23 , 2 Kids , Big Boobies. Illinois, IL

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I wasn't going to write my story here, but I like...

I wasn't going to write my story here, but I like the thought of keeping track of my timeline and the amazing support I have seen on all the reviews I have read! Hoping to get the same support! I'm so nervous!!

I am 23 years old with a 2 year old AND 3 year old.
I have had a bigger chest size for as long as I can remember and I have ALWAYS hated them! But it wasn't until middle school when the boys started (believe it or not) making fun of how big was chest was .. I felt like a piece of meet like that was the only thing anybody ever saw!

starting in early high school I was up to a 34G-H which was still to small. And any of you with a smaller band size know how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find that size cup with that small band! so I would usually settle for what I could find of course nothin fitting properly. I have always been a little self conscious on how my clothes fit I feel my big chest makes me appear a lot chubbier than I really am. And of course as you all know I just want to be able to wear normal cute clothes :( AND FIT A CUTE SWIMSUIT!!!!!!

When I was 19 I had my first beautiful daughter and right after had my second beautiful daughter so basically pregnant 2 consecutive years lol my poor boobies never got time to heal from the first!
Since having my babies my boobs have become ENOURMOUS!! and I feel like any weight I gain goes straight to them!

I have been considering a breast reduction for awhile now! just with 2 little ones and work and school have never had time to sit and really look into! I came across this wonderful sight on accident and after reading all your wonderful stories and seeing the amazing transformations I decided it's time to just suck it up and get it over with!!

I have an appointment for next Wednesday May 25th with my primary Doctor to get a referral and a consultation with a plastic surgeon where I'm from 'Dr. Russel' in Thursday the 26th. I've got so many questions for each appointment. I'm driving myself insane doing all this research!

any advice is so greatly appreciated!!
Thanks ladies!

sharp pain in kneck can't sleep

just a question for anybody..sometime I get this really sharp pain at the bottom of my kneck/top of my back and it only happens when I take my
Bra off but KIND OF gets better when I lay down..anybody else with big breast or ladies before your BR experience something like this? it gets worse over time!

and if you did experience this before your BR did it ever get better after surgery?

32H (at least that's what my bra tag says)

I've never actually taken a picture of my chest or really looked and paid attention .. they really are so much bigger than I made myself believe they are!

Reschedule appointment.

first dr appointment was supposed to be this morning but was late due to getting pulled over :( had to reschedule for next week

Appointment/consult tomorrow FINALLY!

hey ladies!
I finally have a doctors appointment tomorrow!
in the morning with my PC for a routine physical and for a referral. Then later in the afternoon with 1 of the plastic surgeons I'm looking in to.
Any tips for either appointment like what to ask or what to mention?
I have some 'before and after' photos to show the PS so he has clear understanding of what I'm looking for..although I know there is no2 results the same.

more pics..

Does anyone else notice it is harder to breathe while laying on your back? Then once I turn to the side it's like my airways are reopen ... sssoooo ready for them to be gone :(

Letter of medical necessity .. Help

Consultation was great. But for insurance they want a 'letter of medical necessity' I didn't really understand how she was explaining it...I understand what it has to say but the timing is what has me confused..
I asked if I should just go to my primary care doctor and complain about back pain or do I have to go to a few different appointments so show a pattern...
The plastic surgeon , Dr. Russel , took one look at my breasts and was VERY confident I would be approved by insurance and he didn't seem to concerned about this letter...

Has anyone else needed a letter like this? what should I do!!

Chiropractor Appt

I'm trying to keep my story as detailed as possible so excuse the boring parts lol I'm hoping it will help somebody somewhere.. Anyways.. I made and appointment with the chiropractor for next Tuesday. when I called to set up the appointment I explained what was going on and my need for this medical letter...the receptionist seemed pretty annoyed , probably because she felt like it was a waste of time which I can't blame her I feel the same! I hope they can give me what I need, even though I'm wanting to wait until September.. I know k have plenty time just feels better to get everything straightened out as soon as possible.
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