33 Years Old, No Kids and NEVER Had a BOOTY! Alvarezdoll! - Miami Beach, FL

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My date is set! I am so excited about my decision...

My date is set! I am so excited about my decision to make myself happy! All my life I have longed for a booty. I even worked out and did a million squats to just settle with a small round butt. Now that I am older and my body is becoming more resistant to my workouts I have chosen to just give my body a jump start. I started my journey this past week in full force I originally was going to book with Dr. Macdoo but because I do not watch television I didn't see what happened in the news.

In my search I stumbled across Dr. Stover and I made a phone call. That's when they mentioned Dr. Sergio Alvarez because for the dates I wanted Dr. Stover was booked. So I searched and found him on IG. Unfortunately his IG didn't not have as many pictures as I wished but the ones I saw and a review that I read really sold me. But then I was confused because he has his own office but visits others once a week. I called his private practice and was told he only works in that office which confused me further. I sent my pictures and was trying to secure my date but the coordinator never called me back. I ended up booking him through Imagenes Plastic Surgery with $500 down to reserve my date and price. Mercy the patient coordinator is very pleasant.

I live in South Florida so I will only need a recovery house for 3 days because my boyfriend said he would do it but he's not a nurse and the first day is critical. He will be staying with me the whole time for support. My coworkers know because I'm coordinating my time off and 2 individuals cannot be off at the same time. My family has not clue because they will talk me out of it. Now you guys know and now I start my journey.

She said, "yeah you need it" lol

Today at work I decided to tell one of my customers that I was getting a BBL. She thought I didnt need the BBL so she told me to get up so she can see lol. But when I showed her my backside she responded with, " yeah you need it" I busted out in laughter lol.

On another note getting this surgery is playing on my emotions. I'm thinking about all of the other things I could be doing with is money but then I would probably just be eating. Then I realize I'm doing this for me and that's that!

Need an earlier date

So the upcoming year will be a busy year for me. I am taking a few trips and one of them will be in April and if my surgery will be in February I might not be able to have the amount of fun I want. I am now looking for a date in January. I hope that my job, the surgeon and recovery house will allow me to take an earlier date. Please pray for me! I claim it!


Today I changed my surgery date to Jan. 11, 2017 because I just want to get it over with. Well, I have a trip in March that I want to be somewhat healed for and that is the real reason for the change. The only downside to the change is I still have not confirmed the dates with my job but I hope and pray my sx date will not be a problem.

I have a question for the dolls that have went through with the surgery. Is it necessary to get massages? I keep watching videos about liposuction and the doctors are saying the massages do nothing for the healing process. I am concerned about causing more damage.

30 Days Before the 30 days blood work exam

Okay so today marks the 30 day countdown for my sx blood work. At this point my bag is slowly getting there and I almost had a surgery buddy. But she went with a different RH. I spend a lot of time researching the surgery as if I'm writing a paper. I have so many questions.

I need to take a break!

It seems like no one is reading my entries but that's okay I'm keeping this for me.

I have been so obsessed with BBLs that I don't do anything else but look at butts all day. I went to my primary doctor for my well woman exam and told him what I was doing. I had a slight cough and chest congestion. He wanted to ensure I was good for sx and scheduled me a chest X-ray. I went and I'm clear I just have sinus issues.

Also, I am really in need for a detox from butts. Omg I am now 5 weeks away and I stopped taking my multi vitamins because it has vitamin E(causes blood loss during sx) and I'm now taking blood builders and vitamin c. I will purchase liquid iron next week and I'm also eating lots of spinach. I will start doing light workouts to help keep my hemoglobin up as well. I'm just ready to get it over with!

I thought I was taking a break.....

As my sx date gets closer I wish I could tel everyone. I am not one to beat around the bush or lie for no reason but I just wish I could share this experience with my family. The only group of people that know and support me are my boyfriend and my coworkers. Which leads me to at least want an sx buddy.

I have now added more iron to my vitamin regimen in order to keep up with my hemoglobin levels. "Blood Builders" ready do help. I take them first thing in the morning but I wonder they are making me more hungry? I stopped taking fish oil and drinking coffee which hasn't changed anything. I am also in the mood to buy clothes for work but I'm not sure what size so I won't even waste my money.

Dr. Sergio offers cell saver to patients that may need it at Imagenes Plastic Surgery. If I need it I'm getting it.

Labs next week!

Time is flying! I will be going in for labs on Thursday and then it's crunch time. I have also been keeping up with taking my iron and trying to not over do it. I am also trying my hardest to not buy any new clothes because my body will not be the same. In my mind I am 3 weeks away because the week before I will be so anxious that it doesn't even count. I'm going to need a mini trip after all of this.

30 day COUNTDOWN!!!!

Officially 30 days before my surgery. Now I feel like I have so much to do in such little time. I have to wash clothes and tidy the house before my surgery. We have guest every weekend for the past 3 weeks and I just have to get back in the swing of things. After my surgery I'm going to try a schedule a mini vacation. I feel like it will be needed.

Bags packed

I just have to add my robe. But I might wear it on surgery day.

My vitamin regimen

These are the daily vitamins I am currently taking and the times. They really make me feel energized and ready for anything. I don't even drink coffee anymore.

1. I take the plant liquid iron as soon as I wake up on an empty stomach. Right after, I drink 2 ounces of orange juice.
2. I take 2 Healthy Blood capsules around 3:00pm with water on a empty stomach or with food.
3. Multivitamins are taken with dinner.

*plant liquid iron- Best taken first thing in the morning. I was taking this at dinner time but it kept me up and I couldn't sleep at night

We will see how good this vitamin regimen works when I get my labs on Thursday.

Daily vitamin regimen

Here is the picture

Labs 12/15/2016

I will be getting my lads done tomorrow morning at Imagenes Plastic Surgery.

Got Labs Done!

Today I went to Imagenes Plastic Surgery and did my lads. Because I live in Miami I filled out my paperwork and took before pictures. While there the ladies asked me if I wanted to purchase my compression garment for $100. I was already fixed on a different one so I declined. I ended up purchasing my compression garment for $65 and I was happy, it's the one I wanted. I also purchased my hoppy pillow as well just to get that out of the way.

Now I must say there is now turning back. Once I get my labs back I'm paying off the surgery.


So 2 full weeks before my surgery and all this drama with my surgeon. Recently Dr. Alvarez became the director of Mia Cosmetics and has now stopped working at Spectrum. I am having my surgery at Imagenes Plastic Surgery but it's very confusing when things happen unexpectedly. I see lots of dolls switching because of rumors being spread about Dr. Alvarez but no surgeon is perfect. If a business has a track record for being unprofessional what ever they could possibly say pertaining to anyone to me should not considered factual. One reason I selected my surgery center is because I didn't see any drama connected to their office. Now when it come to Dr. Alvarez performing my surgery his work looks legit. Not everyone will get the exact results they want I understand that. Proper Communication is key in everything we do!

About 5 weeks a surgical coordinator asked me to come to her office and just get a free consultation, no harm she said. Well, I went on my lunch break and didn't even eat because I waited so long for the surgeon. Then when he came he told a patient the wrong information and slapped he head when the nurse called him out on it. When I told him I wanted hips he stumbled like he didn't know what to say. I might have went with him but while I was rushing to leave the surgical coordinator asked me if I wanted to give her my social security number so she can run my credit for a loan. I was like WHAT?????? Then she showed up at my job saying that I wasn't serious because she sees girls like me all the time shopping around and not doing anything lol. Not to mention she practically begged me to come for the consultation . And then she said because I told my coworkers I'm not serious and people don't do that. Again I was like WHAT???? Moral of my story is getting cosmetic surgery is not like buying a car. Don't let anyone force you into anything you don't feel comfortable with. Be aware of surgical coordinators they have money to make at the end of the day.

P. S. My surgical coordinator is AWESOME! Her name is Mercy at Imagenes Plastic Surgery and she answers my questions even on her days off!

Things are moving right along

I got my period! This period will be my period before my surgery so therefore I won't have my period during my surgery. Yayyyyyy!

Time if Flying!

Week after next I will be snatched! I went to the mall this past weekend and saw a doll with her garment on and walking very stiff. Seemed like like she was days post op.my boyfriend said that will not be us because we will be going to the park and not the mall lol. Last night we went to he best friend's Christmas party where he friends were trying to force me to drink ( I always have a drink with them) but I resisted. I did have about a teaspoon maybe less just to celebrate though hehe. Right after I ate some bread and drank water. They do not know about my surgery so they couldn't understand why I wasn't drinking but they will soon see.

My surgery is paid off!!! Now I just have to book massages and I might be able to use my insurance which is a big plus. I'm thinking about riding my bike for the two weeks I won't be able to take my vitamins because exercising helps keep your hemoglobin levels up and mine was 12.5.

I think I was a upside down heart shaped booty.

Now it's time to eat healthy!

In order to prepare for my surgery I was eating whatever I wanted. My surgery is in 13 days and I need to get back to where I was eating better. I feel gross with this extra weight. My coworker noticed I was gaining weight and called me chunky today lol. She figured it was for the surgery. Now I drink one glass of freshly blended beet juice daily for lunch and I'm taking my blood builders until my iron drops come and I am continuing to take vitamin c up until the day before surgery.

My Time off from work was just approved at work lol. Thank goodness because I would have been screwed. I was trying to book massages for the week after surgery with a clinic that will take my insurance but they no longer offer that service. But I am thinking about getting a massage before if it's covered. Why not? But I did schedule some massage sessions with a lady for the week I go back to work and she will be coming to my house so that is a plus.

Nightmares about sitting on my BUTT!

As my sx date comes closer. I am having nightmares about sitting on my butt right after surgery! These dreams feel so real!

Anyway, my current weight is 165 and I am currently only taking liquid iron and vitamin C. I blend raw beets with blueberries with orange juice every morning to keep my hemoglobin up. I love how I feel energized. I am scheduled for my pre op at 9am Tuesday morning at Imagenes Plastic Surgery. Right after that I have a dental appointment and after my dental appointment I'm going to my recovery house to meet my caretaker. I am still choosing to get cell saver to have a speedy recovery and to avoid having to get a blood transfusion. Also having your vitamins for post op is also key to healing.

My current size

Tomorrow is the Day!

I will be going in for my pre op at 9 am then buying my compression garment. I am so ready. Once I get my time for sx later I will be extra excited but now I'm just relaxing. My coworkers, friends and bf are all here supporting me and that feels great!

Today is the day my booty gets fatter!

Right now I am laying down in my bed. I went to bed around 12:00am and I woke up at 4:30am. That seems to be enough sleep for me today. I don't want to oversleep because where I live can be an hour away from Imagenes Plastic Surgery because of traffic. I will be leaving my house at 6:45am in order to make it there on time. My surgery because of the time seems to be the 2nd one of the day which isn't too bad.

Pre op for me because I live in Miami wasn't anything special. I did all my paper work when I went in to do my lads. I opted out of cell saver because I didn't need it. My hemo is about a 13 and I'm not getting aggressive lipo because I do plan on having children in the coming years. I didn't get to meet the Doctor because he is only at Imagenes on Wednesdays which isn't a big deal for me. Yesterday I was filled with mixed emotions about the surgery. This is normal! Today I am all in and ready to get my booty. I know pain comes with it but I'm going to keep positive thoughts about my decision and push through.

Keep me in your prays today!

I also tried getting my braces off but now because I won't be able to sit I will wait until April.

Things are moving right along

This is day 2 and I am feeling good. My butt is sore but that is expected and I have been walking since I left the clinic. I will write more later and load pictures as well.

My before and after pics

Ready to heal already!

This heal process with the bbl is no joke. I'm not meaning pain or anything surgically related. But the recovery is very trying on the mind and body. You don't understand how much sitting we do. I am counting the days toll I can sit again.

For example one trying situation is that since I'm not sitting I kneel on a pillow to eat because laying down and eating was giving me gas and indigestion. But kneeling hurts my knees within 3 minutes then I stand up then I'm legs get tired because my butt feels like a backpack filled with books is resting on my lower back. This is how recovery at this point is going, but then I look in the mirror and realize it will all be worth it !

My right but cheek has went down and is a little softer than the left one. I'm not sure if it's because I bumped the right cheek on everything so it healed faster, I'm not sure. One key element to recovery is fluids! I drink so much fluids especially water and it makes me pee constantly which is great because it gets me moving. Moving is great too! I still have the bbl wobble. Why it's a wobble is because when I'm walking the areas where the fay was injected get really tight and it feels like I will get a Charlie horse so I take it slow. But other than that I'm ready to walk without a wobble lol. So much information to share!

8 Days POST-OP

Okay so I made it! This journey has been real. My butt is still hard it is going through changes daily I can feel it. There are sharp shooting pains that happen from time to time. My hips are at 44 inches I love it! I do self massages every morning for 30 minutes. The journey does not stop after your surgery so be prepared. My compression socks are off and I am done with antibiotics yay! I will be purchasing another garment to wear at work that will be a little bit more smoother under my clothes. My elbows and knees are sore. At this point I have gotten 6 massages. One thing one no one told me was how to use Arnica gel and cream. So what I do now is I put them both on before bed every night it helps with soreness and the bruises. I start work in 3 days I will practice driving on Sunday.

Update pics


9 weeks!

I am happy with my results! Now planning a round 2 for more projection and even hips.

I'm getting a round 2

I started a new review for my round 2 because I will be doing that procedure with a different surgeon. I'm going to Cali, Colombia!
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Sergio Alvarez is a young amd talented plastic surgeon. Because of the place that I used to book him, I really didn't get to meet him prior to my surgery. Our first meeting was the day of surgery and he is very warm and welcoming which I really appreciated.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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