My First Time Derma-Roller Experiment!!!

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Hi all, Today will be my first time in my entire...

Hi all,

Today will be my first time in my entire life using the "derma-roller" product. So far, I followed the directions and have used the products afterwards. It first felt uncomfortable and I was feared that I would puncture my skin, but after getting the hang of it, it was not as bad as some people had experienced and said it would be. Just a bit weird, but I think it's all in the mind. After all, you are using a roller with hundreds of tiny micro-needles sure you will feel terrified. The pain is very minimal, depending how you can deal with it. My face does seemed to be a little "pink" after the use. Also, the after feeling feels like "sunburn" and applying the product on my face, I do feel my face working to "restore" the skin. It does feel a bit "uncomfortable" but they did say it will minimize as it heals. So, I am waiting. I am pretty excited because after 4 micro-dermabrasions, I think that helped with my face prepping it to get good results with micro-needling. :)

RE: Micro Needling Update

So far it has been a few weeks since I got the micro-roller and used it. I will tell you this now, it really depends on your pain level. First, I followed ALL instructions and prep my skin, then I used the roller on my face. It did not seem to hurt or pinch, but let me tell you afterwards, it was very uncomfortable, seriously, I felt my skin tightening and tingling with the oil I put on my face afterwards. It will take time to get use to. But after all, my skin feels and looks great! It starts to be a bit tight and flaky, but that's normal I think. When I wake up in the morning, I look in the mirror, boy does my skin and complexion look and feels fabulous! I recommend this product to anyone who had "rolling acne" scars. It looks much better too! :)

I had 4 micro-dremabrasions before I started the micro-needling, but I heard that the two can improve a lot!

Hope this helps, I will try to post pictures of before and after soon. You can really see and tell the difference in the clarity and texture of my skin, I feel and look great!!

btw..I do not know why my photos are side ways like that!

update on my skin????

As you all know I suffered acne problems just like the rest of you out there. Trying up achieve my best and doing everything I can to make it better in appearance. Now it's been a few months, I am proud to say that my skin looks better and feels smoother even in the pictures, I didn't wear alot of makeup. My skin looks clean and non-visible. Thanks to using my snail mask, a good diet, the gym sauna and steam room, micro-dermabrasion and the derma-roller. I look and feel fabulous! !

My skin update :)

Hi all, after all this time my skin is finally close to perfect! It's so nice to not wear much makeup and still looks flawless and clean. As a Makeup Artist, I am very cautious about my appearance because my clients see my face up-close when I do their makeup and facials. So it's hard to show them how to take care of beautiful skin if you don't have beautiful skin. Best investment I have ever made in my life at this age. But here are my current pictures :)

Updated pictures

My updated and current pictures :)

I did this myself. It's pretty basic and simple. Just follow directions and don not try to put too much pressure when you use the roller. When you see your face turning "pink" at the area you already rolled a few times, then you know it's working. :) Now it's just the waiting game for me. Can not wait until the final results!! :)

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