My Journey Begins - Illinois/ 5 weeks PO on 7-14-12

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I will start by saying I am 5'2 and a 1/2...

I will start by saying I am 5'2 and a 1/2 currently 159 pds give or take and turning 40 this year. (yikes) and decided I wanna treat myself to this. I have 3 children 22,20 and 14. and All by C-section. So I have what I refer to as a flap, It's mine I earned it and it was well worth it! But now it's time to trade it in on a better body. I have battled weight issues my entire life. My highest weight was around 189 pds and my lowest around 137 which by the way everyone said I looked sick at this weight That being said I am (bellieve it or not) very comfortable at about 150ish I like my curves for the most part I just want more solid curves and a flat tummy I quit smoking about 4 years ago and decided to get in shape on and off an average of 4 days a week at the gym working out mostly cardio and adding some weight training I watch what I eat but my job is alot of sitting. Of course I fall the wagon occasionally and don't go to the gym for weeks and then jump back into it like a maniac. This is not my first rodeo with plastic surgery.I had breat augmentaion about 15 years ago to fix a big size difference I told everyone I was trading up my husband at the time for a new set of boobs (I traded one boob for two : ) Ladies if anyone is thinking about breast augmentation. It is the best thing I ever did besides my three wonderful children. Anyhow I have a new husband who is sooo wonderful and great job and a full happy life. I have been reading reviews on here and wow I have laghed and cried and followed other journeys. i feel like I know some of you personally and I love this site! I am addicted! My husband walks in and I'm balling he says what are you upset about and I have to tell him it's because I'm reading stories on a tummy tuck blog LOL Anywhoo my first consult is today! Yipee I am nervous and excited all at once Feeling a bit weepy?? Cant explain it? Wish me luck Oh and I'm uploading some before pics and hoping to actually schdule this for June / I have a consult today, One on the 4th and one on the 8t to pick the best PS

Ok so my PS appointment didn't go exactly as...

Ok so my PS appointment didn't go exactly as planned.
I didn't really get to ask all the questions I had in mind.
He was nice and all but he was trying to book it and I was up front about
getting 2 other consults first and then making a decision.

I felt like it went a little bit down hill from there.
I'm really not sure he can get me the results I want and it seemed as though he did mostly breast Augmentation.

He said he is doing 3 things for me at the price he quoted (8000)
He is tightening my stomach muscles , removing te excess skin and lipoing my upper
stomac area.
There really were not enough examples of his work
It was really an eye opener
Also I really thought I would be able to get Lipo on the backs of my legs while I was under the anesthesia but he says he does those procedures seperately
which is Ok I was prepared for that .
I really came away feeling out of shape and fat ( I hate surgical panties)

: ( so sad I built this up so much today I was so excited about this consult
couldnt even sleep last night thinking about it

Well wish me luck I have one more on the 4th and one on the 8th I hope one of them
makes me feel more confident In them ?

Ok so I had my second consult today and it went...

Ok so I had my second consult today and it went much better than the first and I really like this Ps no frills straight to the point and professional didn't feel like he was trying to sell me something or uPsell anything.
Only thing was it was much more expensive because there is a hospital ans over night stay . : (
Not completely against this just about 4000 more the way they broke it down was 7500 for the tt with upper leg LIpo inner outer thighs and flanks 2600 for hospital room overnight other 1500 anistesiologist pardon my spelling I'm doing this on my phone and I'm to impatient to go back and correct : )
He may or may not need to do mucsle repair? Is a case to case basis
I have very solid core and abmuscles they are just under a bunch of blubber lol I do crunches leg lifts sit up almost daily
The only other down side was the date they can do it will only
Give 10 days off and then I can work from home a few days after that on my lap top
What do y'all think about the time off? Enough or not?

Yeah PS # 3 is the one!! I really liked Him!!! I...

Yeah PS # 3 is the one!! I really liked Him!!! I am so happy happy happy. I have to drive about 2 hours but I think he is worth it.
I am booked for June 7th : ) at 10 Am
I'm having TT, Vaser Lipo on my Thighs medial, Lateral , Hips Overnight stay at the hospital.
The bill total was 12,500. It started a couple thousand dollars higher but when I called them and told them that estimate really wouldn't fit my budget they were so accomodating. I am doing this with a year end bonus and a bit of money I have been saving so I just really am not willing to finance or take out a loan or anything else. This is my budget. The (coordinator) asked me what part of the Lipo I could live without and I told her and viola! They made it work! Yea : )
Higher than I thought but did I mention I really like this PS!
He was so smooth, knowledgable and man I just felt so comfortable with him and he was very convincing and confident in his work. Confidence is a quality I love in any man especially a PS !
I am super nervous and excited all at one time! I can't believe I'm actually going to do this?
Am I crazy? That money could pay off our credit card debt?
I hope it's everything I dream it will be
and I'm so happy I can get on here and read all you ladies reviews and know at least I'm not alone : )
Ok enough for now deep breaths I still have 4 weeks to fret and think about it.
So buh bye for now!

Ok well it's official I'm crazy or maybe selfish...

Ok well it's official I'm crazy or maybe selfish or just plain vain ?
I'm really doing this paid $7000 of the total bill this morning
And man I'm so nervous. I know I deserve it ha ha
But really can't help having those occasional quilt feelings
I have read a lot of reviews and I know this is normal
My husband is such a good guy he listens to me as I express my feelings
To him I even read some if the touching stories from this sight
He says do this for you if you want but I'm fine with you the way
You are. But he just sincerely wants me to be happy
We kind of have a don't ask don't tell policy with his money my money
Thing he has a year end bonus also I never question him about his money
He doesn't ask me what I'm doing with mine or any money I save per say
But I'm not sure he wouldn't think this was ridiculous for the cost?
Not sure and. It gonna ask
Anyway wishing you all calm nerves and happy healing

I just learned my doctor just got there vaser...

I just learned my doctor just got there vaser machine in the last year
Now I'm concerned he doesn't have enough experience
I wonder what kind of training they do for these
He seems overly confident in his skill
I'm not sure about this

Ok so I have decided to post the horrid rear view...

Ok so I have decided to post the horrid rear view pics.
Since I want a true before and after account with actual results
I realized I was not being open and honest enough not with myself and not with anyone possibly reading this review.
I was being very selective about the pictures I was posting because I couldnt face looking at them.
I absolutly hate my legs,knees, almost more than my baby belly. I considered just lipo of my hips,thighs inner outter rear before
the TT it just so happened that I can do TT and some leg lipo inner and outter and I am even more excited about that possiblility than
the TT
I rarely wear shorts and god forbid a dress above the knee (Did mention I hate hate hate my legs) since hitting puberty every bit of fat goes straight to them and plasters itself there for ever! I feel nausea from posting piccs of myself unclothed but this is my
reality check and coming to terms with my realself time
I know am beautiful and I truly love myself but,
It's not my really real self I love so much ,
It is my cinched in boosted up ,layered in age defying makeup and I sure dont ever let anyone see beneath that pretty layer
So this is my promise to me I will take more yucky pics as I take this journey and
I am promising me and anyone reading this
This will be 100 percent real, Real Self : No matter how much it stings

Ok so my Final pre op with ps was today All...

Ok so my Final pre op with ps was today
All clear for surgery bloodwork the day before yesterday getting nervous
Got script for Celebrex, for muscles transdermal patch for nasea
Keflex to fight infection, and Vicodin for pain he will either use a pain pump or some new med that
I can't remember the name of
Low fiber diet to reduce waste bulk
And woo 15 days to go
Wishing you all smooth pain free healing tt u l8ter

Well I'm down to 8 days ! Yikes I have picked up...

well I'm down to 8 days ! Yikes
I have picked up all my scripts, Cleaned my house , cleaned out closets set a schedule for my daughters to be here
they are splitting up the time between them. I will pay someone to be here anyway it may as well be my own daughters
I am setting a schedule for them just like a shift at there job.
They want to earn some extra money so this will be there chance
I have even created a list of what I want done while they are her such as vacuming and making dinner etc
I went to see my regular doctor just for my own piece of mind. He said I should do fine. I have been a bit nervous and even
thought of canceling.
But I think I have reached the point of no return and I know I will be happy when all is said and done.
I asked my husband to make plans to be gone. I know tis sounds crazy but he is not a nurse. He would stay no problem and
try to care for me but I would not be comfortable. One of my daugters is a Home health aide and the other one couldn't
bare te thought of leaving my side after having any kind of surgery so this will work best for me.
I am thinking about this day and night and will just be glad when I am on the road to recovery!
Wishing all you ladies out there great results and painless happy healing.

Well it's getting close. Today is the day I start...

Well it's getting close. Today is the day I start taking MOM as per my PS instructions and I am trying really hard to stick to a
low fiber low bulk diet. That is really hard! never realized how much fiber I eat! Im not supposed to eat anything with skins alot of veggies are on the list . I don't like it!
I am 3 days away!
My husbands job takes him out of town 3 or 4 days a week so he was packing is bag this morn and I smooshed my belly together and made it talk LOL Say goodbye to Flubber by the time you get home this will be long gone! He such a good man
He asked me if I was getting excited and I told him I was a bit nervous and kind of excited. Just wish i could have it done and instant recovery . But oh well no pain no gain right!
He said you deserve it. You work really hard and you have a legitimate reason for wanting this surgery awwww!!!
I love him so !
I have asked him to schedule his week next week away from home as much as he can . I will miss him and really wish he was there but I know how much it will bother him to not be able to make me feel better. He would be a mess and he just isn't a nurse
I will do this with both my daughters and without him here listening to me whine : ) If things get bad will call him home but I'm pretty tough so I think it will all be OK
Well enough rambeling for now
I hope all you recent TTers out there are having a smooth painless recovery and your all getting the results you have dreamed of
Ta Ta for now

Well ladies I'm here the day of surgery sitting in...

Well ladies I'm here the day of surgery sitting in
The waiting room waiting on them to do my markings
I had nothing to eat after noon yesterday
Had to put a patch for nausea behind my ear before bed
And drink three glasses of water before bed. Then this morning
I had delsym to help keep from coughing and Celebrex per
Th ps directions
I was supposed to be here at 9:15 for markings but they were
Delayed with another patient so I'm still waiting its been about an hour
I was really hoping I was the 1 rst this morn so the doc was fresh and ready
I know that's selfish probably but anyhow
They put me in my surgical get up . My daughters have been with
Me all morn and I just sent them away . They get a little energetic
And I'm just plain tired so the nurse got all there. Intact info and off they
Went. Still really nervous and feel like I'm deleloping a cough?
May just be. Nerves post again soon
Hop all you Ttrs are doing well

I made it !!!!! Yay !!!! Woke up a litte...

I made it !!!!! Yay !!!! Woke up a litte disoriented just like any one that's put under
No shaking like normal and honestly the only pain right at first for me was
From where I'm certain they put a tube down thru my nose
And throats sore and dry.
Chit chatted with the nurses a bit then down to my hospital room
There very concerned about wether your in pain or not
Spoke with ps he told me he even got rid of Mons fat pulled
Up so much 1/2 of it is gone . Did i mention i love my ps!
Gosh I would marry that man lol but that would be illegal
cause he already has a wife and my husband would like that lol
Just laying here in bed I can see my Virginia!
I wanna cry with happiness !
Well my pain in tummy is about a 5 now and they are rushing in with all there
Morphine so gotta go tt y'all later (oh yeah morphine makes me talk with a southern accent lol)

Day two PO Woke up this morning pretty stiff and...

Day two PO
Woke up this morning pretty stiff and sore fwwling like a truck backed up over me not really excrutiating but like a really hard core work out muscle soreness but times 10 . Crazy thing is for me the more i force myself up and down to walk the better I feel
and I'm sure those pain pills help alot
The other thing the PS told me to do was drink gatoraide and he sure knows what he is talking about because by this afternoon
I really felt much better. And the PS says Arnica Montana is OK to take as well.
Oh and I should mention the PS sent me home with a walker and I'm super glad he did it has been a life saver !
Well gotta go feel like a nap
Hope all you all are fairing well
Buh bye for now

Day three PO Doing a little but better everyday...

Day three PO
Doing a little but better everyday
I'm tired but can't sleep. It is uncomfortable
I have ace bandages from the top of my legs past
my knees with foam pads underneath
No bowel movement yet but some gas
It,s is not painful though
Still draining both tubes about 50 every 3 hours
I'm forcing myself up to walk about every other hour
But swelling still bad
I am about 6 pounds heavier on the scale
Doc said he lipo'd 3 liters!! He even did a couple spots
That I couldn't originally afford m!!!
Another suggestion for any up and coming tt 'rs
Really work those leg , arm and back
Muscles you will be so glad you did. Thank got my legs are strong
That has helped and I wish I would have done more building back
Muscles that is really the worst part bending over it sometimes feels like it could give out
Good luck to all my tt friends
Will post more pics soon

Po day 4 Already I am tired of being in this...

Po day 4
Already I am tired of being in this recliner and this is painfull. It is tolerable with my pain meds but between the Lipo sites and the
TT inscision when you move a certain way. It is not excruciating pain but there is pain bending over to walk hurts after 4 to 5 steps for me. he Lipoed my hips flanks one spot on my back so that seems to cause me te most discomfort. The walker is a life saver.
I am still draining at about 200 cc's on one side for today and 125 on the other.
The PS put my drain tubes in on the very end of my incision on each hip.
All in all I do feel like there is improvement but my sleep schedule is off and time drags on slowly while your laying around
we will see what tomorrow brings
I know it will all be worth it!
Happy healing everyone !

6 days PO My 1 week follow up with the PS was...

6 days PO
My 1 week follow up with the PS was today. I was supposed to possibly have my drains removed but Doc says i'm draining to much
still putting out 125 cc's on the left and 100 on the right. So maybe by next Monday.
He said everything looked good still swollen but thats to be expected. I got to take off the ace bandages from my legs and the binder and put on a body shaper. It goes just below my breast to above my knees.
It feels much better than all the ace bandages.
The body suit comes from walmart and run about 8 or 9 dollars.
The PS refilled my scripts of pain meds and antibiotics and said not to do to much.
It felt good to get out of the house today. Allthough I am still really sore and not standing up straight I think I am improving some every day and I can't wait to see true results
Happy healing everyone!

PO Day 8 I am slowly getting better by the day...

PO Day 8
I am slowly getting better by the day and I mean very slowly
Do not forget this is a major surgery! My stomach is very swollen and hard now I'm not sure why.
I am very carefull with my sodium intake. If I take of the body suit for 5 minutes I can feel myself blowing up? Very strange feeling
and uncomfortable. I am still sleeping in te recliner and wake up stiff and in pain. Some people jump right up and claim they feel great? Or they go out or to a party a week PO ??? This is beyond me. There is no way I could even if I had my drain tubes removed I would not able to go anywhere not the grocery store or to visit friends. Maybe an hour tops but I'm still hunched over when I walk
and my back still hurts and I am seriously swollen and bloated 100 percent of the time. I have not had that wake up flat experience
or turned that corner. This is not a rant or whine session just my truth and facts for my experience.
I hope I turn that corner soon but for now I will continue to lay around wishing I was better.
I hope all of you TTers have a fast recovery and pain free experience.
but remember no pain no gain

No pain no gain

PO Day 11 Just a quick update I feel better...

PO Day 11
Just a quick update
I feel better today than I have since the start
I don't know about turning a corner because this has been what feels like a slow process for me but I do indeed feel better
good enough perhaps to go somewhere even.
So I am on my way to get my drains out finally and hopefully this will be the begining of a great recovery for me
I am still swelling and has some soreness etc but much better
tried on one bikini today just to see if any difference from the last time and I need that before and after comparison to make me feel like what I did was worth it
So happy healing I hope all is well for everyone out in TT land
Ta Ta for now

Post Op 15 days So this magical corner y'all...

Post Op 15 days
So this magical corner y'all speak of. I tihnk I finally turned it! Yay !
feeling much better but SWELLING
My bootay is no where to be found because my hips are ginormous! I look 3 month pregnant . I even went to the doctor (a different doctor) -to get a second opinion -tsk tsk tsk
and to see if he would give me anyting for swelling because my PS would not.
They are both saying the same thing. Plenty of fluids, don't over do it with activity and its surgery related vasel or lymp or something , something , yada yada- blah blah blah : )
I hope my PS isn't reading this- I feel like I cheated on him. If you are, it's not you, it's me. I have trust issues.
So It's obviously true there is no magic pill to take or secret kept by the society of young, skinny, healthy chicks
It takes time and hydration and more time and healthy eating and more time
and I will practice patience.

PS I'm not just ranting (well maybe I am) but...

I'm not just ranting (well maybe I am)
but to put things into perspective
I weighed 159 pounds at 5'2 when I went in the day of my surgery currently 167 pounds
After he took out 3 liters of fat with Lipo and 6 inches of flabby fat from my tummy WTH?
OK I am done for now
I know it will get better
buh bye for now
Happy healing y'all

Things are not much direr rent at three Weeks...

Things are not much direr rent at three
Weeks Compared to two just back to work feeling less pain
Just still surprisingly sore am able to walk as much as I want and
Eliptical machine no hands as of today . I haven't tried any of that
Yet he did say compression especially while working out because swelling
I can't believe it but I'm still not standing completely straight
So more time and I'm going to try Eliptical this weekend
I still can't sleep on my sides without wedging pillows around me so my hips
Don't touch the bed
As far as lipo? I really am not sure it was worth it yet
Tt yes definitely but my journey isn't over yet
Posting a pic
Happy haealing lovely ladies!

Don't know how to post pic from I phone ?

Don't know how to post pic from I phone ?

PO 24 days Not much different from a week ago...

PO 24 days
Not much different from a week ago
Other than the fact I feel lazy and like Im gaining weight
Scale fluctuates a couple pounds a day now only. Im still avoiding salt and hate being so slow I want my old work out
routine. This is it Monday I am going back on my low carb diet. It is the only thing that has ever worked for me
Weight 157
PS I would not recommend vaser at this point. I am still sore can't lay on my side comfortably and not seeing much of a change
Maybe I will lose 20 pounds and try cellulaze next?
Anyway I love my Tummy that was worth it !
Hope all is well in TT land Happy healing all

A few changes - I feel great a little stiff if I...

A few changes - I feel great a little stiff if I sleep in the same spot to long and just now am able to lay comfortably on my sides while sleeping this is due to the Vaser Lipo. My belly button is healing but still kind of scabbing up. I am able to do limited elipticle work
(I admit I have been very lax on working out : ( but I can do a couple miles on a level 4 to 6 or so and walking
The only place I have any notable pain is my back and hips again (Vaser)
I do swell pretty good when I work out but am virtually back to normal. No sit ups or anyting yet though
we went on a long motor cycle ride yesterday and I had a pretty good amount of swellin.
This isnt bad if I can elevate my legs in the middle of the day for an hour or so.
LADIES - This is the important part- I wake up everyday checking my stomach to make sure It is still there. I get out of bed lift my shirt, look in the mirror and I smile : )
Yes I still have dimples in my thighs and a fat A$$ I don't care. It was 100 percent worth it! So anyone contemplating this
My husband looks at me in my skivies and says Niiccce or your are hot! He is even on a diet and wants to drop some weight
I guess he is inspired to get in shape and look good .
Bloomington Plastic Surgeon

After care and such will have to be re graded later Reevaluated but so far he is great

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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