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Hi, everyone! I first discovered this site and the...

Hi, everyone! I first discovered this site and the bbl procedure about two months ago. I'm only twenty, but ever since the age of eleven or twelve I've been unhappy with my body. When I was younger I just thought I was fat, but even after losing thirty pounds during my freshman year of college, I still disliked what I saw in the mirror and my clothes still didn't fit right. It's gotten to the point where I don't even want to date anyone, because I get so depressed about how I look. I walk around in sweatpants, and I try to distract people from my body by wearing lots of make-up and straightening my hair. It seems to work, since my face is pretty and my hair is nice, but I want my body to be just as beautiful.

Everyone around me thinks I'm crazy for even considering plastic surgery, and, honestly, a couple months ago I felt the same way. But, I've just become so uncomfortable in this body and if there is a procedure that has helped so many other women, why should I not take the opportunity to look better and feel better too?

I'm currently 5'4" I think and I'm around 135 pounds. At my thinnest I was 120, but even at that weight I had a gut, and my butt and boobs were basically non-existent. I gain a lot of weight in my thighs, my knees, and my calves, which makes my butt look even smaller. And to top it all off, I HAVE NO HIPS! Oh, and I'm also flat-chested.
My current measurements:
30" under bust
27" waist
32" around belly button
38" widest part of hips

Desired measurements:
29" (I don't even know if that's possible)

After having this procedure, I would like to have a flat stomach. The lower abdominal fat is what really bugs me so getting rid of that would be incredible. I have never had a flat stomach. Getting rid of the back fat and love handles would be nice too. I would really like to look like an hourglass, but I don't know if that is attainable for my frame. With regards to my bottom, I definitely want it to sit a little bit higher. I feel like right now it is really low and square. I'd also like the sides of my butt to be filled in more. Basically, I just want a big, round bubble butt, a tiny waist, and maybe some hips.

I would never consider doing this procedure in my own state. Big butts aren't all that popular where I live, so plastic surgeons don't usually do the procedure. I've sent emails to Dr. Salama's office and Dr. Azurin's office. I'm interested in Salama because so many women on this site have gone to him. I'm also interested in doing the BBL with his partner Dr. Rami Ghurani, because I've liked his results and people have said good things about his bedside manner. I emailed Dr. Azurin because of the results of women on here who went with him. I have read that he does not lipo the abdomen or inject fat into the hips, so I'm kind of torn on that. I want a flat stomach and hips as much as I want a nice butt. Any advice or information regarding these doctors would be greatly appreciated. Actually, any information on anything about preparing for the procedure and the recovery would really help me. I'd like to do the procedure in the summer of 2013.

I'm too scared to take pictures of myself at my current weight. I will at some point. I'll have to do that soon if I want to schedule my surgery. But right now I've posted some pictures of myself at around 125 pounds. These are about two months old, when I used to run every day.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I'm glad I have found a group of women who deal with similar issues. I feel very alone in this because my family and friends think I'm crazy. But, I just want to be able to wear whatever I want and look incredible. I want to be able to sit down and not feel the button on my pants digging into my gut. And, I'd like to be able to sit on a chair without my butt hurting because it's so bony.

I'll maybe post some wish pics too, I guess. Though those I really don't know what's attainable.

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