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My date is set! I am so excited about my decision...

My date is set! I am so excited about my decision to make myself happy! All my life I have longed for a booty. I even worked out and did a million squats to just settle with a small round butt. Now that I am older and my body is becoming more resistant to my workouts I have chosen to just give my body a jump start. I started my journey this past week in full force I originally was going to book with Dr. Macdoo but because I do not watch television I didn't see what happened in the news.

In my search I stumbled across Dr. Stover and I made a phone call. That's when they mentioned Dr. Sergio Alvarez because for the dates I wanted Dr. Stover was booked. So I searched and found him on IG. Unfortunately his IG didn't not have as many pictures as I wished but the ones I saw and a review that I read really sold me. But then I was confused because he has his own office but visits others once a week. I called his private practice and was told he only works in that office which confused me further. I sent my pictures and was trying to secure my date but the coordinator never called me back. I ended up booking him through Imagenes Plastic Surgery with $500 down to reserve my date and price. Mercy the patient coordinator is very pleasant.

I live in South Florida so I will only need a recovery house for 3 days because my boyfriend said he would do it but he's not a nurse and the first day is critical. He will be staying with me the whole time for support. My coworkers know because I'm coordinating my time off and 2 individuals cannot be off at the same time. My family has not clue because they will talk me out of it. Now you guys know and now I start my journey.

She said, "yeah you need it" lol

Today at work I decided to tell one of my customers that I was getting a BBL. She thought I didnt need the BBL so she told me to get up so she can see lol. But when I showed her my backside she responded with, " yeah you need it" I busted out in laughter lol.

On another note getting this surgery is playing on my emotions. I'm thinking about all of the other things I could be doing with is money but then I would probably just be eating. Then I realize I'm doing this for me and that's that!

Need an earlier date

So the upcoming year will be a busy year for me. I am taking a few trips and one of them will be in April and if my surgery will be in February I might not be able to have the amount of fun I want. I am now looking for a date in January. I hope that my job, the surgeon and recovery house will allow me to take an earlier date. Please pray for me! I claim it!


Today I changed my surgery date to Jan. 11, 2017 because I just want to get it over with. Well, I have a trip in March that I want to be somewhat healed for and that is the real reason for the change. The only downside to the change is I still have not confirmed the dates with my job but I hope and pray my sx date will not be a problem.

I have a question for the dolls that have went through with the surgery. Is it necessary to get massages? I keep watching videos about liposuction and the doctors are saying the massages do nothing for the healing process. I am concerned about causing more damage.

30 Days Before the 30 days blood work exam

Okay so today marks the 30 day countdown for my sx blood work. At this point my bag is slowly getting there and I almost had a surgery buddy. But she went with a different RH. I spend a lot of time researching the surgery as if I'm writing a paper. I have so many questions.

I need to take a break!

It seems like no one is reading my entries but that's okay I'm keeping this for me.

I have been so obsessed with BBLs that I don't do anything else but look at butts all day. I went to my primary doctor for my well woman exam and told him what I was doing. I had a slight cough and chest congestion. He wanted to ensure I was good for sx and scheduled me a chest X-ray. I went and I'm clear I just have sinus issues.

Also, I am really in need for a detox from butts. Omg I am now 5 weeks away and I stopped taking my multi vitamins because it has vitamin E(causes blood loss during sx) and I'm now taking blood builders and vitamin c. I will purchase liquid iron next week and I'm also eating lots of spinach. I will start doing light workouts to help keep my hemoglobin up as well. I'm just ready to get it over with!

I thought I was taking a break.....

As my sx date gets closer I wish I could tel everyone. I am not one to beat around the bush or lie for no reason but I just wish I could share this experience with my family. The only group of people that know and support me are my boyfriend and my coworkers. Which leads me to at least want an sx buddy.

I have now added more iron to my vitamin regimen in order to keep up with my hemoglobin levels. "Blood Builders" ready do help. I take them first thing in the morning but I wonder they are making me more hungry? I stopped taking fish oil and drinking coffee which hasn't changed anything. I am also in the mood to buy clothes for work but I'm not sure what size so I won't even waste my money.

Dr. Sergio offers cell saver to patients that may need it at Imagenes Plastic Surgery. If I need it I'm getting it.
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