Laser Hair Removal is Effective but Not As Much As I Would've Wanted - India

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Pros:some reduction in hair,softer hair(i...

Pros:some reduction in hair,softer hair(i think)
Cons:clinic does not care about hair growth between two treatments

Why i did it...
believe me when i say i must be among the 20 hairiest women on earth.i do not exaggerate.let me mother's side was unbelievably hairy,so obviously i couldn't have escaped the curse.But among all my female relatives from my mother's side i was the worst affected as i consumed medicines by the dozen due to an epileptic fit as a 7th grader and clinical depression in the 3rd year of graduation.during my second year of graduation i started aldactone(for excessive insulin,the cause of all my misery),lost about 8 kilograms of weight,then stopped aldactone as had to start anti-depression medicines.gained 20 kilograms,lost about 9 kilos again.result?deep stretch marks allover the body,and more unwanted hair than ever before :)

after studies i joined a news channel so was on-air often and required make up almost everyday.felt extremely embarrassed.hence,decided to go for the treatment.

now my parents are in Complete Denial about the extremity of my situation.after So Many treatments for other ailments already,they seemed tired of my they said,'alright.let's go for the facial hair first.for the rest of the body,let's buy you a full body veil,okay?'heck,i even tried to explain i am quite sure i have PCOS and should get myself checked for it but they effectively shut me up.

The treatment...
i consulted 2 offered very cheap treatment but looked a little shady.the other was much more expensive but was cleaner,had 'qualified' doctors and receptive staff.i opted for the later and signed up for the facial(upper lip,side burns and chin)program.

1st treatment:they took me to a room,asked me to lie down,cleaned my (v.v.oily)face with astringent,shaved the hair,applied a cooling gel and started the treatment.A marker-like thing was moved across the affected areas,sending tiny 'shocks',if i may say.the entire procedure was over within a half hour.

result?almost no hair for the first week.was came back,gradually,and almost as thick as before.

2nd treatment:same procedure repeated.
result?much the same,only this time,hair seemed to regrow faster

3rd treatment:same procedure repeated.
result?was terrified as had to shave quicker than earlier

4th treatment:changed the machine,same procedure repeated.
result?finer hair,reduction of up to 50%,according to my mom who used to thread my hair earlier.

my next treatment is in,when i touch my chin hair,it appears softer and less side locks too are a bit softer.really can't assess upper lip as got them threaded before they could grow fully(that is,before the treatment started)

my technician's advice to me is not to shave or bleach for at least one month before a sitting.otherwise,bleaching can be accompanied with 'trimming'.

i have 4 sittings left.even with 50% less hair,i get stares all the time.the salon lady who threads my eyebrows still keeps telling me i need to get chin,upper lips,etc done too.and of course,my legs,thighs,underarms,back,chest, stomach,butt and butt crack are abnormally hairy.

the silver lining?i live in India and think i am luckier than most people who are dying of poverty/malnutrition/female foeticide/cancer/progeria/malaria/diarrhoea/TB...

god bless us all.

kaya clinic

they smile,take money,smile when you go for the treatment,etc.But they seem extremely reluctant about touch up sessions,etc

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