I'm Soooo Glad I Did It !

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I had my lifestyle lift in dallas on feb 19th 09...

I had my lifestyle lift in dallas on feb 19th 09.  YES, I went back to work on day 5.  But, I'm one tough cookie and if I had benefits at work I would have taken at least a couple of more days off. :)

I know some people have had bad resuts, for that, I am truly sorry!  But, I actually had a bad surgical procedure (smart lipo to the jaw line) over a year ago and it wrecked my profile.  I felt like I had to smile all the time or sit a certain way so people would not notice how bad my face had become.  My facial structure was melted away too much and therefore the small amount of sagging I went in to fix was made 4 times worse as the skin had no structure under it anymore and within 4 months really started to sag and got worse over time.  So, I know how bad results can make you feel. 

I am simply thrilled with my LSL results.  But, I put in over 150 hours of research into the procedure and finding the right and recommended doctor.  You must research!

He listened to what I wanted and we discussed how the previous bad results could be changed. He did not promise me the moon. In fact, he was very conservative. He (so far) is my hero!

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