Im 17 Years Old Iam Getting a Rinoplastia - Mexico, MO

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Growing up i was uncomfortable with my nasal hump...

Growing up i was uncomfortable with my nasal hump my nose is small but it it noticable when i face a certain direction. The best part is that my surgery is today i feel excited /nervous , i will be posting pictures and updating every week on my progress. Do not be scared this is something many want ! Im a teen that was always self conscious about her self , always hope for the best , im up in a few hours . Dont eat any solids or liquid before the procedure . Make sure to leep yourself clean from your nostrils once the procedure is done . Have saline and tissue next to you all times to be keeping up the sanitation . It is important you sleep in a position that wont harm your face . Dont excersise after or make harsh movements . Wear comfortable cloth and put thin potato slices to lay on the brusing . IT WILL HELP THE SWELLING .

1day after procedure

No bruising ,such a blessing

Day 2

Some bruising no swelling yet , still a big blessing

Day three , (today )

Day 3 and small bruising under my eyes , hardly noticeable

Day 2

Day two no bruising no swelling , big blessing

Day four

No bruises nothing , just like day one and two :)

Day 4 with makeup

No noticable bruising , i dont have bruses even wothout makeup :)

Day 5!!!

Cast gets taken off wuuu , i cant wait

Cast is off day 5

No bruses just really bad swelling all over mu nose

Day 6

Still taped and swelling ..

Day 7 :-)

Still very swollen but better than yesterday

Day 11

This is my nose today still small swelling , but everything is in place no more mucus just pus comming out of one insicion , (i took care of. It already) but so far im loving my results :)

5th month

Small gussing right nostril but feeling great , breathing alot better

5th month


As i was going to the consultation i felt sure he was going to to a great job . I feel ready for the procedure . He is removing my nasal hump only .

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