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So I've always been obsessed with big butts lol so...

So I've always been obsessed with big butts lol so after a year of contemplating it and months of stalking this app I've decided to do so. Here's the ironic part when I began searching for Doctors and came across Dr. Ortega. I searched for him on Instagram, he doesn't have one of his all. But spectrum had requested to follow me months before y'all lol and I never accepted nor looked on the page until that day. I'm just gonna consider this fate. Back to me I'm 24 5'8 and I way 255 I've lost 30 pounds already!! And I only have to lose 20 more. I want to lose 35 more if possible but I'm nervous I won't have enough fat I'm gonna up load pictures and I hope that I can make friends along this journey xoxo nesh

Wish pics!!!

Lately I've been having temporary second thoughts, mainly because of fear. The thought pain and the recovery has me so scared. But every time I get all cute or sexy it's looks great from the front but that back angle just doesn't do it FOR ME! I haven't had any complaints but it's just something I will feel so much more confident about. So I decided to put fear aside because I already put my money down lol and I really want this. Now I'm having a battle of big I want it. Sometimes I read reviews about people saying theirs getting small so I was thinking go big or go home right? But at the same time I don't want to over do it so here's some of ideal figures. Ttyl lovelies I appreciate you all ??????????

I gained 5 damn pounds y'all ????

All these damn cook outs and family gatherings. I can't even blame it on drinking cause I haven't really been doing much of that. But

Got my date y'all!!!

I can't believe I actually booked it so close but I felt I would take it ten times more serious if I did so it's official November 12th is my surgery so that means I'm gonna be bringing in the new year finer than a mutha fucker!!!???????????????????? I'm so excited and have yet tell my little guy friend because he's convinced I'm fine the way I am. I just think it'll be really weird of me to go weeks without seeing him and when I do wallah!! Lol idk but I'm gonna start ordering my supplies and I'm taking off of work for about a month and a half???????????????????????? probably unnecessary but I just a break from this place. I'm gonna wobble my ass to the gym Monday and get my shit all the way together. Ttyl ????????????

I need a recovery house ????

Ladies I need your help I been googling and doing my research but still am insure. Can you guys drop some names of recovery houses in Miami please? ????

Back on track

Ok so I'm back to getting myself ready for surgery. My new date is 4/19 I gotta lose 20 pounds but I want a traveling partner ???? my friend went last week alone and it made realize I don't wanna go by myself. Of course friends and family are like I'm not letting you go down there alone but it's not the same as someone going thru the same exact process so let me know I'm coming from Philly btw, ttyl ????
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