through with it. I'm 21 years old and 5'10, 120 lbs, no children. I'm very thin, always have been (good genetics?) and can barely fill out an A cup. In all actuality, I'm probably an AA cup. In my opinion, I've always been very underdeveloped and desired to have womanly curves and...breasts! To my astonishment, my mother actually mentioned to me the idea of getting a breast augmentation about nine months ago. Having the support of her and my father really helped give me the extra "push" I needed to go take the next step. Through extensive research and meetings with various plastic surgeons, I've chosen the best plastic surgeon for me, and my surgery is tomorrow. AH!

Let me backtrack a little first. :)
About six months ago, when I met the plastic surgeon who will now be doing this procedure on me, we decided on silicone implants, under the muscle. My left breast is slightly larger than my right, so we settled on a 350 in the left and 375 in the right; or a 375 in the left and 400 on the right; High profile. I have left the final size decision up to my doctor on the day of surgery since I trust his decision in what looks best for my body type. I wanted a C cup, and he said this should do the trick!

Right now I'm having tons of emotions- excited, nervous, worried, thrilled...
After years of wanting this, and months of saving and research, the anticipation has practically killed me! I'm quite worried about the pain afterwards, especially since it's under the muscle, and am also worried about resuming my normal activities such as jogging, working, cleaning; not to mention school starts in three weeks (how will I carry a backpack?!) Lastly, I'm also nervous about the actual surgery part, anesthesia, etc. I've had anesthesia once (wisdom teeth), but it still frightens me somewhat. However, I've been pretty good about keeping myself busy and pretty much "nesting", as my boyfriend calls it; cleaning the apartment, organizing everything, making tons of To-Do lists, etc.

But by this time tomorrow it'll be all over. And...I'll have boobs! :D

Today is the big day!! I stayed in bed as long as...

Today is the big day!! I stayed in bed as long as I possible could...9am. But the anticipation and excitement (and nervousness) woke me up much earlier. I need to do some last-minute organizing and run just a couple errands before going to the surgery center at 12:30. I'm very thirsty and hungry, but trying to keep my mind off it. I have a couple kitties, and I've been picking them up and snuggling with them as much as possible, because I know they'll miss it for a few days. I'll try to post again after surgery today (depends on how well I feel), and begin uploading photos :).

Oh how I wish I could speed up time!!

Surgery Day: First off, thank you everyone for...

Surgery Day:

First off, thank you everyone for such kind comments and words of encouragement- it means a lot! I'm so glad I decided to join the RealSelf family :). Secondly, please excuse any grammar mistakes for I'm still a little loopy on all this medicine, lol.

So the day of surgery was a bit of a whirlwind! I was very, very nervous. Once I went to the Pre-Op room, I got dressed in my hospital gown, they put in an IV for fluids/electrolytes, and then my doctor came in and drew all over me with a pen. I asked if I could go to 350cc instead of the 375cc; He explained many patients regret not going bigger, but I was pretty adamant about the smaller size, so he agreed to put 350 in my left breast and 375 in my right breast. After this, the anesthesiologist came in a spoke with me. After that, my parents and boyfriend sat with me for around 10 minutes, which was nice. Then the anesthesiologist gave me nerve medicine through the IV & I started getting really loopy. The last thing I remember was being wheeled into the operating room and hearing "Come Together" by the Beetles playing on the radio. I even don't remember counting down from ten!

Once I woke up, I started hyperventilating a lot (I have a little asthma, and I think combined with the pressure on my chest triggered it). But once my boyfriend came in and hugged me, I heart rate lowered back to normal and I was fine :). Then the doctor fed me a cracker and gave me some liquid pain medicine, "Hydrocodone" I think is how it's spelled. Within 5 minutes I started sweating, getting dizzy, and I started getting hives all over my face, chest, back, and tummy. I felt awful. But a few doctors and nurses came in and determined I was having an allergic reaction to the medicine :(. They gave me a shot of Benadryl and I immediately started cooling off and my hives went away. The doctors told my family to monitor me and make sure I don't get any more hives that evening. After resting for another 20 minutes, I was ready to go home (I don't really remember the car ride). My doctor said he prefers his patients not wear any surgical bra/bandages after surgery (for the sole purpose of comfort for the patient), so I went home bra-less and free! lol

Once I got home, I was experiencing a lot of pain, and I tried not to use my arms much. I totally underestimating the amount of pain I would have. But my mother put ice on and off me every 20 minutes, which felt wonderful. My hives came back and went away every couple hours, but I didn't feel bad. I was instructed to drink LOTS of fluids to get that medication I was allergic to out of my system. Both my parents and boyfriend stayed in my bedroom talking to me all evening, waiting on me hand and foot; I'm so appreciative for their help. I could not have done it without them. My doctor called me around 8pm and spoke to my mom first and then me, asking how I was feeling. He was so kind and understanding :). He was also proud to report that I lost only a half of a shot glass full of blood! My mom gave me the most adorable vintage pajama set to sleep in (the top was a button up) and I went to bed at about midnight. I surprisingly slept so well! I feel very refreshed today!

Day 1 Post-Op:

I woke up at 8am feeling refreshed (most the anesthesia wore off, which makes me feel much better). However, the pain is much, much more intense than yesterday. Even with the muscle relaxer pill and the pain pill, it is still quite intense, but not unbearable. Icing helps a lot. I just feel so much soreness that it makes me tighten up my shoulders and abs. But breathing exercises helps me relax and control my breathing. I was told by my doctor that I am allowed to shower today, however I think I'll pass. My mom helped wipe me down with soap and water; a "cowgirl bath" is what she calls it, lol.
That's it for now! I haven't decided on a thumbs up or down at this point, because it's only 1 day post-op; However, although I'm still swollen, I can already tell I'm going to love my new boobs!!

P.S. I posted some photos that were taken the day of surgery. :)

Still Day One Post-Op Just a quick update :). I'm...

Still Day One Post-Op
Just a quick update :). I'm having difficulty holding my shoulders back and having good posture. When I hold my shoulders back, it becomes very tight and hurts. Anyone else experience this? I posted some photos of my breasts today, but I'm a little hunched over, lol. Besides this, the pain has been pretty bad, but the painkiller is helping, sorta. I took a 2 hour nap today, which felt great, but I woke up very stiff. I think I'm going to walk around more today to avoid this stiffness. But so far everything is going great! I love my size! :)

On the post above, I accidentally put Day 1...

On the post above, I accidentally put Day 1 post-op, but it was really Day two. So today is Day 3:

Well, the pain is still kicking my butt! And I still stand hunched over because it hurts to straighten up (I've been trying though, because I know it's important to flex those muscles and not stiffen up). But my mom and I believe the swelling is gradually going down each day, thanks to icing. I can't stress enough the importance of icing (20 min on and 20 min off)- it really does reduce swelling & cools your breasts down. They tend to get really hot to the touch and super tight, so the icing makes them feel so much better. My breasts are still very hard (they're like boobs of steel, seriously) and I still haven't regained full sensation in them yet. My mom measured me, and I'm currently a DD. Kinda freaked me out when I heard that, lol. But my doctor told me that once the swelling goes down, I'd more than likely be a medium C cup.

I don't know if it's because I've never really had a surgery before (besides wisdom teeth removal) or the fact that the implants were placed under the muscle instead of over, or if I'm just being a big baby, but the pain is awful. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I definitely underestimated the amount of pain and pressure there would be. The painkiller I was prescribed, Percocet, along with the muscle relaxer, Flexeril, does help mask some of that pain, but it is still very uncomfortable. I'm hoping the pain will begin to subside in the next few days because I'm DYING to try on some clothes in my closet that I never could quite fill out before! How exciting! :)

Day 4: By far the easiest day yet :). I decided...

Day 4:

By far the easiest day yet :). I decided to change my decision on the surgery from "Not sure" to "Yes" because I'm already thrilled with the results (even though they're swollen). I woke up with moderate pain, but once I started moving I felt better. I haven't taken any painkillers today yet, just a muscle relaxer. At the risk of providing too much information, I still haven't had a bowel movement yet. Since surgery day, I've been drinking prune juice and had some Metamucil fiber cookies, but still nothing. So my father is going to run to the store to get something to help. I'm still having trouble holding my shoulders back & having good posture; I keep wanting to hunch over, like I'm trying to protect them. I've spent most of my time lounging around and reading. My mother gave me the Victoria's Secret catalog that came in the mail and I just love looking at it! Having never owned a Victoria's Secret bra before, it still hasn't hit me that I will be able to walk in that store with confidence and be able to wear a "big girl" bra, instead of tiny little training bras I was used to.

I've been spending the night at my parents house (my mom is in "super mommy-ing mode", as she calls it), waiting on me hand and foot. My boyfriend has been staying here too, but commuting back and forth throughout the day to our apartment to check on our cats. Today he's going to drive me there so I get to give them some love and attention, I'm so excited :). I think it'll also be nice to get out instead of staying cooped up and quarantined. That's it for now! Just going to continue focusing on relaxing & recovering. Probably take a nice nap today :). I also posted a few photos from today.

Here's a few tips that I thought might be helpful for those of you who are planning on getting this surgery done.

Tip: After surgery, ask a nurse for an ice sock. When you get home, you can put bags of peas in it and it fits perfectly across your chest :).
Tip: Ice, Ice, Ice. It not only feels great but it really reduced the swelling and tightness for me.
Tip: Bendable straws are a miracle! And remember to drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated. I've found Gatorade really helps replenish and give me electrolytes I need.

Day 5: With each passing day, the pain keeps...

Day 5:

With each passing day, the pain keeps getting less and less. I only have taken one painkiller & muscle relaxer today, and feel good. Occasionally my breast quivers, (like a muscle spasm?) but it doesn't hurt; just feels weird. I was able to do much more today than I had been doing, such as opening drawers/doors, grabbing something, etc.. I took my second shower today, which was much easier, but still have to have my mother wash my hair in the sink for me. I went for a car ride last night and it was a little uncomfortable. When the car hit even the tiniest bump and my breast jiggled, it was unpleasant. However, when I went for another car ride today, it was much better :). I still have not driven, and I think I won't for a while longer until I feel much, much better.

The only complaints I have right now is the stiffness of waking up in the morning, numbness on my breasts, being bloated and constipated from the drugs, and feeling like I'm unable to stand up straight, which results in a lot of neck and back pain. Also, in my opinion, my breasts have swollen a little more- which I was told by the doctor is normal- but makes my chest feel a little tighter. I tried on a couple of dresses today that I've had for years but could never fill out and almost started crying because I loved the way it looked on me! All the teasing I got from boys and girls as I was growing up, all the insecurities about my breasts, all the rude comments I received throughout the years immediately flew out the window once I put that dress on. I felt like a million bucks! :). And it was in that moment that I really felt that I made the right decision for myself and that life is way too short to feel anything but special and beautiful. I'm so glad I chose to do this for myself and it has already helped restore my confidence immensely.

Day 10 post-op: Ah! It's been awhile since I've...

Day 10 post-op:
Ah! It's been awhile since I've updated and a lot has happened! I had my Post-op appointment with my doctor to remove my stitches 8 days after surgery. It didn't hurt too bad, just felt weird. He recommends using Mederma scar cream, so I purchased that and am using it daily. He was really pleased with the results, as am I :).

I stopped my pain killer and muscle relaxer three days ago. Like I've mentioned before...I totally underestimated the amount of pain involved in recovering from a breast augmentation. I don't know if it's just me being a big baby, but it's rough! However, I do believe that I have reduced a lot of pain because I have had everyone do everything for me (it was so hard, but I forced myself to be a lazy bum!). That, I think, is the key to a successful and QUICK recovery, and has probably shaved off a few days of pain. My boyfriend and I stayed at my parents house for 8 days, and it really helped me having three people there to do things for me. :) Now, ten days after surgery, I am able to open doors, pick up small things, put my clothes on/off, etc. I can drive also, but prefer not to because it hurts turning the wheel. And I I can reach both arms straight up in the air, but it's still a little sore. I'm able to hold my shoulders back better now, and have good posture (thankfully!) unlike the days following the surgery, as I was hunching over. I'm a lot more self-sufficent now, which makes me feel a lot better. My breasts are getting softer every day. They still make weird popping/gurgling noises, but my doctor says that is normal and due to air pockets.

I went shopping today with my boyfriend and bought two adorable bras! I washed them, so when they're dry tomorrow I'll put them on and take photos to post :). It was so bizarre shopping for bras; I still couldn't believe I was able to try on these beautiful bras that I dreamed of wearing. I'm currently a large C or small D, but when my swelling subsides, my doctor says I will be a C. I'm still in shock! So far, this has been a wonderful experience. Although it was been painful and at times frustrating, within 10 days I'm feeling great and my confidence is so much higher. I can only imagine how I'll feel a month from now! Thanks for all the support from everyone here on RealSelf, it has really meant a lot :).

I'll post photos tomorrow!

2 weeks post-op: Wow, I finally made it to 2...

2 weeks post-op:

Wow, I finally made it to 2 wks post-op?! Never thought this day would come! I remember counting the (very slow) days leading up to surgery, but the recovery process after surgery has been much slower, lol. I've had relatively zero pain for 5ish days now. However, I'm still unable to comfortably sleep on my side at night (major bummer!!). I can now drive comfortably, but I still take it very slow turning the wheel. I haven't been taking Tylenol for pain for days and am feeling really good :). I still need to call my PS and ask him when I can resume my daily jogs; it's been killing me not being able to run!

My breasts are still firm, but getting softer and softer by the day. My nipples are also still swollen. I still have a nasty bruise on my left upper breast and hoping it fades before school starts Monday! I have most all my sensation on my left breast, but am still missing some sensation on my right breast. My right breast is also a tad bit sorer and swollen than my left, maybe it's because I'm right-handed and use it more? But my incision wounds are healing wonderfully and my boyfriend informs me they are getting smaller and smaller by the day (thanks to Mederma). Overall, this experience has been quite a journey. I've learned a lot more about myself and I think this augmentation has been one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. :)

17 days post-op Just wanted to give a quick...

17 days post-op

Just wanted to give a quick update! Last night I noticed a small, vertical line under my left breasts incision whenever I lifted my hands over my head. It really freaked me out. And it's quite tender and sore to whenever I stretch or touch it. It appears to be a vein of some sort? Well, anyways, I researched it, and thanks to the lovely advice and information available of RealSelf, I was able to find other women with the same issue, (usually just a couple weeks after surgery too), and it's called "Mondor's Disease" or "Mondor's syndrome of superficial thrombophlebitis". I read up a little more about it, but luckily (LUCKILY!!) it usually resolves on it's own without any treatment and is no big deal at all. PHEW! It's not the prettiest looking thing, looks like a weird vertical cord, but hopefully it will go away. Soon, please. And hopefully I won't get it on my left side. So please keep your fingers crossed for me :).

For anyone interested in what this looks like or information about it, I found this RealSelf question and photos that helped me out a lot. Here's the link:

But besides the weird cord/vein thing, I've been doing pretty well :). I'm still sore; feels mostly just like pulled muscles. I still have the ugly bruise on my upper left breast, and my nipples are still a little swollen. But I feel wonderful and I really believe I chose the perfect size for my frame. My sweet father, as awkward as this whole experience has been for him I'm sure, actually gave me the sweetest compliment today. He said it was so wonderful seeing me hold my shoulders back and "holding myself like a princess". Before my augmentation, I used to slouch a lot because I was very insecure with my breasts. So I guess I didn't really notice, but maybe I have been standing a little taller. And that makes me smile :)
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