33 Years Old, No Kids and NEVER Had a BOOTY! Alvarezdoll! - Miami Beach, FL

My date is set! I am so excited about my decision...

My date is set! I am so excited about my decision to make myself happy! All my life I have longed for a booty. I even worked out and did a million squats to just settle with a small round butt. Now that I am older and my body is becoming more resistant to my workouts I have chosen to just give my body a jump start. I started my journey this past week in full force I originally was going to book with Dr. Macdoo but because I do not watch television I didn't see what happened in the news.

In my search I stumbled across Dr. Stover and I made a phone call. That's when they mentioned Dr. Sergio Alvarez because for the dates I wanted Dr. Stover was booked. So I searched and found him on IG. Unfortunately his IG didn't not have as many pictures as I wished but the ones I saw and a review that I read really sold me. But then I was confused because he has his own office but visits others once a week. I called his private practice and was told he only works in that office which confused me further. I sent my pictures and was trying to secure my date but the coordinator never called me back. I ended up booking him through Imagenes Plastic Surgery with $500 down to reserve my date and price. Mercy the patient coordinator is very pleasant.

I live in South Florida so I will only need a recovery house for 3 days because my boyfriend said he would do it but he's not a nurse and the first day is critical. He will be staying with me the whole time for support. My coworkers know because I'm coordinating my time off and 2 individuals cannot be off at the same time. My family has not clue because they will talk me out of it. Now you guys know and now I start my journey.

She said, "yeah you need it" lol

Today at work I decided to tell one of my customers that I was getting a BBL. She thought I didnt need the BBL so she told me to get up so she can see lol. But when I showed her my backside she responded with, " yeah you need it" I busted out in laughter lol.

On another note getting this surgery is playing on my emotions. I'm thinking about all of the other things I could be doing with is money but then I would probably just be eating. Then I realize I'm doing this for me and that's that!

Need an earlier date

So the upcoming year will be a busy year for me. I am taking a few trips and one of them will be in April and if my surgery will be in February I might not be able to have the amount of fun I want. I am now looking for a date in January. I hope that my job, the surgeon and recovery house will allow me to take an earlier date. Please pray for me! I claim it!
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