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Hey ladies! Jut a little background of me. I'm 26...

Hey ladies! Jut a little background of me. I'm 26 years old with 3 girls who I breastfed. I just quit breastfeeding my third and last baby who is 16 months old. I use to be a solid C but after babies and breastfeeding I'm a aa. Now that I'm done having babies I've started researching and looking to interview doctors for when I can boobs. I have a few interviews set up. What all did you guys look for when choosing? And how long do most suggest to wait for after breastfeeding or how long did you wait? Any advice is much appreciated!

Mine vs wish

Just an update of what I'm working with vs what size I think I'm going to like.


Ahh!! So. I went for my consultation today. I have decided on 420cc to 500 cc saline hp implants. My darling husband couldnt make it but we will be sceduling my appointment on friday when he gets home from work!!! Its been 6 months now since I quit nursing. No longer have any milk production. Doc says i am ready to go! Woot!! I swear its like being on cloud 9 when getting boobs. Im beyond happy with my choice in doctor and size!! I cant wait!!!


So i scheduled my surgery! Its july 18th! Im super excited and anxious! Any before tips?

Longest 3 week wait ever!

Just wanted to share what im working with. Im currently a 32 b. Planning hp 500cc saline under the muscle. I am 5'6 115 lbs.

More wish boobies

My preop is on my monday then i will only have 1 week left until Surgery day!!! I bought a couple zip up sports bra one from champion and one from walmart. I got them in a medium/large. Im super anxious. Already not sleeping a whole lot.


So. I completely spaced out and forgot to update yesterday about how my preop went! Everything went super smooth. They gave me some paperwork and went over everything again. I was super scared to get saline because of rippling but I'm also super afraid of silicone as my cousin had it and had one rupture and had a ton of health issues with after which could have not been caused from the silicone. But i am a total worry wart so i stuck with Saline. The nurse made me feel 100 percent better about it. I also got my prescriptions and pictures taken. Shooting for a full D small DD. She told me to bring a zip up 32d if i could find one if not a 34 D was fine. I paid up completely. And the surgery center called me today to go over health questions and such. Im absolutely just blown away that this actually happening in less than a week. I've always dreamed about it. Even more so after children and breastfeeding. My boobs now look so unproportional to my body and it makes soooo uncomfortable. Thank goodness my husband and family are very supportive as i could not have done it without them. Its going to be so hard to not lift my 1.5 year old! She always falls asleep on my chest and she won't be able to for awhile so its going to be very interesting. Anyone else have something like this? How did your little ones react?

Sorry for the long post. Full of thoughts this evening. Lol. Countdown 6 days!!!

Just something funny

Wish boobs and my new favorite quote.. Lol. Its also my countdown clock picture


The girls are here!! Im sore as hell though. So i wont uodate much today

Hello boobs

Hey everyone:) just wanted to give an update on my new twins. So far I've had A LOT of pressure and some pains. Trying hard to not take the painkillers unless absolutely necessary. They look huge compared to what I'm use to. I cant wait to look at them for the first time. Im doing my arm stretches above my head. It does help a little but. My daughter (1.5 years old) is taking it hard. She always wants to climb all over me. And she can't. Im sleeping propped up on my couch because my bed is tall. Shes sleeping with my husband in our bed and last night she screamed for 10 minutes the first time then woke up around 5 crying for mommy :( its been hard to not hold her or hug her.

Post op day 2

So far still feel about the same. Super tired and sore. Its not really an unbearable pain just odd feeling. It reminds me of when i was breastfeeding and i would fill up. Ive been sleeping quite a bit from the meds im taking. My dr gave me pain killers but I've been doing ibuprofen and my muscle relaxer. Im saving the pain killer in case it gets worse. Ive heard the 3rd and 4th day are the worst so i want to have them in case that is true. Lol. One more day and ill be able to shower and take my bandages off! I can't wait to see! I will update tomorrow with some pictures hopefully to show my results :) thanks for all the support and well wishes ladies!


Took a peak and my boobs. They do look awesome like that so far. Loving the cleavage. Cant wait to see more!

Post op day 3ish

I finally got to shower and change my gauze out. Still swollen and riding high up. I changed my bra my other was digging into me and it was making me super sore. So im hoping this one doesn't annoy me. Is it supposed to be fairly tight? Im afraid if its too tight that ill get a uniboob ????

Day 4/5 post op

I woke up today with little to no pain. Definitely still tight and swollen but i don't feel the need to take any medications! Ive been pretty tired these last few days. I can lift my arms with no problems! I love the way they look so far. And they don't feel super hard so that's a plus. I have to go buy a bigger sports bra the 32d and 34ds are too tight and I'm pouring out of them! Never thought I'd say that! Ahh I'm so excited to see them progress! How are you guys holding up?

6 days post op

Not really much has changed. Still feeling super tight. No longer on pain medicine. And only one day left for my antibiotic. I go for my one week check up on Wednesday:) i love the way they look so far! Im still bloated :( and i can't get it to go away. Lol hopefully soon!

Hello ladies:)

8 days post op. My one week post op appointment is tomorrow! I feel pretty normal for the most part. The pain is mostly gone. Still get muscle spasms and morning boob sometimes. My girls are pretty squishy not really moveable just yet. And the bloat is gone!! Yay! They still feel a tad foreign to me. I love them so far. I love the projection. My husband loves the way they look also. He's pretty excited. Im still sleeping on the couch I'm terrified my lo will kick or try to lay on top of me. She's finally adjusted to sleeping without mommy in the bed. I really need to get a bigger sports bra. Mine no longer stays zipped up. I added a few different angles today. What should I expect at my post op appointment? How long did you ladies have to wear the strap?

Post op appointment

Hey! Just thought id do a quick update of my one week post op appointment! My dr looked at my incisions said they are healing nicely (which is why they itch like crazy). Back in 3 weeks to have them removed. Can't wait! Lol. I no longer have to wear that annoying band anymore. Although i have a love hate relationship with it. Because i got use to wearing it so now not wearing it i feel almost naked. My dr was very impressed with my results so far. I got the clear to sleep in whatever position i feel comfortable in. Im a side sleeper so its been hard sleeping on my back and propped up at that. As far as i feel. I feel normal. No tightness. No pain. My boobs are pretty squishy not quite movable yet but I'm sure they will be soon enough. I am BEYOND happy and ready to dress them up. They look great with my body. Although one day I hope i can maybe go a tad bigger haha. I LOVE big boobs. I don't know why. It could be just because i never really had them before other than pregnancy/breastfeeding. So. That bridge will be crossed and reevaluated probably years from now. I have boob greed. Well. That's really all i have for now. I think. I always think of things after the fact and I'm not sure if theirs an edit button here somewhere so if i remember i will add it to my next update. Hope everyone is doing well!


Had a weird experience last night just wanted to share and to see if it happened to anyone else. I stood up out of bed and i swear i felt my left implant drop. Its lower than my other now and its more jiggly. I was FREAKING out thinking it popped or something crazy. Haven't really had much else change or update yet. Currently 13 days post up.

16 dpo.

Hey! Not much to change again. Just thought I'd update some pics. One still seems a tad higher but they feel great soft and squishy. They started to jiggle and move so thats awesome! Ready to get these steristrips off on the 17th! I still feel my left implant move when i bend forward and i have this weird hard spot in my boob but i cant tell if its just a vein or something so i will have to ask my dr. Its not bothersome its just right by my nipple on the left boob so am curious. Im ready to wear a normal bra. Ive been going through the boobie blues the last few days but i think its just because I'm wearing a sports bra so you can't really tell size. Without it they look awesome. I still love them and feel super great about my decision. Im ready to start working out and doing normal things. I want to bra shop ugh. hahaa. Anxious.

3 weeks post op

So. Im having some major boobie blues. My left boob seems like its much smaller than my right when i look at it. I know I'm still early on and they are going to change a lot. But it makes me upset like they are both going to end up like that and be small. I hope my dr can ease my mind the 17th.. Anyone else??

1 month post op

Hey everyone! Just wanted to do an update! I am 4 weeks post op. Had my check up today and doctor said everything looks great. No more restrictions on doing anything! Got my steri strips removed! Yay! Dr said i can start wearing normal bras but to put gauze on the incision site if i do. Ive been living in a sports bra and I'm beyond ready to wear a normal bra. I posted two pictures of different bras. They are from Victoria's Secret size 32DD. Orange one was very comfortable although i felt like i was popping out of both. I don't want to buy anymore bras just yet. I got those off my sister. I have almost zero pain. Still get morning boob every so often. I have a swollen vein in my left boob so that was odd to feel lol. My incisions look fairly decent which kind of surprised me a little. Was expecting something crazy. Anyways. Doctor said my boobs look symmetrical but one has dropped a tad lower so that's probably why they looked different to me. Im a worry wart though haha. He said i do not need to come back unless i have concerns. I can call or text if i need to. My dr is seriously awesome. Made me feel so much more at ease with everything. If i ever need anything else done he will be my go to for sure! That is pretty much all I have so far. Let me know if you have any questions! And happy healing!

Almost 2 months post op

Just thought id share a few pictures. Im just a few days shy of 2 months. Everything has heeled properly. Ive dropped where I'll probably stay at according to my dr. I feel great. I love my boobs. I do sometimes wish they were just a little bigger. Just for the projection in clothing though. But I wouldn't change the size. Im currently fitting into a 32dd depending on the bra. Ive been waiting to get sized at Victoria's Secret until my 3 month mark. Thats also because I know ill be beyond excited and want to buy bras lol i own two so far. And they are mainly if I'm dressing up bras. Majority of the time I'm in my sports bra still. I do sleep in my sports bra also. Im scared to just be free haha. My husband loves them. He's over the newness of them though lol. I sleep in whatever position i feel comfortable in. I sometimes get this really bad pain in my lower part of my left boob by my ribcage so I'm waiting it out to see if its just my nerves trying to get back together. I don't work out as much as i used to with school starting things have been crazy! But ill get back there soon i hope! Hmm. Can't think of much else! But if you have any questions feel free to ask!
My stats again: 5'6. 115 lbs. preop 32a/b 430cc Mentor Saline implants in both!:)


Hey ladies! Do any of you use a tanning bed? My brothers getting married at the end of October and i am the maid of horror(Halloween wedding lol) i know tanning is super bad for your skin but was wondering how long you're supposed to wait to get in a tanning bed. Ill be 3 months post op in just a few weeks(seriously where did the time?) I'm healed up having no issues. My doc is closed on Fridays. But i will definitely call them on Monday to double check. Also I've added a picture with clothing so you can see projection. Im still iffy on my projection as i would love to be able to stick out more in clothing back to pushing them up.. which sucks but its better than having no boobs at all again. They still look great and I'm very happy with the results. Just stuck in the boob greed. Out of curiosity. Was wondering if its possible to go bigger later. My doctor put the max he could in me at this time but later down the road would they be able to go bigger? Hm. Im full of thoughts today.

A little over 3 months post op

Like what? Its ALREADY been 3 months? This is so crazy to me lol. Everything has been fine. Still having boobie greed. I feel so small in clothing. Now that everything has settled down and such they look so much smaller than what i wanted. I know its just because this is the biggest my body could handle so i am hoping that if I'm still unhappy in a few years i can go bigger. I try to remember what it was like before the surgery and that helps a ton. I hate having to wear pushup/padded bras still. Super frustrating. When did everyones boobie greed go away?


So it will be a year in July that i have had my implants. And I am still unhappy with my size. I feel small. When i have no bra on i still look almost flat chested. Its almost like just the top got filled out and that was it. So. That being said Has anyone gone as big as their surgeon said would fit and then went back to get a revision to go bigger? If so how long did you wait to go back?
Dr. Conkright

Absolutely loved Dr Conkright and his staff. Everyone Is very personable. My questions were answered and everything was well explained. They helped me figure out the look I was going for and the best way to go about it. Im very pleased with my results. Will definitely go back to them If i want anything else done! Highly recommended check them out if you're on the lookout for a great surgeon!

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