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195cc/215cc Silicone gel Dr. VanNatta, Indiana...

195cc/215cc Silicone gel
Dr. VanNatta, Indiana

So I spent A LOT of time lurking on this site so it only seems right that I write a review of my experience. I so greatly appreciated the detailed reviews that were similar to what I was hoping for. To start I have wanted boobs since I was old enough to know what boobs were. My breasts stopped growing sometime in middle school and I ended up with a full A cup on my left side and a full B cup on my right. I also had areolas that I considered to be disproportionately large for my small breasts. In my early 20's I went to 3 different consultations, one of which would be the doctor I chose 7 years later. I waited so long mostly for financial reasons, but also because I had never had any kind of surgery and I was scared. Fast forward to 2016, I am 30 and in a position to pay for this surgery. I decided on a whim to go back to the doctor I liked best to refresh my memory of what could be done for me. I also had a close friend have her breasts done by this surgeon and they turned out AMAZING. By the time I went in for my consultation I had come to a point in my life where I no longer actively hated my breast and had come to peace with the size difference, so I was a tad unsure. The appointment went very quickly and the doctor made me feel confidant and comfortable that he knew exactly what I wanted. I was not interested in the augmented look, in fact I was hoping that once I had this done no one but very close friends would even notice. I basically just wanted him to "fill up" the breasts I had. He only does natural looking augmentation and uses the Rapid Recovery program so I knew I was in the right hands and I scheduled my surgery for one month later. In that time I went back and forth with rather or not I had made the right decision and spent all of my free time looking around the internet for information to back up my hopes. I would like to say at this point that this might not have been the best idea. There are SO MANY bad augmentations out there, it really scared me even though I knew I had picked one of the best doctors available.

Day of Surgery: I went in at 6am. The nurses, anesthesiologist, and all the staff were so friendly and helped me to feel as calm as possible. I was very scared about being put under but it all happened so fast I didn't even have time to freak out. I laid on the table, tasted an odd metallic flavor in my mouth (the medicine) and then I woke up after the surgery! It was like 10 seconds had passed but it had been an hour. I felt pretty good waking up. I had a decent amount of nausea from the anesthesia but they gave me some meds for that. My husband drove me home and I laid on the couch as directed for two hours. My chest felt tight but no actual pain. To help with the symmetry the doctor took a long strip of skin under the fold of my left breast out. He gave me a 215cc in my right smaller breast and 195cc in my left larger breast. I got up after that and took a shower. The Rapid Recovery program calls for no tight binding, and no narcotic pain meds as well as doing arm raises every half hour/hour for the next couple weeks. The idea is that the more you move the muscles, the less tightness you are going to feel. It did hurt a little to do them at first, but the more I moved the better it felt. I was able to shower myself completely. I washed my hair and stood there letting the warm water run over my boobs to help loosen the muscles. I could tell even as swollen and firm as they were that they would be exactly like I had hoped. I was just very exhausted that first day. I took the sleeping pill they gave me that night and fell asleep (on my back) early.

Day two: Now with all the surgery pain meds out of my system and the numbing shots worn off I was VERY sore in the morning. I was unable to use my arms to push myself up from my sleeping position and had to kind of do a worm like half roll half scoot to the edge of the bed. I would compare the worst of the pain I felt those first few days to a badly sprained ankle. Yes it hurts, yes it impairs some forms of movement, but you can live with it. It won't stop you from living your daily life. My breasts were pretty high (but not so much that you could see the roundness in any of my normal t-shirts) and swollen and very firm. I certainly had the square boob look. From this point on for about a week and a half every morning I woke up I felt 100% better than I did the day before. I continued with my arm raises, took arnica montana and the 800mg Tylenol as prescribed (no narcotics!!) and was fine.

2 to 4 weeks post op: After two weeks most all of my pain was gone during all movements aside from the few times I forgot I was still healing and would over do it. I had my steri-strips on until the two week mark. It was still a bit painful to reach up to pull down the trunk door of my SUV and I once grabbed the dog's collar as he was trying to run away and that one hurt pretty good. More than anything I was so much NOT in pain that it would be annoying when I would exert myself and be reminded that I needed to take it easy. Still a decent amount of tightness in my skin and around my scars but the stretching, scar massage and laying on my breast for 10-15 minuets at a time would alleviate that tightness.

Today is one month and one week: I am able to do push ups now (though I can feel the weakness in the pec muscle and that I do need to be aware of that). I am able to lift and pull everything I have come into contact with. I don't exercise regularly with lifting weights so I can't speak on that but all my every day mom and two dog and work life movements are back to normal. I think my breasts have "dropped and fluffed" as much as they will and I couldn't be happier. They are so much more symmetrical, my areolas now look more proportionate to the size of my breast (that is a deep seated insecurity and I still don't love them. There is no such thing as perfect even with surgery and you must manage your expectations with reality) , and I can fit into all of my clothes but not my bras and only a couple swim suit tops. Just what I wanted! I went from an A/B to a solid C. Basically my shape is slightly larger than how I looked before with a push up bra on, but I no longer need to wear a bra! I can fully lay on my breasts even on a hard surface like the floor with no pain. It does kind of feel like I am laying on a rolled up towel though. It was SO SO worth it and Rapid Recovery is the ONLY way to do it. There is NO REASON you should not be able to shower yourself, drive with in 48 hours and make your own food, put on your makeup and do almost everything you need in your life. Do not accept more pain than is necessary!

Tips and Advice
-Once you are ready to go out and about with out a bra I recommend Nippies Skin nipple covers. They are reusable silicon pasties that work great, are very comfy and make you feel confidant braless.
-Be sure to sleep on the edge of your bed even if thats not "your side". It will be much easier to get out of bed that first week when you are too sore to push yourself up.
-Your abs will also be sore from the amount of , well crunches you will be doing to get yourself up and down.
-I couldn't bring myself to lay on my breasts for the first few days and when I did it would hurt pretty good but it really does help and feel better after.
-The over sensitivity you will feel a couple weeks after your augmentation is real. It felt like the whole bottom hemisphere of my breasts had been dragged over asphalt. Or like a new shoe blister.
-Neosporin those scars!
-Get yourself a stretchy but loose bralette/sports bra. Even 4 weeks out my scars are tender when they are rubbed on all day by a bra.
-No one has asked me if I got my breasts done, but people keep insisting I lost weight which I did not. I think its the more proportionate figure I have now.

OK.....that was a lot thanks for hanging in. Feel free to message me with any and all questions. Also I will update with photos later.

Size Update

My body type is 5'4'' and 130lbs by the way.
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