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Well I'm sooo excited my pre-op is march 17 and I...

Well I'm sooo excited my pre-op is march 17 and I have a list of questions that I probably should have had ready during my consultation I didn't realize how much I needed to know all I knew was I wanted to get my breast augmentation done I've wanted this since I was probably 20! Right now I am about a 34b and I'm hoping to be a very full c, I know that they don't like to use the term C because they actually go by cc's... but it's the only way I know... during my consultation I showed her a picture she said I would have to go larger than the ones that I tried on which were about 375... so I really think after doing all the research I want to probably get about 400 to 425 CC moderate Plus... I'm getting the cohesive gel... I know a couple friends that's had it done and I get told to go under the muscle all the time but I don't know if that's going to be right for me I do want to look natural I'm going for fullness some projection but I definitely don't want a huge gap in between so I'm thinking subspatial and now I have to decide where I want them to go in I always thought I would go and my armpit but I don't want anyone going in blind my doctor's going to be Dr goldschmit Cleveland Clinic Independence location.... I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to go in under breast or Perry areolar

Wish Pics! 9 Days!

Ok it just hit me! I'm getting boobies in 9 days! Can anyone tell me how many cc's I should get to achieve my wish pics and what style, I'm just looking for opinions to give me a good idea my pre-op is this Thursday and I want to make sure I go over all my choices. Because during the consultation I said I knew what I wanted and it seems like there's a lot more choices than I thought. I want to be a full c n kinda think I may even go a tad bigger then my wish pics, HELP! And what items should I buy before surgery?


Please tell me these puppies can be nice and voluptuous with cleavage!!! And any advice to follow like absolute DO'S & DONT'S please :)

Let's get more acquainted!

Here's a few body shots just to give you an idea of my size and shape with clothes and without hell with it what do I got to lose! Give me boobies! The body shots actually a couple of months old and I've been working out 3 times a week since then so I'm a little bit more fit, BUT HEY HERE I AM!

Pre-Op Update... COUNTDOWN 4 DAYS!

I'm so glad to say Dr.G n staff took time to really talk to me n answer questions, look at pics & put up with my nervous babbles! I had all my blood work done and got all my prescriptions ready! I made a decision to go a bit bigger since I been thinking about it all along, and also going with Natrelle inspira 435 I believe... I been so nerve racked but this visit did help, except for....did I mention my nerves lol Dr. Told me to take a valium the night before to relax my chest muscles, (or me lol) and a patch for nausea the morning of. IM SO FREAKING EXCITED AND I CAN'T STOP THINKING! I gotta try to stop worrying and put my faith into Dr. Goldschmidt.... I also got me a bunch of sports bras, large and xlarge... I don't have any clue lol I've been a medium my whole life so idk the lady at doctor said just get mediums so I gotta go exchange the, but I'm keeping a large just in case. BOOBIES!

Good Morning! 3 days to go...

Here's a photo of the implants I was going to choose.... but I've decided on Allergens Natrelle Inspira because they are filled more to capacity. No photo of lose but instead of 457cc they are 435 or 445 ugh I can remember lol

2 Days till I'm on the "other side"!

So finishing up last minute stuff before my surgery Tuesday! Tomorrow (mon) at work I will be working in high gear because I'll be on light duty when I come back and I don't want to pile my co-worker up any worse than I have to... after work I'm gonna tomorrow I'm going to do some last minute grocery shopping and straight in up house... I got laundry done and meds and cup for 1st morning urine AND A BUTTON LOAD OF ANTICIPATION !!!!! I feel Im missing something and man I bet tomorrow will be the longest day ever! I'm already stressing about no coffee Monday morning! Surgery at noon and it's been probably well over 20 years since I've missed coffee lol

Surgery Tomorrow Morning!

Ok we'll I was sooo anxious but I've taken my valium... to relax my chest... (doctor ordered) and apparently it relaxes ALL lol I have anyi-nausea patch on and I'm just ready!!! Let's do this already I can't spend another minute overthinking! Especially size and just everything possible especially being put under... but... overwhelming excitement also! BOOBIES!

Surgery Day Today!

No food nor coffee and this patch has my mouth super duper dry and me really kind of dizzy, ang i scrubbed Down with dial really good, but im on my way n ill arrive at 11am WORDS CANNOT EXPLAIN


I'm on my way and I can't believe I'm actually doing this!

I DID IT!!!!!

Im home from surgery! I have some tightness n a litthe pain, but nothing pain meds can't help! Dr goldschmit and his team were wonderful I couldn't have asked for a better place to go they made me feel at ease and took really good care of me..... my husband stayed right along with me and he really really really just provided such a support system for me, heck he was nervous for me he was excited for me, he even said he felt like he was there to get something done because he just had nerves I guess that's empathy and excitement. The way they have my bandages wrapped it looks like I have a giant uniboob but they feel good they feel right I can't really tell a lot right now but I cannot wait to Peak I feel really good about the choice I made was size I went 445 allergen neutral Inspira subfacial !!!! I'm sooo happy! I woke up with coffee and crackers at my bedside and Dr goldschmit bought me a whole bouquet of flowers I can't believe it I think I'll send him a bottle of wine with his name on it it'll be great! I can't thank realself in math this site has provided me with a lot of answers to questions I had and just knowing that all you women are out there going through the same thing it really felt good I kind of needed that support system!

post-op photos and video!

more photos and video

I got flowers from Dr.G! And coffee!

One Day Post op, I'm on the OTHER SIDE!

Okay lovely ladies I may have done a lot of posting on your reviews today I know a lot of it may not have made sense I am medicated and I apologize lol I'm definitely feeling the pain my ribs are on fire for some reason and I still haven't got to see them but tomorrow morning I will get to remove the bandage and take a look so pictures will be as followed... I ran out of Tylenol that I was trying to take with my Percocet and I started hurting so bad that I went ahead and just took two Percocets I probably shouldn't have done that I did eat I bought me some prunes cuz I see that a lot of people get backed up from the medications so I've been eating prunes taking my antibiotics and I just want to look at my girls I just don't know why my ribs hurt so bad and believe it or not I don't know how my doctor's going to feel about this but I really think I need to go to work tomorrow even if I just sit there and answer the phone all day.....

The Big Reveal! DAY 3 POST-OP

Ok so after meds last night I wanted to fb, befriend & toast all my girls on here lol.... sorry too loopy I guess... Ok so I woke up and took all the dressing off, started shaking & nearly vomited.... my nerves were crazy.... but they are beautiful! It was just an overload of anxiety I guess and a lot of emotion! I attempted work.... not sure what I was thinking.... just answered phones all day but halfway though I needed to sit.... I labeled bottles of wine too but I should have stayed home. Also shout out to the best surgeon ever Dr Goldschmidt is the best he called me from his personal cell last night about 9:30 to check on me he told me to save the number in my phone and call if I need anything at all I got home from work today I let him know what happened and that I got to see them and how happy I was he answered me back in 10 seconds I've never had such great treatment from any physician in my life!

4 days Post-Op (LOVE)

So I've had some pain but through it I know my doctor told me to take it easy which I did I shouldn't have been working but I've been working ever since I went and did light duty Thursday Friday and today Saturday and I made it I feel great other than some pain which is to be expected I'm so happy about my decision with size and everything yes it crossed my mind I could of went slightly larger and then I write that straight out of my brain and I take a look in a mirror and realize how beautiful my boobs are! I feel like my incisions are a bit rough but I pray they'll heal better....

1 Week Today!

I have my 1 week post-op yesterday with the doctor he says everything is looking good Thursday my stitches will come out and then I hope to start using some scar treatment for some reason I think one of my boobs looks way bigger than the other one I definitely like the bigger version better LOL I LOVE THEM THOUGH

HELP! Rough couple days

9 days post-op, got stitches out today, Tuesday I had to call the doctor because I was having pain, and was really emotional my morale was really low.... which is weird because I'm really happy with my results... I started my menstrual the next day so that explained A LOT! Now I'm home and looking at my girls and now I notice a dent on my right boob! How is it I didn't see this BEFORE I LEFT DOCS OFFICE!? He says they look good and I feel like one looks like it dropped more than the other he said it's probably because I'm right handed but what about the small dent icing on my right breast I wish I would have noticed it earlier before I went to the doctor's office... HAS ANYONE EXPERIENCED THIS? Ugh I gotta smack myself back to normal lol

12 days post-op! Day 2 No Morning Boob!

Ok so yesterday I have to say I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! Not just my boobs in general, but my morale as well.... I'm happy to report that I've woke up the last 2 mornings and now and no "morning boob"!! I didn't know what that was before, but now I do lol Something tells me it could happen again but I'm so happy to be feeling like myself again!

Good Morning!

Ahhh I feel like myself again, EXCEPT WITH BIGGER TATA'S! Thankyou, now just to get back to my workout routine but I'm going to take it easy because I realize that's what I need for my body to continue to heal I was so close to having my tummy like I needed it for summer time and it seems like I'm back to square one but it's okay I can pick up I don't got far to go. I'm just thankful that I feel like a human being again and I love my new boobs although my left one is still much bigger I like it better than my right but I know they're both going to fall into place my white ones starting to look a little more normal I don't know I'm probably just overthinking every single detail I need to give them time... I can't wait to go do a sizing at Victoria's Secret I have no bars at this time and I'm afraid to buy them until I know exactly when it's right!


So I'm off work and relaxing, the last couple days my new boobs are itching like crazy! I don't scratch though becauseI remember from being pregnant n skin stretching... scratching causes stretch marks! So just lightly for relief.... I want lotion, vitamin a, E and coco butter! Also my I noticed they are softer when I was feeling them.... I've been doing ALOT of looking and not much touching. But tonight I really wanted to see how they felt and I'm so happy they aren't as hard mostly the bottoms but WOW! AND I'm sooo proportionate now!

SUNDAY SELFIE~Almost 3 weeks PO

So I thought morning boob was gone but its not and it's not just in morning! And mostly in my STUBBORN RIGHTY! But I'm hanging in there, NO PAIN, NO GAIN right?

3 weeks post op tomorrow!

Just a few pics for comparison on incision and change... I'll make a photo grid at my one month so I can really see any changes :)

Check up and complementary forehead Botox today

Soooo I never thought I'd be getting botox in my life! But hey, it's free and I have some lines in my forehead. I think my boobs are comming along but one is still larger and I still have glue on incisions. I posted a question with boob pics to doctors on here, I DON'T recommend listening to every single opinion.... they WILL get In your head! One of them told me they think my fold could be compromised! So I was frantically searching and obsessing, however I think he seen the glue and misjudged. Either way I have check up today and will ask my doc.

Scar Update! almost 3 weeks post op....

1 Month!

It's like woo hoo boobies and I love them! I'm soo happy I went through with it! I'm still having some uncomfortable sensations but they're comming along... I'll be shopping tomorrow for bras and teddies for my Hocking Hills Cabin trip with the hot tub n my hubby! It's our 3rd anniversary! We leave Thursday!

Bra Sizing!

So about a week ago I was told to buy myself a cheap bra with good support and not to spend too much money on it due to the changes that will be happening... I was curious to see what size I was close to... $10.00 and a 34 C. At first I was disappointed, but that quickly deminished when I seen my old girls lol. BUT TODAY.... I got some much needed tlc today at Victoria Secrets! I don't mind spending the money for our Hocking Hills trip thurs, EKKK! 34 TRIPLE D BABY! OMG THEY FEEL LIKE GOLD and make that walmart bra feel awful to put back on to pay lol I Got new panties, negligee, perfume, hair done, heels and a cute v neck jumper GET READY FOR A PHOTO SHOOT!

7 weeks! They Feel Like MINE now!!!!

Here's my photo Update... been so busy catching up from being practically disabled from surgery lol. I work in a winery n do ALOT of lifting.... so everything's been put on hold now I have a lot of my strength back I would entrust doing any major lifting butt I'm able to be almost a hundred percent and I've even been going to the gym today was the most I worked out still not much on arms but back to my abs legs and butt!
Dr. Matthew Goldschmidt

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