Vaser Liposuction - So Far So Good - India

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I'm from Mumbai/India btw - and the cost was...

I'm from Mumbai/India btw - and the cost was equivalent to $500

I'm 45, have two teenage sons and have accumalated a lot of fat in my belly area though I'm slim otherwise. Would never have thought of cosmetic surgery had it not been for my husband ( a surgeon) who got fed up with my constant carping about my permenantly 4 month pregnant abdomen. He said I was fine as I was but if it was such an issue for me I should go in for VASER liposelection as it was relatively painless and hasslefree. The plastic surgeon who does this happened to be good friend of our and between him and my husband they convinced me I was the perfect candidate for VASER - I didnt need weight loss, just body contouring on one specific part. Plus, they said, no amoount of dieting or excercise would help reduce my belly fat.

I eat healthy - and I excercise a LOT - alternate days at the gym and tennis lessons. Plus walks up a nearby hill with my dogs every day. Yet its been impossible to reduce my stubborn waistline by even an inch!

The plastic surgeon was very calm, gentle and reassuring. I was admitted one hr prior to the procedure. After the shaving, the doctor marked put the fatty areas on my abdomen ( felt weird somehow) and then photographed it.

After a few words with the anaesthetist ( they give general anaesthesia here) I was taken to the OT. My husband was with me throughout which was comforting. I went under anaesthesia and woke up only when I was back in my room, wrapped in a tight corset style garment.

The pain was pretty intense (scale of 7 on 10) for about half an hour after which I guess the painkillers started acting and it was quite bearable (scale 2 ) I was drowsy but oriented...the worst part was constantl wanting to pee ( due to the IV fluids as well as the 2.5 litres of saline which had been pumped under my skin getting absorbed)

I hate bed pans - so as soon as I could - and despite the protests of the nurses, insisted on walking to the loo - which I had to do every hour or so that day.

The pain was bearable...more like a soreness. I dozed off and on but by around 4pm was well enough to sit up, eat something, read and watch TV. Went home at 7.

I had a drain inserted under the skin - to drain off the fluid and remaining fat and have to keep it for 2 days - which is slightly annoying.

Slept restlessly that night though there was almost no pain.

havent taken off the garment yet so have no idea what difference has been made, but my husband who saw me before it was put on said that my stomach was noticibly flatter but there was some loose skin which will hopefully be taken care off by wearing the garment meticulously for 6 weeks.

Its Day 2 today - I'm quite comfortable. No pain - unless I make sudden movements. The fluid is still draining into the container. I can clamp it and remove the container if I want to walk around. I made my own tea this morning, and breakfast for the kids but that tired e out and I'm lying in bed watching TV all morning.

Cant eat a lot as my appetite is still poor. A few bites every few hrs is all I can manage. my stomach bloats ( due to the compression garmenT) if I taken even one extra bite.

I have to get the drain removed tomorrow when they will also change the garment to a smaller size. I'll see the immediate results of the surgery then.

I read all the posts on this forum before I underwent this so I thought I should share my experience too esp as I seem to be the only one from India till now. Overall the experience was good...I just hope the results are as good :)

I'm surprised everyone here seems to have had local anaesthesia. GA is the norm here - though it comes with its risks its far more comfortable. Also no one else has written about an indwelling drain. Most talk about pads which get wet and have to be changed constantly. the drain is a little cumbersome, but saves staining of clothes and bedsheets and is only in for 2 days.

Will update on my status soon.

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My doctors is a plastic surgeon who has done 500+ procedures. He travels all over the country and abroad conducting workshops in VASER liposuction and is the leading doctor in India on this subject. On a personal level he is calm ( for me thats the most imp quality in a doctor), gentle, friendly and helpfu;. His staff was similarly polite and helpful.

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