26 Year Old Male Considering BSSO to Correct my Underbite - India

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It all started with a Google search term "Lower...

It all started with a Google search term "Lower jaw forward" after taking several photos and wondering why my face appeared weird. I've had an underbite (mandibular prognathism) since my teenage years but didn't notice until my early 20s. Friends occasionally made (and still make) funny remarks about my jaw. Some of my cousins likened me to the cartoon character "Eustace Bagge" from 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' and this has severely affected my confidence socially. I'm also very conscious of my looks and regularly fold my lips to hide the effects of my underbite. I rarely take photos.

Recently, I noticed that when I yawn, there's a popping sound like a crack. This happens as I stretch the jaw bones when yawning. After some internet research, I found out this is called temporomandibular joint (TMJ). I don't know if the underbite surgery will correct this. I visited a local dentist who didn't have much to say but put me in touch with a surgeon in India who has invited me. I'm seriously considering this and might make the trip next month (January, 2015).

I've attached a photo of my maxila and mandible. Excuse the quality, I took this with a low quality camera. I'm still having a hard time deciding whether to proceed with the surgery now. Your opinions are welcome.

Now in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi - India; Four molars need to go

I've finally arrived New Delhi, India in preparation for my surgery. I thought I was going to get braces and wait a few months for the surgery, but the surgeon said I won't require braces before the surgery, however 4 of my molars must go to give room for the surgery which can happen anytime after 4 months. He has also said I will require genioplasty reduction.

My surgery (teeth removal) is scheduled to begin in less than an hour and I'm a bit worried. However, the surgeon seems nice and knowledgeable as he's done several of these procedures.

I'm paying about $600 USD to have the molars removed and would have to pay $7,500 USD for orthognathic surgery and genioplasty reduction.
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